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Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM)

Treatment Time: 2 Hours

Our TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved, Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM) treatments involves the use the MDerma™ electric dermal pen. The MDerma™ pen is referred to by medical-grade aesthetic beauty professionals as the Cadillac of electric dermal pens.

CIFM therapy is an exciting treatment that works to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and enlarged pores by uniformly wounding (sometimes referred to as creating controlled trauma) the skin and triggering the body’s own healing process to heal and reform smoother and more youthful looking skin with the creation of natural, healthy collagen and elastin.

Depending on the maturity of the clients skin, and the severity of the damage Venus Viva™ therapy may be a better suited treatment therapy to use in place of, or in conjunction with CIFM therapy in order to attain desired results. Venus Viva™ therapy is a more advanced treatment technology, penetrating and effecting all 5 layers of the epidermis and the dermis beneath in order to rebuild the skin as a whole, whilst also exfoliating away imperfections on the outer layers of the skin. Whilst CIFM therapy is cheaper and can be very effective in treating enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation issues it has its limits. CIFM therapy creates controlled wounding using a mechanical process involving 12 needles penetrating the skin over and over again to create the desired amount of damage in order for the body to repair and rebuild the skin, whilst Venus Viva™therapy utilizes Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency and Smart-Scan technology to effectively stimulate new fibroblasts growth and rebuild collagen in order to create more bulk and tighten the skin, whilst simultaneously working to resurface the outer layers of the epidermis in order to decrease the look of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven pigmentation.

Since starting to provide Venus Viva™ therapy in 2016 we have found that this therapy is able to create more collagen and elastin growth than CIFM therapy which results in more of an effect on the problem of thinning skin, which gains the overall shape of the face more full and youthful looking. Venus Viva™ therapy also lifts and tightens the skin more dramatically, and more easily, than CIFM therapy. High-strength CIFM can decrease the look of sagging skin (such as jowls) however many clients do not want to go through the intense treatments due to a more extensive healing process.  

Both CIFM and Venus Viva™ therapies allow our clients to minimise, or give up, using injectable therapies like Botox and Filler all together. If clients are regularly using injectable therapies, CIFM and Venus Viva™  therapies will help to improve how long they last and how well they visually affect the skin due to the skin being thicker and stronger due to the effects of CIFM and Venus Viva™ therapies.

In our experience clients are usually able to minimise, and in many instances, completely give up the use of injectable therapies once their skin is repaired, strengthened and perfected using a combination of the unique treatment processes we provide.

Add-on: $90 Low-Grade CIFM treatments are often included at the end of a 4-Stage or 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment session, in order to reduce the look of open pores, pigmentation and or acne scars. The Low-Grade CIFM treatments also help to further reduce the look of fine lines, which are nothing more than a mark that has scared into the skin as it has thinned over time. The 4-Stage and 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments work to rebuild the skin from the deepest layers upwards, whilst the Low-Grade CIFM therapy works to exfoliate away imperfections in the skin from the top downwards, creating a more intense treatment process, and are done using NO numbing cream. 

We sometimes recommend clients include more intense CIFM treatments at the end of a 4-Stage or 5-Stage Face Lifting package in order to perfect their overall end results, or mid to high-strength CIFM treatments can be done as a stand-alone treatment package, usually made up of three treatments, done monthly. It should be noted that end results are far more dramatic when CIFM therapy is performed on thick, strong skin. If the skin is thin, fragile and very damaged this will impact how intense the CIFM therapy can be performed, limiting the effectiveness of the CIFM treatments.

Whilst we understand that everyone wants a quick-fix solution, we specialise in correcting the problem of thinning skin and gaining our clients the best results possible, which involves working through a tailor-designed treatment series.

Think of it this way, it takes years for the skin, resulting in the creation of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and pigmentation issues. It makes sense then that it takes time to rebuild the skin and truly correct these problems and make the skin more resistant to the ageing process.

The Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM) treatment process:

CIFM involves creating puncture wounds in a uniform manner to the outer layers of the skin, a substantial boost of collagen and elastin is experienced as the healing response is triggered and connective tissue is created in order to heal the skin. 

CIFM can be safely performed on all areas of the body and on all skin types. There is little risk of scarring or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, (discolouration of the skin as a result of skin trauma) as the melanocytes and the dermis remains intact during CIFM treatments. This is the major distinguishing safety feature when comparing CIFM therapy with other invasive procedures that are used to improve skin texture and treat scars, fine lines and deep wrinkles, such a laser resurfacing and chemical peels.

What is included in our Deluxe CIFM treatments?

Step One:

A two-Stage cleansing process is performed using Ultrasound Exfoliation, which involves sending a current into the skin and pulling out impurities that cause congestion and can lead to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. This process actually creates more space between the skin cells enabling the CIFM therapy to penetrate more deeply and improve result outcomes. Microdermabrasion is then performed in order to polish away the build-up of dead skin cells on the very outer layers of the skin, leaving a smooth and polished surface for the CIFM treatment to be carried out upon.

