Gail has great genetics but has not rested on her lorels, getting ahead of the ageing process and working to attain and maintain a timeless and youthful long-term look.

All new clients enjoy a 1.5-hour $199 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment when they come for a consultation (valued at over $960) whilst they talk with Jessicat about their needs, she assesses the condition of their skin and she explains how her different treatment process and the aesthetic technologies that are included within them work.

A quote is sent for an Initial Treatment Package, and the journey to attaining and maintaining timelessly youthful skin begins!

At times, we have a waiting list because Jessicat can take on only a limited number of new clients. Other times, we can book clients suited to our service without placing them on a waiting list. 

Women over 50 are best suited to our service.

-To apply to become a client all info on this website’s Home and Treatment Package web pages needs to be read over.

-Then we request an email be sent with all answers to all questions listed at the bottom of the Treatment Package.

-We ask that all answers to all questions listed at the bottom of the Treatment Package web page be emailed so that Jessicat can assess if she is the right practitioner for your needs.

-We understand your time is precious, and ask all new clients to follow the process outlined above to help stop anyone from wasting their hard-earned money and time. 😌🙏