The Truth About How Christie Brinkley Is Able To Look So Amazingly Timeless


You may have seen Christie Brinkley promoting her skin care line, but after doing a little research into the treatments Christie has admitted to having, it was nice to find that she is quite honest about having MANY different treatments in order to look as youthful as she does at 66 years of age. 
Christie has listed Radio Frequency, like the Venus Freeze Therapy we use in our 4-Stage Face Lifting, and 5-Stage Face Lifting Treatments as one of the treatments she has regularly used in order to keep her skin thick, firm and youthful looking.
This was no surprising to me, as I could see from the naturally full, smooth and firm appearance of Christie’s skin that she has made the cellular health of her skin a top priority as she has aged. Christie’s features do NOT look pulled-too-tight, which means her team of anti-ageing professionals, (that’s right ladies she has a whole team) are not OVERUSING injectable therapies, but instead are using just using enough Botox and Filler therapies to finish off her look.

Because Christie looks so good at 66, it makes sense that she would create her own line of skincare products. 

However, it is NOT realistic to think that using these products will get you the same amazing skin that Christie enjoys.

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  • Laser therapy

  • Radio Frequency treatments similar to Venus Freezetherapy

  • Ultherapy make sure to read below about Ultherapy before booking in for a treatment

  • Injectable Therapies such as Xeomin®(similar to Botox)and Dermal Fillers like Restlane

  • Possible plastic surgery and has also talked about the use of growth hormone

Around 2018 Christie Brinkley became the ambassador for Ultherapy, (ultrasound technology), however, before this time she used Radio Frequency type treatments to keep her skin thick, strong and healthy.
Ultherapy is very expensive, costing $3500-$4000 per treatment of the full face and neck. A lot is promised by Ultherapy practitioners as far as results from only one treatment. It should always be remembered that it takes many years for the muscles of the face to deplete in size, strength and begin to sag. It also takes many years for the skin to thin, eventually causing issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, enlarged pores and pigmentation issues. It makes sense that it takes time and consistent treatments, completed over a course of several months, to repair, rebuild and improve the skin naturally by stimulating the bodies own healing capacity. IT CANNOT BE DONE IN ONE TREATMENT!
Excerpt from an article by the Daily Mail;
You can read the full article featured in the Daily Mail publishedby following this link:
You will notice there is NO mention of Ultherapy in the article featured in the Daily Mail. This is because Christie Brinkley was not working for the company as their ambassador. Ultherapy utilises ultrasound and in my opinion should be avoided as a treatment option due to the treatments being so expensive and the practitioners promising amazing results in just one treatment session.
Often times women are talked into having injectable therapies like Filler within the same treatment session as an Ultherapy treatment. This means that the Filler is gaining the skin a false look of volume and NOT the Ultherapy. Of course over 6-12 months the Filler will wear out leaving the skin looking the same, or worse due to Filler doing nothing to decrease the underlying problem of thinning skin which continues to get worse while the Filler made the skin look better for a short time. 
I am also NOT a fan of Thermage therapy due to its cost, and just like Ulterhapy, the practitioners who provide these treatments promise a lot of results after only one treatment. Whilst very young skin may respond well to a treatment like this, mature skin needs time and consistent treatments done over the course of several months to be rebuilt from the deepest layers upwards. Venus Freeze Radio Frequency treatments are far more cost effective than Thermage therapy, and practitioners like myself are honest about clients needing to have 6-8 treatments done weekly or fortnightly to gain optimal results, such as dramatically thicker, stronger and more youthful looking skin, which is due to rich new collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth. Many times clients need more treatments if their skin has thinned dramatically due to the natural ageing process in order to gain more dramatic and long term results due to the Radio Frequency treatments thickening the dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin which is responsible for collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth substantially enough so that it works more like it did when we were in our late 20’s and early 30s.
Venus Freeze therapy is the MOST powerful Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse therapy available on the market to date and is a far better option than Ultherapy for rebuilding the skin dramatically and gaining lasting results. Venus Freeze™ Treatments are a fraction of the cost of Ultherapy enabling you to have as many treatments as needed to repair, rebuild, lift and tighten the skin. The fact is mature age skin takes time to rebuild, and everyone needs a different amount of treatments to gain the results they want and deserve!
It takes time to repair, rebuild and improve the appearance of the skin, and the only treatment that can dramatically reverse the signs of ageing in ONE TREATMENT is (of course) a surgical face lift. Anyone who promises to reverse the signs of ageing in mature age skin that has substantial visual damage such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging in just one, or even two or three treatment sessions is lying unless it is a treatment process like CO2 laser therapy, which works to burn away the outer layers of the skin to reveal fresh youthful skin beneath. Once again I do NOT recommend these treatments. The reason we get fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin is due to the skin thinning, so why would we chose treatments that can ultimately thin the skin even faster?
Venus Viva™  treatments gain the same dramatic results as the strongest laser therapies, working to resurface the skin dramatically, improving overall pigmentation, decreasing the look of enlarged pores, tightening and refining the overall texture of the skin. Venus Viva™  therapy is non-laser and utilizes Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency and Smart-Scan technology to rebuild all 5 layers of the epidermis and dermis beneath, whilst exfoliating the outer layers of the skin, with no or only minimal visual healing.
My clients are the only women worldwide who can enjoy Venus Viva™ treatments for as little as $230. Learn more!
It should be kept in mind that Christie Brinkley has great genetics, (when it comes to ageing) and has made smart choices when choosing treatments and lifestyle habits that have enabled her and her team to keep injectable therapies and possible surgical procedures to a minimum in order to keep her looking youthful but not overdone. Money is not a consideration for Christie, so having a one-time treatment like Ultherapy on her full face and neck for $3500-$4000 is no big deal, and due to her skin being in great condition it is no surprise that Christie is a fan. Most of us however, need to get as much bang for our buck as possible, so it is important to choose treatments like Venus Freeze™ over Ultherapy, and NOT spend money on skin care products that do little to nothing! 

