Low-Grade  Venus Viva™ Treatments

We are now offering Low-Grade Venus Viva™  treatments as an add-on treatment service for just $230.

What does this mean?

You will be able to enjoy many of the benefits of full strength Venus Viva™ treatments, such as a decrease in fine lines, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, pigmentation issues and tightening of loose skin with little to NO healing time at a highly discounted cost.

The pictures above are of the results of a course of full strength Venus Viva™ treatments.

You are able to gain many of the effects of full strength Venus Viva™ treatments by having Low-Grade treatments.

The best thing about having Low-Grade Venus Viva™ treatments is that your skin is only pink/flushed for around 24 hours, (many clients find their skin is only flushed for a few hours after a treatment). This means you are able to fit medical-grade treatments that work to both rebuild and resurface the skin easily into your busy life.
Results gained from Low-Grade treatments are a little slower to develop than full strength treatments due to the lower strength settings used to provide the treatments, and more treatment sessions may be needed than the usual three monthly treatments that are included in a course of full strength Venus Viva™treatments to gain optimal results.
Watch this video to see Feritta, (the client shown in the pictures above) enjoying a full Venus Viva™ treatment and talking about her experience of the treatment process: https://jessicatsmedispa.com.au/ferittas-venus-viva-treatment-video/
In 2016 we became the first clinic in Perth to offer  Venus Viva™treatments. These treatments involve 1-3 passes, (depending on the individual client’s needs) over the skin with the Venus Viva™therapy and requires the use of a topical anesthetic cream. Mineral makeup can be worn the day directly after a treatment and the healing time involved with full strength Venus Viva™ treatments is moderate, involving 2-3 days where the skin is red/pink and possibly moderately swollen, this is followed by another 3-5 days where the skin feels very dry and may look a little patchy. Even though the healing time involved with higher strength Venus Viva™ treatments is very manageable we still advise our clients plan for a course of treatments accordingly, making sure they have treatments at a time when they have no special events, and do not need to look their very best.

Low-Grade Venus Viva™ treatments enable you to fit the most advanced and powerful resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment process into your busy life without any healing time and at the lowest cost possible.

Low-Grade Venus Viva™ treatments involve little to NO healing time due to a lower strength setting being used. The strength of the setting used is chosen due to indervidual needs of the client and the desired result we are working to achieve. One pass is performed over the full face, neck and chest areas for the low cost of $230, or alternatively some areas can be left out, (such as the chest area) enabling two full passes to be made over problem areas a client may want to focus on such as under or around the eye area. 
Since 2016 we have provided the most comprehensive and cost effective Venus Viva™ treatments to our clients possible. A full strength Venus Viva™ treatment on the full face and under the jaw is $400, and a treatment performed on the full face, neck and chest areas is just $500 per treatment.
We are very excited to now be offering Low-Grade Venus Viva™ treatments to our clients as an add-on treatment service.
Add-on treatments are offered to our clients at a highly discounted rate.
Our add-on Venus Viva™ treatments allow clients to be able to enjoy many of the effects of our full strength Venus Viva™ treatments with minimal to NO healing time. 

The treatments are only mildly uncomfortable, depending on the setting used, the skin is usually pink/red for around 24 hours and may feel just a little dry for the 3-5 days directly after a treatment if two passes are made over problem areas. Mineral Makeup can be warn the day after a treatment.

Add-on Venus Viva™ treatments can be added to any 4-Stage Face Lifting, 5-Stage Face Lifting, Advanced Microdermabrasion, 3-Stage Body Sculpting or Microcurrent Muscle treatments for the low cost of just $275 for the full face, neck and chest and include the use of a powerful peptide-rich healing serum. 

Protection From The Sun Is A Must!

It is important to protect the face, neck and chest areas from direct sun exposure for 2-3 weeks after having a treatment, and of course this is recommended as an ongoing practice due to wanting the skin to remain as youthful looking as possible as we mature and not suffer damage that can cause fine lines, wrinkles pigmentation issues and speed up the natural ageing process.

Low-Grade Venus Viva™ treatments can be done as an indervidual treatment.

Deep Ultrasound exfoliatin and Red LED Light therapy are included in every indervidual Low-Grade Venus Viva™ treatments.

If you are wanting to experience the amazing effects of Venus Viva™ therapy including a decrease in fine lines, improved texture, tone and a reduction in the look of open pores and pigmentation issues with little to NO healing time you are able to book in for a one off treatments for $350, or if paid as part of a treatment package each treatments is just $300.
Other clinics in Perth are now charging up to $650 for providing only one pass of Venus Viva™ therapy over the skin of the face and neck, no matter the strength of the treatment provided. 
Treatment packages are often made up of 3-6 treatments, done every 4 weeks. Treatment package may include less or more treatments according to the indervidual needs of the client.
A patch test must be done before a full Venus Viva™ treatment can be provided. All new clients enjoy a full consultation and 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment, valued at over $960 for just $199. A patch can be performed within this treatment session.

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