Step Two:

Blue LED Light Therapy is often done directly after a CIFM treatment in order to kill off bacteria and create the ideal environment for cellular repair and regrowth.

Step Three:

Red LED Light Rejuvenation is the third phase in the preparation process before performing CIFM therapy, raising ATP levels by 47% which triggers increased collagen and elastin production. Energising the skin cells with Red LED Light therapy before a CIFM treatment enables them to respond better to the controlled trauma created by CIFM therapy, and enables them to transition into the repair and rebuilding process more smoothly and have the best chance of gaining optimal results.

Learn why we include LED Light Therapy within all of our treatment processes. 

Step Four:

CIFM therapy is performed using the MDerma™ electric dermal pen in order to gain uniform wounding and penetration of the outer layers of the epidermis and trigger a powerful healing response. The breakdown of dull and visually aged skin is instantaneous. The formation of new collagen and elastin growth begins quickly as injured skin begins to rebuild itself, working to create a clearer complexion, less noticeable pores and a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles and firmer plumper skin looking skin overall.


The picture above is of Jessicat, (the owner and head practitioner at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa) directly after a mid-strength CIFM treatment.

Jessicat lives and breathes the unique treatment processes she provides, becoming involved in the beauty industry due to becoming frustrated with spending thousands of dollars on ineffective aesthetic treatments and disliking the way injectable therapies were making her face look, finally deciding she herself had to become the practitioner she was looking for.

Jessicat now provides the treatments she herself exclusively uses for her own beauty needs, and has for many years now been able to remain free of the use of injectable therapies and enjoy naturally fresh and youthful looking skin.


What is the cost?

Each full strength Deluxe Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM) treatment, is $350.00 when purchased as part of a package, and treats the full face, neck and chest areas.

Each Mini CIFM treatment is $250 when purchased as part of a package and treats the full face and under the jaw area.

Casual or one-off treatments can be booked in, however you will first need to book in for a $199 consultation where you will enjoy a full 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment whilst Jessicat assesses the condition of your skin and discusses your individual needs. 

When wanting CIFM treatments on the body an individual treatment session or package will be created for your individual needs. The cost for these treatments is quoted on a case by case basis.

How Many Treatments Do I Need and how often?

$90 Low-Grade CIFM treatments are recommended to be done at the end of every or every second 4-Stage or 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment within treatment packages.

Full strength CIFM treatments are recommended to be done in courses of 3 treatments, performed every 4-6 weeks.

Is there any discomfort or healing time involved with treatments?

Low-Grade CIFM treatments are a little uncomfortable to have, especially on the forehead, around and under the eye area and nose. Due to the low-strength of the treatment a numbing cream is not needed and there is little to no healing time involved with these treatments.

A high-strength numbing cream is used to provide the most comfortable treatment possible.

The numbing cream is ordered from a local compound chemist we trust and created for the needs of the individual client. The cost of the numbing cream is on top of the price of CIFM treatments.

It needs to be noted that everyone heals differently.

The skin is pink or red directly after a treatment and feels like sunburn and may be beginning to show signs of swelling. The warm sensation usually dissipates after a few hours and then the skin remain pink/red for a few days, may appear swollen (most times this is most noticeable first thing in the morning, upon rising from sleep) before appearing patchy/flaky and the skin feeling quite dry as the skin heals. Most all visual effects of the healing process are done and dusted within a week or so, and mineral makeup can be worn around 3 days after a full strength treatment is performed. Makeup can however been worn the day after a Low-Grade CIFM treatment has been done.

All new clients enjoy a first time $199 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment when they come for a consultation.

Read the information on our Initial Treatment Package page to learn about the packages that include this treatment.

Are you a body sculpting or beauty professional?

Jessicat can highly recommend  Nancy Abdou and her team at The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute for advice on clinic-grade aesthetic technology and training needs.

Jessicat uses only the highest grade of aesthetic technology available on the market and does not believe in quick-fix treatment practices or the use of cheap/counterfeit technology, flooding the market to date in 2024.

Jessicat can only work with a small number of clients because she provides all treatments herself, and most of the time, she prefers not to take on clients who are working in the body sculpting of the beauty industry.

This is judged on a case-by-case basis.

Mobile: 0448 876 365
Hours of operation: Tuesday to Saturday – 8 am – to 6:30 pm (By appointment only)


Get in Touch

Due to retaining a high number of regular clients, Jessicat is very limited in the number of new clients she is able to take on.  

If you are interested in coming on board as a client please send an email to with the answer to all questions listed at the bottom of the Initial Consultation Treatment page of our website Jessicat will then be able to assess if she is the right practitioner for your needs.

Jessicat provides 2-hour consultations to new clients whilst they enjoy a full 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment for just $199.

After the consultation appointment, a detailed quote is sent outlining the treatment package Jessicat feels will work best for the client’s needs, and from there they are able to come on board as a client and begin their journey towards attaining and maintaining a timelessly youthful look ongoing.

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