After my skin began ageing at just 28 years of age I began having every kind of anti-ageing treatment I could possibly afford (many times I really couldn’t afford them, and clocked up a lot of credit card debt, over and over). In time I peeled back the layers of information regarding how and why the skin ages and was able to pinpoint the things we should and should not spend money on in order to truly gain and maintain a youthful appearance. Now I provide the very best treatment procedures to my clients, and of course use them myself, and work to educate women on using very few topical skin care products and investing in at-home technologies that achieve results that traditional skin care products simply CANNOT!
To me Christie Brinkley is a fantastic example of how a mature age woman can maintain a timelessly youthful appearance, and I want to share with you what things Christie does that we can all do, so we can embrace and enjoy the power and beauty of being a mature age woman. Jessicat Xxx

Unfortunately this is simply untrue 

Repairing the effects of the ageing process is not as simple as using a few or a lot of skin care products. The simple fact of the matter is, you will NOT gain the same flawless skin as Christie no matter how much you slather on her’s, or any other kind of topical skin care products. Even if you take the next step and have a little Botox and Filler injectable therapies (or a lot) in conjunction with anti-ageing skin care, you will STILL NOT gain the same great looking skin as Christie. Why?
Because she has kept her skin thick, strong and healthy over the years by using treatments that improve collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth dramatically and on an ongoing basis, addressing the problem of thinning skin head-on. 

Whilst we may not have Christie Brinkley’s money, fame or team of beauty professionals, (including the best plastic surgeons and highly experienced doctor’s who provide her injectable therapies) anyone can access the same, (in fact more advanced) treatments that have enabled her to keep thick, firm and healthy skin.


First, we need to understand that over time the skin thins. Thinning skin causes fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, enlarged pores and pigmentation issues like age spots. One of the main reasons the skin begins to thin is due to depleting levels of Adrenosine Triphosphate (ATP) We also need to understand that over time the muscles in the face deplete in size and strength and can begin to sag, causing hollows to form in the facial features and creating sagging skin.

