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Deluxe Plasma Fibroblast Treatments

In August 2018 I purchased a Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Pen underwent intensive training with the Australian Dermal and Laser Institute (TADLI).

Please watch this video of healing from a treatment and talking with my trainer Ashleigh about Plasma Fibroblast therapy.

I am so very grateful to the amazing training and support provided by the team at TADLI.

Since that time I have been providing Plasma Fibroblast treatments to my clients and of course performing the procedure on my own skin. This has gained me hundreds of hours of in-clinic treatment experience that has enabled me to fine-tune the way I provide Plasma Fibroblast therapy and gain my clients the highest level of results possible.

What is Plasma Fibroblast Therapy?

Plasma Fibroblast therapy utilizes naturally static electricity that can build up in our own bodies, causing us to get a shock when touching something or somebody else, and is seen in nature in the form of lightning.

A tiny arc of Plasma energy is produced from the needle-tip point of the device used, which makes contact with the surface of the skin to create tiny micro-wounds.

Although only small carbon micro-crusting marks are left on the skin directly after treatment, the technology penetrates deeply to shorten existing collagen fibers and trigger rich new collagen and elastin growth within targeted treatment areas.

Read more about Plasma Fibroblast therapy here.
Watch a full-face Plasma Fibroblast treatment being performed here.

Please understand I only provide Full Face Plasma Fibroblast treatments to women who are coming to me for regular skin rejuvenation treatments.

This is due to the treatments I provide dramatically repairing and rebuilding the skin over time, creating strong, healthy skin that is more able to respond optimally to the Plasma Fibroblast treatment process. Whilst Plasma Fibroblast therapy is an incredible aesthetic treatment, it comes with many risks, such as causing scarring, and pigmentation issues, so it is imperative that the skin is in the best condition possible and is properly prepared to be treated over three months leading up to a Plasma Fibroblast treatment.

Pictures shared from:

The pictures shared above are an example of scarring suffered after a Plasma Fibroblast treatment.

Whilst it is clear from the photos that the treatments was done far too intensively, which means the Plasma pen was held in place for too long in one area when creating the small carbon micro-crusting marks, and in many areas, the marks are too close together, which means there is not enough healthy untreated tissue between micro-crusting marks to enable the skin to respond properly, I also notice that the woman shown in the picture appears to have quite weathered skin.

What I mean by this is whilst the woman in the photos is a gorgeous looking woman, her skin looks like it very much needs to be repaired, rebuilt, and prepared properly for intensive treatments like Plasma Fibroblast therapy. At a guess, I would say the woman shown in these pictures has regular injectable therapies, such as Botox and Filler, uses high-end skincare, most probably including the use of Retinal products and at a push, she may have treatments like the occasional Microdermabrasion, laser, IPL or feel-good fluffy facial that makes you feel relaxed but does very little in the way of improving the condition of your skin.

The skin thins as we mature, due to depleting levels of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)  causing our dermis to thin over time. The dermis is responsible for collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth, and as the dermis weakens and decreases in function our skin collapses, leading to the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues, and sagging skin.

-Botox and other muscle-relaxing injectable therapies work to paralyze muscles so that thinning skin does not move when an expression is made, so it works to hide the problem of thinning skin and do nothing to improve the problem.

-Most Injectable Fillers are made up of a Hyaluronic acid-rich thick jelly water substance. Whilst Hyaluronic acid is good for the skin, filling up the skin with a Hyaluronic acid-rich jelly-like substance in order to make it look thicker and replace lost volume that causes fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin is NO substitute for the lost collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth that has occurred due to the natural ageing process. So once again, Injectable Fillers do nothing to target the problem of thinning skin, only hide it. There are some Injectable Fillers that are created in a way that helps to promote collagen and elastin products in small areas, but due to not actually working to create a thicker dermis, which is the underlying cause of thinning skin I have personally found these treatments to be of little good overall to a maturing face.

-The effect of traditional high-end topical skincare products can not trigger rich collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth in any substantial way due to not being able to reverse the problem of thinning skin, only making the skin appear more hydrated, perhaps improving pigmentation and gaining the complexion and healthier glow.

-Microdermabrasion does little to target the problem of thinning skin, just create a more polished look that triggers minimal collagen and elastin growth and can be done at home cheaply and effectively. IPL treatments can be great for pigmentation, however, their rejuvenation effects are limited and as the skin continues to thin pigmentation issues can become worse, and finally, Laser treatments can make the skin look clearer, fresher and minimize the look of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin but their thickening properties are limited and they can not trigger the intensive collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth needed to repair and rebuild the skin properly.

I specialize in working to target the problem of thinning skin head-on, providing treatments that work to create thicker, stronger skin that actually works better on a cellular level. I also work to educate my clients about the natural ageing process and to keep their use of topical skincare products cost-effective and help them to set up at home with technologies that can be used to perform treatments in between their maintenance in-clinic treatments and gain them far more effective than expensive and unnecessary skincare products ever can.

In my experience, even skin that has been repaired, rebuilt, and looks thick, firm, and healthy may not be right for the Plasma Fibroblast treatment process.

This is absolutely true for women suffering from hormonal pigmentation such as Melasma. I often simply do not perform Plasma Fibroblast treatments on these clients or prep their skin for three months beforehand, then provide treatments in very small areas and also back it up with lots of FREE low-cost Microneedling therapy.

I found that within the first year of providing treatments to clients, quite often Hyperpigmentation would occur in treatment areas, remaining for 3-6 months.

