How Can Our 3-Stage Body Sculpting Treatments Break Down and Smooth Away Unwanted Cellulite?

Jessicat’s 3-Stage Cellulite Reduction Process

At Jessicat’s Medi-Spa we have devised a process of reducing the appearance of cellulite on the body and creating a smoother more sculpted physique. 

This process not only breaks down cellulite but also tightens and rebuilds the integrity of the skin and musculature of the body, whilst improving skin pigmentation.

But before we begin taking you through our unique process, let’s learn a little something about Cellulite…..


What Is Cellulite?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to what cellulite is actually made up of. Although many people think that cellulite is made up of toxins, the truth is, cellulite is no more than fat deposits that push through the layers of the skin’s collagen fibres and connective tissue.

Basically put, cellulite is nothing more than fat pushing through the skin.

So Why Is Cellulite More Noticeable On Some People Than Others?

If the skin complexion is clear and the layers of the epidermis are thick with healthy collagen and elastin, then cellulite will not be as noticeable.

The thinner the skin is, the more the lumps of fat that make up cellulite will be noticeable. 

If pigmentation of the skin is mottled or uneven this will highlight the cellulite pushing up through the skin’s surface, adding shadow and unwanted definition to the small bulges. 

Darker skin tone camouflages the look of cellulite, lessening the shadow that the small bulges of fat produce. Skin with naturally dark pigmentation also tends to contain a denser matrix of collagen and elastin, again, decreasing the look of cellulite.

Tanning fair skin will decrease the look of cellulite, however, a self-tanning agent should be used in place of increased sun exposure. Sun damaged skin will thin and age prematurely and this only highlights the look of cellulite.


Stage 1, Rebuilding The Integrity of The Skin

We use state of the art medical-grade Venus Freeze therapy to smooth away the appearance of fat deposits beneath the skin.

Venus Freeze therapy utilises Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse technology to penetrate the skin cell and trigger the healing response within the cell which facilitates increased collagen and elastin growth.

The increased growth of collagen and elastin plumps, softens and smooths the appearance of the skin. 

In short Venus Freeze Therapy thickens the skin, causing the fat beneath its surface to be covered more effectively. 

LED Light Rejuvenation is also used throughout our cellulite treatments, improving the health of the skin on a cellular level and improving the overall pigmentation on the surface of the epidermis. 


Stage 2,  Fat Reduction 

Venus Freeze Therapy shrinks the fat cells that make up cellulite, liquifying the fat within. The liquified fat, called Triglycerides is then dispersed into the Lymphatic System and excreted naturally from the body. 

As fat deposits beneath the skin are decreased so too is the appearance of cellulite. 


Stage 3,  Muscle Re-Education  

The final stage of our 3-Stage Cellulite Reduction Process is the Strengthening of muscle tissue. 

We utilise the Muscle Stimulation Therapy function of the Venus Freeze Pro, delivering electrical current directly into targeted musculature, causing it to contract strongly at intervals. After the fat reduction process has been completed, we perform a 30-minute session including an intense workout to the muscle fibres, toning and lifting the tissue.

If a client prefers, a 30 minute Pilates session can be done instead of the Muscle Stimulation Therapy, targeting the musculature under the area that the Venus Freeze fat reduction treatment was performed.

Jessicat's Venus Swan

Jessicat’s 3-Stage Cellulite Reduction Process Overview

-Stage 1, Improve the integrity and pigmentation of the skin 

-Stage 2, Decrease the fat deposits below the skin

-Stage 3, Re-educate the musculature of the body

 1+2+3= A Smoother, More Toned Physique

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