Then we need to understand that we can invest in treatments that include the use of technologies like Venus Freeze, Venus Viva™ and Microcurrent Muscle treatments which work in harmony with the human body to rebuild the musculature of the face and/or trigger rich new collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth to repair, rebuild and create more youthful looking skin. 

It is also important to know the correct number of treatments that has to be performed in order to attain the desired results. It takes time for muscles to deplete in size and strength and for the skin to thin and for fine lines, wrinkles and sagging to appear, so it stands to reason that it will take time to rebuild the skin, with consistent treatments done over a series of months.

We also need to start and continue to learn until we realize that traditional topical skincare products should be discontinued and replaced with a pure Hyaluronic acid (HA), created at your local compound chemist which will properly hydrate your skin, followed by the regular application of sunscreen when going out into the direct sun. Microcurrent therapy works to raise ATP levels by up to 500% in as little as 30-60 seconds and should be performed twice a day, every time you wash and moisturize your skin with a pure Hyaluronic acid (HA) serum. Red LED Light therapy should also be used at home for 20 minutes twice a week, at the strength of 660nm after green tea is applied 20 minutes before treatment.

The above beauty routine will gain you far more results than traditional skincare products ever can!

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When it comes to injectable fillers, Christie Brinkley has been quoted saying; “fill but don’t stuff!”

Courtney Cox is iconic for her fresh, energetic and carefree style of beauty. She is famed for looking much younger than she is and is well known for regularly having treatments including injectable therapies like Botox and Filler to keep herself looking youthful.
The pictures shown above are an example of what too much Filler can look like. After seeing pictures of herself Courtney had the Fillers in her skin dissolved and publicly spoke out about losing sight of how she actually looked and going too far with injectable therapies.

After having the Fillers dissolved Courtney is looking much more like her radiant self 🙂

Excerpt from an article featured in New Beauty where Cortney Pellettieri, interviewed Courteney on 

Follow this link to read the full article:
It’s great news that Courteney is becoming educated about Microcurrent therapy, and its amazing ability to repair, rebuild and sculpt the muscles of the face naturally. It is also encouraging that Courteney is a lover of Microneedling treatments. Lets hope she discovers that Venus Viva™ therapy is a far better choice than laser treatments and will enable her to replace both the Microneedling and laser treatments she loves so much and help her to dramatically rebuild and thicken her skin in the way that she wants and deserves.

Jennifer Lopez knows the power of Microcurrent Muscle therapy!

Jennifer Lopez is said to own her very own 25,000 CACI Microcurrent Muscle device. CACI therapy has been enjoyed by some of the most beautiful women in the world like Princess Dianna and Jennifer Aniston to gain and keep a naturally beautiful and sculpted look to their facial features.

Microcurrent Muscle therapy works to keep the muscles lifted, full and strong, maintaining a strong scaffolding for the skin to sit upon. There are Microcurrents for the muscles and Microcurrents for the skin. Using a high-quality Microcurrent skin device allows you to raise  Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) by 500% in just 30-60 seconds, providing you with the ultimate daily treatment that will boost collagen and elastin production in a way traditional skincare products simply CAN NOT!

 The first picture below is of me at 32, back when I was using injectable therapies. The second is of me turning 40.

As mentioned above, I began my journey into finding the best anti-ageing treatments at just 28 years of age, after seeing fine lines and wrinkles forming quickly on my face and neck. Becoming frustrated with skincare products not doing what they promised, I graduated on to high-grade microdermabrasion and skin peels. Due to the cost of these treatments and their effects being so temporary, I learned how to do them myself and did a lot of damage to my skin, actually thinning the skin and causing it to prematurely age, worsening the problem I was working to correct!
Nothing stops a woman on a mission, and I continued to search and learn until I found LED Light Rejuvenation, which enabled me to begin rebuilding and repairing the damage I had done. At around 32 years of age, I fell in love with Botox, discovering it was a lot cheaper than I had first thought, but found over time that Dermal Fillers were needed in order to make up the lost volume that the Botox was causing by depleting muscle mass in my face. With the features of my face becoming more and more rounded in appearance due to the Filler Therapy, I found and began using treatments that actually work to rebuild the skin and musculature of my face and neck, allowing me to give up using injectable therapies and gain a more naturally youthful look to my features overall. Jessicat Xxx
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Once the house is built you must be sure to keep the foundations strong, otherwise, the house will begin to collapse over time.