This was minimized by making sure pigmentation-prone clients used cheap but quality skincare products that contain Tyrosinase inhibitors, (an oxidase that is the rate-limiting enzyme for controlling the production of melanin) such as Vitamin C in the months leading up to a treatment session.

I also provide FREE or very cost-effective Microneedling treatments that work to quickly decrease pigmentation issues after Plasma Fibroblast therapy.

You see due to my clients using at home technologies such as daily Microcurrent and LED Light therapy many of them do not need to use topical products like Vitamin C and or B due to Microcurrent therapy working to raise ATP levels by up to 500% in just 3-6 minutes and Red LED Light raising it by 47% and also triggering the skin cells into performing optimally. This means many of my clients use only a cheap and effective Hyaluronic acid-rich serum or gel, cheap and effective moisturizers like DermaVeen or CeraVe, and of course and effective sunscreen.

So, when leading up to Plasma Fibroblast treatments I now recommend all clients use cheap and effective topical skin care products that help decrease the risk of pigmentation issues such as Vitamin C serums, but due to wanting to minimize risks even further, I also perform small patch test up in the hairline, or close to the ear at the side of the face where it could be easily hidden. Due to doing this so regularly I have discovered some women’s skin scars when even the most gentle Plasma Fibroblast treatment is performed.

Instead of providing patch tests, I was taught to provide very light Plasma Fibroblast treatments, meaning the carbon micro-crusting marks are very small, very light in colour on the skin, and quite far apart to minimize pigmentation and scarring risks. Whilst this works well to see how the skin responds to the therapy safely, I refuse to charge clients for treatments like this and have also found even when providing a treatment as gentle as this, some skin types still do not respond favourably to Plasma Fibroblast therapy, and performing patch tests up in the hairline is the best way to safely assess who the skin will respond to the treatment process.

The Process

-The Skin is properly prepped in the three months leading up to a Plasma Fibroblast patch test. This is done when clients are enjoying other treatments 😀

-A Patch test is performed and I may wait between 1-3 months to assess how the skin responds to a Plasma Fibroblast treatment.

-I then provide FREE Plasma Fibroblast treatments to clients coming for regular 4-Stage Face Lifting, 5-Stage Facelifting, Microcurrent muscle, Venus Viva or Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling treatments (CIFM).

Watch Feritta client enjoying a FREE Plasma Fibroblast treatment within a maintenance 5-Stage and Viva combination treatment session.

-Alternatively, I may perform cheap Plasma Fibroblast treatments on larger areas of the skin when clients come for maintenance treatments due to the length of time they take and $500-$550 full-face treatments to clients as stand-alone treatments, usually done every couple of years in order to push clients results even further over time.

-Plasma Fibroblast Pigmentation treatments are also provided FREE or for a very low price to clients coming for maintenance treatments.
-It is the same for treatments done on stretch marks or scar tissue.

Why Do I Do This?

In 2021 a new client came to me who had enjoyed amazing results from a Plasma Fibroblast treatment done to treat lines on her forehead, under and around her eyes and above the eye, and under the brow to gain a more lifted appearance to the skin.
Whist the treatment was painful due to the low-strength numbing cream that was provided the client reported she had enjoyed amazing results, seeing a quick and dramatic softening of the fine lines and wrinkles and more lifted and toned skin.
She went on to report she was thinking of going for another treatment soon, due to the results disappearing over just a few months.
Also, I insist on treating the face as a whole, and if at all possible make sure the face, neck, chest and even the hands all look as youthful as one another.
Have you ever noticed a woman who has clearly had some kind of treatment in only one or some areas of the face? Does this make the areas of the skin that are not as smooth, lifted, toned and youthful-looking stand out more? 
I feel it does, and I never want that for my clients. I see it a lot with women who rely on Injectable therapies such as Botox and Filler to attain and maintain a more youthful look. Some areas look smooth and shiny and others look strangely swollen/plum. I also notice that the facial shape can become very scull like if the skin is simply exfoliated dramatically over and over again as laser treatments and the use of Retinal products can do, and pulled tighter using Injectable therapies or other kinds of medical-grade aesthetic procedure. I feel the solution would be to thicken the skin dramatically with natural collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth, minimising the need for Injectable or other kinds of medical-grade aesthetic procedures and making their effects work to their maximum effect.

Why did this happen?

I believe this happened due to the dermis being stimulated, registering the controlled wounding that the Plasma Fibroblast therapy created in the areas of the skin treated, sending up lots of rich new collagen and elastin growth.
This result could not hold however due to the skin of the face not being treated as a whole, and the dermis itself being repaired and rebuilt to a degree that the skin was actually thicker, and stronger overall and functioning optimally which would have given it the strength and integrity to hold the results gained from the Plasma Fibroblast therapy done within a small problem area.
The natural ageing process is relentless, and I tell my clients so much we be in our efforts to keep it in its place!
-My clients come for initial courses of treatments which work to gain them the most dramatic results possible over 3-6 months and then come for treatments every 1-2 months ongoing to build and maintain these results.
-All of my clients also work as a team with me ongoing, performing treatments at home after I help them to set up quality and cost-effective beauty devices and provide ongoing education and support to the ongoing.

Because I want to provide my clients with the very best level of service possible and I want to reward my clients for their commitment to attaining and maintaining thick, healthy, and timelessly youthful-looking skin.

I also do not want to feed into the problem of the quick-fix culture that has developed due to advertising bombarding us with promises of quick solutions to issues that have taken many years to develop over time.


Jessicat Enjoys Her First Plasma Fibroblast Treatment

Plasma Fibroblast therapy is included in all of our Next Step Treatment packages as needed on skin types that are appropriate for the treatment process.
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