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3-Stage Body Sculpting Treatment

Treatment Time: 1.5 Hours

At Jessicat’s Medi-Spa we use state of the art Venus Freeze treatments to rebuild and recondition the skin, reduce diet and exercise resistant fat and cellulite.
Venus Freeze technology utilizes the powerful effects of medical-grade radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology, producing a huge boost in new blood vessel, collagen, and elastin growth within each treatment session as well as shrinking fat cells to create a more sculpted body shape.

Stage One: Skin Tightening

Over time the collagen fibers that make up the structure and integrity of the skin stretch, causing the skin to appear loose and saggy. Venus Freeze Therapy shrinks the collagen fibers, tightening the look of the skin overall. The healing response is triggered due to a Venus Freeze Therapy causing a controlled trauma to the skin cells, initiating a huge boost of collagen and elastin growth. New blood vessel growth is triggered throughout treatment sessions, improving oxygenation and allowing nutrients to be fed more efficiently into the skin cells.

Stretch marks and other scar tissue is decreased in appearance due to Venus Freeze Therapy’s healing and rebuilding effects on the skin.

Over a course of treatments, the skin is thickened, tightened and softened gaining it a more youthful appearance overall.

Stage Two: Fat Reduction

Venus Freeze Fat Reduction Therapy shrinks fat cells by causing a process called Lipolysis. Lipolysis is initiated when medical-grade Radio Frequency liquefies the fat within a fat cell and then cause a controlled trauma within the cell walls so that liquefied fat, (called triglycerides) can escape into the bodies lymphatic system. The body then processes liquified fat into energy and or excretes it like any other waste product.

Stage Three: Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is a specific form of subcutaneous fat and is dimpled in its appearance. It is deposited just below the surface of the skin around the hips, thighs and buttocks and sometimes even on the abdominal and arm (usually upper) areas. Slender figure types may have cellulite because everyone has subcutaneous fat. Cellulite is more pronounced when the connective tissue that separates fat cells into compartments has a honeycomb appearance, which is more common in women. The honeycomb-shaped fat cells are likely to protrude, especially as the skin thins as we age creating the cottage-cheese look.

Due to Venus Freeze Therapy working to rebuild and thicken the skin, as well as penetrating and decreasing visceral (deeper layer of fat commonly found in the abdominal area) and subcutaneous fat, it’s the perfect treatment to smooth and sculpt the look of all body shapes.


How much does it cost?

Your first 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatment costs only $199. All other treatments that follow are $270 for a 1.5-hour treatment session when purchased as part of a package, or $290 if you paid per treatment session (casual, or one-off treatment rate).

You are able to treat the full abdominal, (hips are included) and thighs (inside, outside, full back and front) areas within each 1.5-hour treatment session. 

We are able to tailor make your treatment sessions and packages in order to include multiple body areas specific to our client’s needs 🙂

A microcurrent exfoliation and LED Light Rejuvenation Facial treatment (valued at $120) is included in every session FREE OF CHARGE.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

A minimum course of 8-10 treatments is recommended to gain optimal effects, however, each person’s desires and requirements are different, and after an initial consultation, a treatment package is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Get in Touch

Due to retaining a high number of regular clients, Jessicat is very limited in the number of new clients she is able to take on.  From time to time she is able to take on new clients and may be able to place you on her waiting list.

If you are interested in coming on board as a client please send an email to jessica@jessicatsmedispa.com.au with details about your age, the issues you are wanting to resolve, your availability, giving as much detail as possible as far as days and times you can come for an appointment as well as your mobile phone number.

Jessicat will then be able to assess if she is the right practitioner for your needs.

Jessicat provides 2-hour consultations to new clients whilst they enjoy a full 4-Stage Face Lifting or 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment for just $199.

After the consultation appointment, a detailed quote is sent outlining the treatment package Jessicat feels will work best for the client’s needs and from there they are able to come on board as a client and begin their journey towards attaining and maintaining a timelessly youthful look ongoing.

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