We Specialise In Working With Mature Age Women To Create & Maintain A Timelessly Youthful Appearance.

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Pat kindly allowed us to treat only one side of her face, neck and chest areas over the period of 6 or so months. As you can see, working to target the underlying causes of the natural ageing process is incredibly powerful. We are now working to even up Pat’s results and continue to build on them over time in order to build on them in the most cost-effective way possible 😀

What causes fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues, and sagging skin?

As we mature our cells start making less and less Adenosine Triphosphate, (ATP), which is the very energy currency within every cell of our body. As energy levels decrease within our cells they have less and less ability to repair and rebuild, resulting over time in the dermis thining.

The dermis is responsible for creating collage, elastin, and blood vessel growth. As the dermis loses its ability to repair and rebuild itself at a cellular level it thins and weakens, resulting in less and less collagen and elastin being created and sent up into the epidermis.

As less and less collagen and elastin are sent up into the epidermis the skin as a whole collapses, resulting in the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues, and, eventually sagging skin.

The muscle mass beneath the skin also depletes in size and strength over time and can begin to sag. 

The muscles of the face and neck are part of the scaffolding/supporting structure for the skin to sit upon and as this support structure weakens and decreases in mass it can feed into the visual signs of ageing.

At Jessicats Medi-Spa we believe in working as a team with our clients and providing them with treatments that target the underlying issues that are causing the ageing process instead of providing quick-fix treatments such as injectable therapies that work only to hide the signs of ageing.

We refuse to load our clients up with unnecessary and expensive topical skin care products, instead providing all skincare for the face, neck, chest and entire body complementary as part of their treatment packages.

We also provide our clients with Microcurrent devices that work to raise ATP levels by up to 500% and LED Light devices that work to raise ATP levels by 47% which work to enhance collagen and elastin production in a way topical skincare never can.

Dermabrasion and Microneedling devices are also provided to our clients complementary when they start their first maintenance treatment packages so they can work to normalise the cellular turnover and trigger increased collagen and elastin production.

When nessessary we also help our clients to get set up with Electrical Muscle Stimulation devices, (EMS) that work to repair and rebuild the muscles of the face and under the jaw area.

Jessicat provides one on one and ongoing training to her clients to use the devices she provides so that clients can get the very most out of the technology and perform salon-grade treatments in the comfort of their own homes in between their in-clinic maintenance treatment sessions.

The Process

Initial Consultation

All new clients are able to enjoy a $199 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment (usually $270, and valued at over $900) so they can experience our service first-hand whilst they discuss their individual needs. The skin is fully assessed, as well as the condition of the areas of the body that are of concern to the client. The different aesthetic technologies are explained as well as their role in the unique treatment processes Jessicat provides.

Treatment Plan

Jump onto our Initial Treatment Package page to learn more about first-time treatment packages and what they include 😀The face, neck and chest areas are ALWAYS included in treatment sessions.

Clients are also able to add 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments into their initial treatment packages at a low cost or work through stand-alone courses of 3-Stage Body treatments. This service is provided to clients coming to us for treatments on the face, neck and chest using the body treatment function on BTL EXILIS ULTRA 360, or Venus Freeze therapies.

Watch As Pat Enjoyes A 5-Stage Face Lifting and Venus Viva treatment session 

Ongoing Maintenance

Initial treatment packages are just the beginning of the journey to attaining and maintaining a timelessly youthful-looking appearance. 

Maintenance 4-Stage Face Lifting or 5-Stage Face Lifting done every 1-2 months ongoing are necessary to build on results gained within an initial course of treatments in the most cost-effective way possible. 

Our clients attain more and more results over the first 1-3 years of coming on board as a Jessicat client and then we work as a team with our clients to hold these results long-term.

It Takes Many Years For The Skin To Thin To The Point That Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Enlarged Pores & Pigmentation & Sagging Skin Appear.

Think Of A Balloon, All Pumped Up With Air & Looking Full & Firm 😺

Now think of letting a tiny bit of air out, just a bit at a time very slowly. As we mature and move through our mid 30’s our skin begins to thin due to the effects of the natural ageing process.

As collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth continue to decrease a tipping point is reached, (for many of us in our 50s), where all of a sudden we feel our appearance changes dramatically and sagging skin becomes more of a concern as the facial features fall top to bottom on the face, and on down to the neck area.

Working to repair and rebuild the skin and replace the missing collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth that is causing our appearance to change is the best way to achieve a naturally timeless and youthful appearance.

Going the extra mile and including Microcurrent Muscle work is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment regime and works to create the true non-surgical face-lifting effect.

We reward our clients for going to the trouble of addressing the underlying cause of the natural ageing process and working through an initial course of treatments and then attending maintenance treatments every 1-2 months ongoing by providing them with lots of FREE goodies. Learn more.

The natural ageing process is relentless.

So too must we be to reverse its effects and keep them in their place and off our faces!

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