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Seeing Is Believing?

Not always, unfortunately!

The pictures shared below are of results our clients enjoy long-term due to our treatment processes working to treat the underlying issues that cause the natural ageing process and them having the correct amount of treatments to repair and rebuild the damage caused by the natural ageing process.

Our clients look like the pictures shown of them on this page all day, every day whilst they are out in the world living thier life.

When viewing before and after pictures on this webpage and other clinics/salons consider the following:

Doing a superficial treatment like Microdermabrasion and applying topical skincare can make the skin appear to look more youthful. 

-Microdermabrasion is a simple process of using a small grinding-like disc to buff away dead skin cells which minimizes the look of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and pigmentation issues as well as giving the skin a more plump appearance due to the action causing a superficial trauma to the outer layers of the skin. 

-The results of Microdermabrasion, also called Dermabrasion and even Hydrodermabrasion/Hydrofacials (which is just dermabrasion where water infused with vitamins and other unnecessary concoctions runs over the grinding disk that buffs away at the surface of the skin) are short-lived. 

-Jessicat provides Dermabrasion treatments FREE within the treatment processes she uses on her client’s skin when she feels it is nessessary and provides all her client’s devices complementary as well as training on how to use them optimally at home due to believing it is NOT worth clients spending money on!

After treatment photos are often taken directly after treatments due to inflammation being present in the skin making it look more plump, firm and full for a short time.

-Any time you see the results of a treatment being advertised watch out for text that tells you that the photo was taken after a one-off treatment session which will tell you that the results shown are NOT an accurate example of the results gained from the treatment performed.

-It takes time to properly repair and rebuild thinning skin and depleting muscle mass and it should be remembered that when something seems too good to be true it most probably is. Whilst we all want quick results repairing and rebuilding the damage of the natural ageing process takes time, just as it took time for the damage to occur.

Notice the lighting used in before and after pictures shown in advertising.

-We find lighting is always tricky when taking before and after pictures, even in a controlled environment. Jessicat and her new clients can be eager to begin treatments and rush through taking the before photos which may result in them having more shadows than the after pictures where she is more mindful of the lighting and tends to take more time due to wanting to pick up the results the client has gained in the best way possible.

-Whilst Jessicat is working to take more time when taking before photos she would like it noted that she has always tried hard to keep the lighting as similar between the before and after photos as possible to show the true resutls her clients gain from the treatments she provides.

-Watch out for after photos that have very different lighting than the before photos as practitioners often flood the after photos with light to hide imperfections on the skin whilst showing the before photos in darker, more shadowed lighting that highlights imperfections.

Working to find the right treatments and practitioners involves working through a mind field of misinformation and ways to lose your money without getting much in the way of results. Jessicat knows this from her personal journey leading up to working in the aesthetic treatment world and tries as best she can to provide information that will empower you with knowledge that will help you get more bang for your buck and gain the results you want and deserve 😻

Please note ALL photos shared below are of Jessicat’s Medi-Spa client results. If you see these pictures being used in the advertising of any other clinic please let us know.
Learn more about the FREE goodies our clients enjoy as a reward for committing to our service and investing thier time and money into enjoying treatments that work to target the underlying cause of the natural ageing process instead of spending money on quick-fix treatments like injectable therapies that work only to hide the signs of ageing.

Click to meet Pat Egan who graciously allowed us to treat only the left side of her face and neck areas for a time so we could assess her results in the most dramatic way possible.

Click to see our lovely Ann Youngs in the flesh and hear what she has to say about her experience of our treatment service and the results she has gained to date.



These pictures were taken after an Initial Treatment Package.
This client’s results will now be built on by the client working through a Gold Level Next Step Maintenance treatment package.

The pictures shared above are of Sue Thomas, who completed an Initial Treatment package and was one treatment into her new Next Step Gold Level Maintenance package.

We will build on Sue’s results over the next 12 months in the most cost-effective way possible.


These results include a client who has been on our books for over four years, completing a full Initial Treatment package and committing to a Gold Level Next Step Maintanance package.

This was the response from the client when the pictures above were shown: Thanks so much for the pictures, WOW!! What a difference, and I’m a few kgs heavier in the after photos than the before, so the improvement around my neck and jaw is even better than it appears (I always carry weight gain on my face).

The above pictures are of the results gained after 6 complimentary Venus Viva treatments, done every 3 weeks
Learn more about the FREE goodies our clients enjoy as a reward for committing to our service
The pictures shown above are of a long-term client’s results over time. The results shown above were created by the client working through an initial course of treatments.
The above pictures are of  Linda Jones who has completed an Initial Course of treatments and is continuing to build on these results by attending maintenance treatments done every two months.

The above results were gained after Eleni Spiccia worked through an Initial Treatment package.
These results will be built on over time as she attends maintenance treatments, done every two months.

The above pictures are of Alison McCarthy’s results after completing an Initial Treatment package.
These results will be built on over time as she attends maintenance treatments, done every two months.

The above pictures were taken at the beginning and end of an Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatment package.
This client layered Microcurrent Muscle treatments into her treatment regime to take her results to the next level.

The above pictures were taken over 9 months.

This client shown in the pictures lost 60 kgs and had a substantial amount of loose skin she wanted tightened without surgery and some remaining body fat she wanted to decrease.

Several courses of 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments were enjoyed, utilizing the use of multiple technologies to gain the above results.

Unfortunately, due to health issues, this client could not continue her journey with Jessicat’s Medi-Spa and was unable to gain the full results that could have been achieved for her over time.

The above pictures are of a client’s results from working through x8 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments.
The above results were gained after we provided a client with x6 FREE high-strength Red and Infrared treatments to help heal a broken wrist at record speed.
Learn what Mary has to say about her experience of our service and how Red and Infrared treatments worked to heal her injury quickly and decrease the look of scar tissue dramatically.
The above pictures show the results gained from a complementary Plasma Fibroblast treatment.
Learn about the complementary treatments our clients enjoy.

Read over the info on our Initial Treatment Package webpage to understand the process of coming on board as a client and contact the team at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa via email for more info.