Jessicat’s Three-Stage-Body-Sculpting Process

Venus Freeze Body Sculpting Therapies

At Jessicat’s Medi-Spa, we use state of the art Venus Freeze (also known as Venus Swan) treatments to reduce unwanted body fat, targeting not only excess fat but also the skin and musculature of the body.

Many of us have excess fat that we would like to target on specific parts of the body such as the arms, tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Where ever you would like to reduce fat, we can help using Jessicat’s revolutionary Three-Stage-Body-Sculpting Process.

This method uses the powerful effects of the medical grade Venus Freeze Therapies to melt away unwanted fat. Not only is fat targeted within this process but also the skin’s musculature tone structure is rebuilt and strengthened, providing a powerful sculpting and toning effect which our clients love.


Let’s Learn About Body Fat.

Before you discover what Jessicat’s Three-Stage-Body-Sculpting Process involves, let’s learn about the substance we call fat.

The good news is that not all fat is bad and different types of fat have different functions in the body.

Did you know there are four types of body fat?

Brown Fat – Leaner body types tend to carry more Brown Fat than other body types. Recent studies have shown that when triggered, Brown Fat helps to burn other fat types in the body. This is a hot topic being studied by scientists at the moment.

White Fat – White fat is stored in greater quantities in the body and its function is to store energy and to manufacture hormones that are then delivered into the bloodstream. A healthy amount of this fat is needed to maintain balance in the body’s systems.

Subcutaneous Fat – Subcutaneous Fat is the fat found directly under the skin. This is also the fat that is measured in skin-fold tests. Venus Freeze treatments are able to target Subcutaneous Fat to gain a more sculpted and toned looking body. 

Visceral Fat – Visceral Fat is found deeper within the body and coats the bodies organs which can inhibit their function if its growth goes unchecked. 

Tummy Fat – Tummy Fat is made up of both Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat. This is considered by health professionals as an unhealthy combination and is far more unhealthy than hip or thigh fat. Many of us carry a little extra around the middle and the great news is Venus Freeze treatments are a great way to decrease unhealthy Abdominal fat 🙂

Stage One Of The Three Stage Process – Fat Reduction

Screen-Shot-2015-10-10-at-9.06.43-pm (1)

Venus Freeze Fat Reduction Treatments use the power of Medical Grade Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse Technologies to penetrate fat cells and cause a controlled trauma within the cell. 

The fat cells are shrunk as the contents within the cell are liquified and expelled into the body’s Lymphatic System. The body processes the liquified fat called triglycerides and excretes them naturally.

The medical grade Venus Freeze Therapy works to fade stretch marks and scar tissue as well as tighten and rebuild the structure of the skin.

Stage Two Of The Three Stage Process – Skin Tightening

Screen-Shot-2015-10-10-at-9.16.43-pm (1)

Through the use of powerful Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse technology, the skin cell’s functionality is changed and greatly improved. The very D.N.A of the skin is transformed and an increase of collagen and elastin growth is triggered through the creation of connective tissue called fibroblasts, resulting in softer, tighter and plumper skin. The regenerative effect on the skin enhances the effects of the Venus Freeze Fat Reduction Therapy.

Stage Three of The Process – Toning And Strengthening The Musculature 


To gain optimal results from Venus Freeze Fat Reduction Therapies it is important to couple the treatment with Venus Freeze Electrical Pulse Stimulation Therapy.

Electrical currents are used to stimulate the musculature of the body, causing it to contract strongly repetitively throughout a 30-minute treatment session. The effects of this therapy strengthens and tones the fibers of the muscles giving the body a longer leaner look.

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