Microcurrent Treatments Are The Perfect Natural Alternative for Injectable Filler Therapies

As We Mature The Muscles Of The Face Begin to Deplete In Size, Strength And Begin To Sag.

Jessicat’s Personal Experience:
Back when I was using Botox to minimise the effect of fine lines and wrinkles on my face, I began to notice hollows forming under my eyes and the appearance of jowls (sagging around my mouth and jaw areas).
The doctor who was providing my Botox therapy advised I have fillers injected under and at the corners of the eye and temple area to pull up the skin at the sides of my mouth and jaw. Although this worked initially, over time I needed more filler Botox and Filler to give me the same result and although this did plump out the hollows under my eyes and pull up the loose skin around my mouth and jaw areas, the filler therapy also began to change the subtle contours of my face, making me look less like myself. I was not happy with this. At the time I was becoming a Pilates instructor and studying anatomy and the physiology of the body. It occurred to me that the Botox I was using to minimise the appearance of wrinkles may also be causing the musculature of my face to shrink prematurely, in turn causing the hollows under my eye area and the appearance of jowls I was seeing. Why did I think this?
What happens to the musculature of the legs if they are unused due to a spinal injury?
They waste away.
Botox minimises the look of wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the musculature, decreasing the amount of skin movement on top of the musculature, meaning fewer wrinkles will appear on the face throughout the time the Botox is active in the skin.

I thought to myself, yes I love my Botox because it minimises the look of wrinkles on my face, but is it causing my musculature to shrink, such as the orbital muscle that surrounds my eyes, leading me to have to fill up the hollowing forming under my eye area due to decreased muscle mass. So in short, Botox was stopping my skin looking wrinkled but also causing me to have to use filler therapies. I was stuck, I wanted to continue using the Botox but did not want to use fillers.

The Logical Answer I Decided Was To Rebuild The Musculature Of My Face!

 I began to research therapies that did this and found Microcurrent Muscle therapy.

What Are Microcurrent Therapies And What Effect Do They Have On The Face?

Microcurrent therapy is a treatment that has been around for many years. High-frequency microcurrents are used to plump and tone the skin. The process increases the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) levels by up to 500% within the skin cells, a substance scientists refer to as the energy of life. No living organism can function without adequate levels of ATP and it is literally the energy currency that allows the cells to function.

As we age the skin thins and the ATP levels within the skin decrease. Raising the ATP levels within the skin cells dramatically optimises cellular function within the skin, affecting collagen and elastin production which improves the body and texture of the skin so that it appears firmer and fuller overall.

Low-frequency microcurrents are used to lift, tone and strengthen the musculature of the face and neck. Improving the structure of the musculature of the face and gives the skin a better foundation to sit up, helping to decrease the need for filler injectable therapies such as Juvederm or Restylane.

High-frequency microcurrents are used to raise ATP levels by up to 500% in order to create a huge boost of collagen and elastin growth and gain a more plump and lifted look to the skin overall.

When we chose anti-ageing therapies we chose what we want to shape our face with.
Do we want to use therapies that keep the skin thick with rich stores of collagen and elastin sitting on top of full and toned musculature, or do we want to plump up the lost volume with synthetic injectable therapies?

Jessicat’s Deluxe Microcurrent Facial Process

The Deluxe Microcurrent Facial Process uses a combination of Ultrasound Exfoliation, Microcurrent Therapy and LED Light Rejuvenation to provide a truly complete lifting and toning process that rebuilds the skin and musculature of the face and neck.
The first stage of the process utilises Microcurrents to not only remove the build-up of dead skin on the outer layer of the skin like microdermabrasion treatments do but actually reaches in and between the skin cells and pull up impurities that can lead to congestion in the skin. This congestion can cause the formation of blackheads and acne.
The second stage of the process involves the use of low-frequency Microcurrents to lift, tone and rebuild the body of the musculature of the face, replacing lost volume and improving the overall appearance of the face and neck.
Then High-Frequency Microcurrents are used to lift, plump and tone the skin and raise ATP levels for optimal cellular function, resulting in increased collagen and elastin production.
Finally LED Light Rejuvenation is used to improve overall pigmentation and further raise ATP levels in the skin cells.
The third stage of the process utilizes LED Light Rejuvenation to boost collagen and elastin growth by further raising ATP levels and optimize the cellular function of the skin cells. Red LED Light Rejuvenation works to thicken and strengthen the skin and reverse the effects of sun damage and thinning skin in order to decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Learn More About Our Microcurrent Treatment Packages:

Deluxe Microcurrent Treatment

5-Stage Face Lifting Treatment

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