You can rebuild parts of the house as each problem appears, patching cracked plaster and holes in the walls and roof, moving furniture around to hide sinking flaws, maybe rebuilding a wall here and there, but in the end, you are left with a house that is misshapen. This is true of the musculature of the face and skin of the face, neck and chest as we age. If you do not have treatments that strengthen and lift the skin and musculature of the face and neck and keep the cellular function of the skin cells working optimally, your features may begin to collapse and fall.

Think of the skin as the foundation of the appearance of your face, neck and chest.
You need to keep this foundation thick, firm and healthy as you mature to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, enlarged pores and pigmentation issues.
The musculature of the face is the very base level of support, a scaffolding that the skin sits upon. If the musculature begins to deplete in size, strength and sag then hollows can form at the temples, under and around the eyes, upper and lower cheeks.
Depleting muscle mass and thinning skin can cause the facial features to fall like a deflating balloon over time, falling top to bottom on the features of the face causing the formation of jowls or a double chin and even go on to cause the skin of the neck to wrinkle and fall.

When parts of the face are flawlessly frozen and plumped by using injectable therapies, other parts of the face that look less perfect become more and more noticeable in comparison. Think of women you have seen who clearly work to keep the skin of the face smooth, firm and wrinkle-free and do not treat the neck area, or treat both the face and the neck areas but do not treat the skin of the chest areas. In order to achieve a more youthful, energetic and timeless look overall, the skin of the full face, neck and chest areas need to be kept in optimal condition.

It is a sad fact that anti-ageing specialists such as plastic surgeons and doctors who provide injectable therapies such as Botox and Filler rarely address the underlying problem of thinning skin and hardly ever address the problem of depleting muscle mass resulting from the natural ageing process.

Finding and having treatments that include the use of technology that works to dramatically repair and rebuild both the muscles of the face and the skin is the very best way to treat the problem of thinning skin head-on. 

I recommend looking for treatment processes that include the use of LED LightVenus Freeze, Venus Viva, Microcurrent, Plasma Fibroblast and Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM) therapies.

These medical and clinic grade therapies work to target thinning skin and depleting muscle mass head-on.

Having the correct number of these treatments in the right combinations and using at-home technologies in place of expensive and unnecessary topical skincare products, enables us to minimize more invasive and risky procedures like injectable therapies and plastic surgery.

The date as I write these few lines to add to this blog is 06-10-21 and at the moment I am no longer taking on new clients. I am leaving the info below due to hoping women take the info shared and look for treatments processes like the ones I provide and practitioners with a similar ethos to myself and work to reverse the problem of thinning skin head on 😘

Jessicat Xxx

These results are just some examples of what we are able to achieve for our clients:

For more examples of our client’s results go to our Before and After page.

Our Unique Treatment Processes

Many different technologies are included within each treatment process in order to deliver the highest level of possible results. 
Our clients are advised to commit to treatment packages in order to gain the very best out of the medical-grade technologies used within our unique treatment processes.
Our prices are kept as reasonable as possible and payment plans are offered to allow our clients to have the right number of treatments in order to gain the results they want and deserve!

Microcurrent Facial Muscle Lifting and Toning Therapy

Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling Therapy (CIFM) 

Due to retaining a high number of regular clients, I am now able to see a very limited number of new clients.  From time to time I am able to take on new clients and may be able to place you on her waiting list if you are interested in coming on board as a regular client.

If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list please send an email and let me know your age, what issues you are wanting to resolve and your availability for booking an appointment. I will then be able to assess if I am the right practitioner for your needs, and send you more info about my unique style of treatment service so you can better decide if you would like to be placed on my waiting list to be booked in for a 1.5-hour consultation, where you will enjoy a first time 4-Stage Face Lifting or 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatment for just $199 whilst discussing your needs and I explain which treatment processes will best work for you and the technologies used to provide them. 


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