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Venus Viva™ is an all-in-one, skin rejuvenation device powered by Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency, to effectively deliver non-invasive aesthetic treatment with a minimal amount of discomfort. The face, décolleté and the whole body can be treat with Venus Viva therapy to improve everything from fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne and other scars such as stretch marks and loose skin. Treatments are performed in 30 minute – 1-hour treatment sessions, and involve minimal patient downtime.



  • Venus Viva™ decreases pores, acne scars and deep lines and wrinkles
  • Nano-Fractional RF™ enables phenomenal treatment depth of up to 400 microns
  • Revolutionary SmartScan™ technology enables painless RF and selectional dermal heating
  • Clever pin design creates micro dermal wounds resulting in much shorter healing time


Why did Jessicat’s Medi-Spa Purchase the Venus Viva?

In January of 2016, we added Venus Viva therapy to our list of treatment services. The plan was to use Venus Viva therapy as a way to perfect the effects of our 4-Stage Face Lifting Treatment Process and gain our client’s faster and more dramatic results.

The Venus Freeze (also known as the Venus Swan), used as the main treatment therapy within our 4-Stage Face Lifting Process, (also called a Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy) works to tighten, thicken and smooth the appearance of the skin. This is achieved by utilising medical-grade radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology to trigger the healing response within the body and increase the production of collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth within the epidermis over a course of treatments. The effects of Venus Freeze therapy are long lasting due to the deepest layers of the skin being affected and the very D.N.A of new skin cells being permanently altered, causing the cells to behave the way they did in our late 20’s and early 30’s, creating rich levels of collagen and elastin long term, gaining the skin an overall full and youthful appearance.

Venus Viva Treatments focuses on the top three layers of the skin, working to improve the appearance of the skin dramatically. Venus Viva treatments are being used by plastic surgeons in place of the most powerful CO2 and Fraxel laser treatments, to perfect the external appearance of the skin without the extensive cost and healing time that these treatments involve.

In short, the Venus Freeze therapy is used to thicken and repair the damage in the skin long-term, and the Venus Viva device perfects the skin’s appearance.

 Watch a Full Venus Viva Treatment Being Done on a Jessicat Client:  

Which Areas of the Body Can be Treated with Venus Viva Therapy

Venus Viva treatments fade the appearance of sun spots, acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall skin tone. These treatments can be done on almost all parts of the body.

We feel Venus Viva therapy works best when the skin is thickened and triggered into functioning optimally, by performing a course of 4-Stage Face Lifting Treatments, perfecting and improving on the results to gain you the ultimate non-surgical face lift.

A course of Venus Viva therapy can be done as a stand-alone program and is a wonderful way to address all skin concerns in just three treatments. 

  What is the Price of a Venus Viva Treatment?

Our price is $350.00 inclusive of numbing cream needed to make the treatment process comfortable.

  What is the Healing Time Involved with a Venus Viva Treatment?

These are pictures of me, the day after a Venus Viva treatment. I did not swell very much on the first two treatments but swelled considerably on my third. This swelling had disappeared by the second day after the treatment. The skin feels very dry once the redness and swelling have disappeared, but I find the healing is pretty much done and dusted by the end of a week.

I feel the healing time is easily managed and work happily with the effects covered up with a little mineral makeup. However, many of my clients chose to have Friday evening treatments so that when they return to work on Monday after the redness and swelling has decreased considerably if the swelling has occurred at all.

The effects of the Venus Freeze therapy used in my 4-Stage Face Lifting Process decreased the look of the fine lines and that are above my lip and on my neck areas, but although I was able to wipe out the look of these lines completely on my clients skin with the effects of my 4-Stage Face Lifting Treatment, my own lines were stubborn and it is only now, using Venus Viva therapy that I am seeing these lines disappear almost completely.

It is important to plan to have a Venus Viva treatment when you are ok with having red, puffy skin for a couple of days. This healing is nothing when compared to the healing time involved with the Fraxel and CO2 laser treatments, however, there is healing time that needs to be considered and planned for, but is well worth the incredible results Venus Viva therapy gives you!

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