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 Jessicat’s Medi-Spa Clients Are Rewarded For Their Commitment To Our Treatment Service.

The natural ageing process is RELENTLESS and so MUST we be to keep it in its place and OFF OUR FACE 😸

Jessicat’s Medi-Spa clinic is located at a home premise which allows Jessicat to keep her overheads low and be able to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective anti-ageing and body sculpting treatments worldwide.

Jessicat Medi-Spa clients enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and private ambience and treatments that involve the right amount for them to have the treatments necessary to achieve consistent, optimal results.

Jessicat uses multiple high/medical-grade aesthetic devcies within a single treatment session for a capped cost, instead of charging per treatment therapy used so that clients can enjoy the best treatments necessary for their needs at the time of the treatment to gain optimal results.

The picture shared above shows Jessicat directly after a Plasma Fibroblast treatment and the rest of the pictures shown are of a client enjoying a 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment.

Our fundamental/foundation Radio Frequency (RF) and Ultrasound treatment processes are the 4-Stage Face Lifting and 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments which work to target the problem of thinning skin head-on, repairing and rebuilding the dermis, (the deepest layer of the skin responsible for collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth) and epidermis, (outermost layers of the skin) simultaneously. 

What makes up the 5th step of the 5-Stage Face Lifting process is Microcurrent Muscle work, done at the end of the 4-Stage process which targets the muscles of the face and neck to create a full, solid and lifted structure for the skin to sit upon and create the TRUE non-surgical face lifting effect.

Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatments do not include the intensive non-ablative RF and Ultrasound skin thickening therapy that the 4-Stage and 5-Stage treatments do.

Plasma Fibroblast, HIFU, RF-Microneedling and Venus Viva treatments can be added to any of the fundamental treatment processes listed above at NO extra charge to enhance treatment results as needed.

These treatments can also be done as stand-alone treatments when Jessicat thinks it is necessary as shown in the example shown above of a client showing the healing phase of a full-face Plasma Fibroblast treatment.

FREE Full Body Red/Near Infrared LED Light And Vibration Therapy!

The body’s skin thins and can cause it to become so paper thin that it bruises easily and even tears apart easily when it bumps or suffers a greater impact such as a person suffering a fall.

As we mature, circulation and the lymphatic system can become sluggish and bone density can decrease, causing many health issues and risks.

Red/Near Infrared LED Light and high strength Vibration therapies can help with these kinds of issues as well as provide many other health benefits.

-Clients can come early for treatment sessions and enjoy our Full Body Red and Near Infrared LED Light bed for 20-30 minutes and 10-minute Hypervibe Vibration therapy.

-Alternatively, ALL clients enjoy Full Body LED Light therapy whilst having their treatment due to Jessicat’s using a half-body Red and Near Infrared LED Light mat on her treatment bed, and placing a free-standing half-body Red and Near Infrared LED Light device over the top of clients’ bodies for 30 min throughout a treatment session.

-Watch Mandy’s client testimonial video to see her talk about Red LED Light decreasing symptoms of arthritis and Mary’s video to see her talk about healing a broken wrist at record speed and dramatically diminishing the look of scar tissue.

-Jessicat also helps clients to set up at home with LED Light and vibration devices and well as provides advice on diet and exercise due to being a highly experienced and qualified Pilates instructor who is currently completing a Cert 4 In Weight Loss Management.

Jessicat sees two clients a week for FREE Mini Intensive treatments that work to spot treatment small problem areas such as the hands, crows feet, fine lines above the lips and pigmentation issues. 

 Watch the video below to see a Jessicat BeautyCat enjoying a complementary Venus Viva hand treatment.

Jessicat refuses to load her clients up with unnecessary and expensive topical skincare products!

The below pictures are of some skincare products that Jessicat provided a client to top up their supply as well as some freshly made Rice Mask that is provided to all Jessicat BeautyCats as needed to keep their skin looking its very best.

Instead, she provides ALL topical skincare products, (except sunscreen) for lines like the Ordanary brand for the face, neck and entire body complementary including her line of organic clinic-grade skincare.

Jessicat advises clients to purchase cheap and effective sunscreen from Priceline, Chemistwearhouse and Coles, liking brands like Cetaphil for kids, DermaVeen as a base coat, applied every 3.5 hours when out in the direct sun and even go the next step of using spray on sunscreens over the top of makeup such as Neutrogena Spray to ensure the face, neck and chest areas are ALWAYS protected against the effects of the harsh Australian sun.

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If you are interested in becoming a Jessicat BeautyCat it is important to read over all the info on the Home and Initial Treatment webpages.

Then, if our service sounds like what you have been looking for you can apply to be placed on our waiting list to book in for a consultation and first-time appointment.