Venus Viva Treatment put to the test on The Doctors TV Show 1

Watch this video to see world renowned Dr. Sonia Batra of Batra Medical, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology putting the Venus Viva device to the test on two of her most complicated cases for acne scarring.
At Jessicat’s Medi-Spa we pride ourselves in offering full strength Venus Viva treatments for a much lower price than other clinics. This allows our clients to enjoy treatments on the full face and under the jaw for just $400 per treatment, or $500 for the full face, neck and chest areas. 
We are also now providing Low-Grade Venus Viva treatments for $230 if added to our 4-Stage Face Lifting, 5-Stage Face Lifting or Deluxe Microcurrent muscle treatments, or $270 for Low-Grade Venus Viva treatments that are done as a stand alone treatment that are part of packages of 3-6 monthly treatments, or $320 if done as a one off treatment.

Contact the team at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa for more information.


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