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The Ageing Face

The pictures shown above are of the results gained by Jessicat Medi-Spa clients.

One of the most common problems people want to address when seeking anti-ageing treatments is sagging at the sides of the mouth and jaw areas.
So what causes the dreaded hound-dog look that befalls the ageing face?
The answer is; thinning skin.
Thinning skin causes it to change its position on the face. Think of a deflating balloon, the rubber becoming slack due to the loss of volume within. Without volume our skin is unable to maintain its position and falls, dragging the features of the face downward.
So why does the skin begin to thin? Loss of volume in the skin is caused by a lack of collagen and elastin growth which is the connective tissue that keeps the structure of the skin strong and full.


The musculature of the face can also shrink and slacken as we age. The orbital muscle that surrounds the eye can decrease in size and sag causing the eyes to look sunken. Thinning skin and the musculature around the eye and cheek areas causes the skin to drag downwards and gather around the mouth and jaw areas.

What Treatments Can Improve the Look of Sagging Jowls?

Take The Power Of Learning Into Your Hands And Learn About My Unique Treatment Processes That Target The Problem Of Thining Skin And Depleting Muscle Mass Head On!

4-Stage Face Lifting treatments work to rebuild, tighten and perfect the look of the skin:
5-Stage Face Lifting treatments work to rebuild, tighten and perfect the look of the skin AND lift, tone and rebuild the musculature of the face:

 When I wanted to improve the look of hollows appearing under my eyes and the sagging skin that was appearing at the corners of my mouth and jaw area, I was advised to have filler therapy under and at the corners of my eyes and temples of my forehead. This filled out the hollows under my eyes and pulled up the skin that was sagging and gathering around my mouth and jaw areas.

Sounds simple enough, yes? And the therapy worked well to begin with, but…..
The Botox that was being used to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles was causing the musculature of my face to shrink, causing the hollows around my eyes to become more and more noticeable over time.

As I was forced to use more and more injectable therapies, I noticed the features of my face were changing and I was beginning to look like someone else. I was not happy with this.

No Mater How Pretty The Picture Used To Show A Woman Having Injectable Therapies The Ugly Truth Is Over Time More and More Injectables Are Needed To Continue To Try And Hide The Effects Of The Natural Ageing Process.


And This Can Be The Result!

Injectable Therapies May Hide The Signs Of Ageing In The Short Term, But What Is The Overall Effect In The Long Term?

In the short-term Botox and Filler therapies gave me the fullness and lift to my features that I was looking for. As more and more were required to achieve the same result, my face began to look frozen and unnaturally smooth. I saw that as I smoothed away fine lines and wrinkles, I was also smoothing away the individual qualities and features that made me look like me.
I learned as I got older that I am not comfortable unless I stand out, and the most natural way for me to stand out is to look exactly like me.
We all have a unique beauty that is our own. I cherish this as it has taken me a long time to become comfortable in my own body and skin, to embrace looking and being myself.
I refuse to lose the individual qualities that I have been born with just for the sake of wanting to reverse the signs of ageing.
I remember thinking to myself one day as I looked at the swollen effects of the fillers that had been used to improve the sinking and sagging features of my face that if we could put a man on the moon, we must have been able to create better anti-ageing treatments than this.

Over Time I Uncovered The Answer


Comprehensive Treatment Processes That Gain A Natural And Overall Youthful Look

As mentioned before it is not just the skin that thins as we age but also the musculature of the face and neck.
If we strengthen, lift and tone the musculature then we provide a strong foundation for the skin to sit upon.
As we age, cells develop imperfectly, not creating the amounts of connective tissue called Fibroblasts that create collagen and elastin-rich skin.
Addressing the reason why skin thins as we age is the best way to address the problem of sagging, wrinkling skin.
Tightening, lifting, softening and toning the skin through cellular reconstruction gives the face and neck the smooth and firm look we are all searching for.
Targeting both the skin and musculature by using therapies that keep them both full, strong and functioning optimally is the true answer to ageing beautifully.
After the skin is thick, strong, healthy and our clients have swapped out ineffective and unnecessary traditional topical skin care products for a Microcurrent device (used 1-2 times a day for as little as 30 seconds) clients may or may not need to have a short course of advanced treatments to perfect the overall look of their skin, and target issues such as stubborn fine wrinkles or pigmentation more intensively.

Our advanced treatments are as follows:

Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM)

Venus Viva Therapy: http://Venus Viva Therapy

Plasma Fibroblast Treatments:

JCat (2)
A Note From Jessicat;
I believe injectable therapies can have their place in creating a youthful appearance.
Some of my clients do continue using Botox around the corners of their eyes as I am unable to freeze this area and stop it creasing when they smile. I can, however, decrease the depth of the lines and improve the elasticity in the skin so that the lines do not scar into the tissue.
I believe that injectable therapies are being overused and should not be used as the base for a skincare routine.
I do not use any Botox and filler therapies because even though the corners of my eyes crease when I smile I think my appearance looks youthful overall and I am happy with this.
Knowledge is power and my aim is to empower women with the knowledge that will enable them to make better choices when choosing anti-ageing therapies.
Jessicat Xxxx

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