Venus Viva Therapy, The True Alternative To Laser Treatments

Venus Viva™ is an all-in-one, skin rejuvenation device powered by Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency, to effectively deliver non-invasive aesthetic treatment with a minimal amount of discomfort. The face, décolleté and the whole body can be treated with Venus Viva™ therapy to improve everything from fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne and other scars such as stretch marks and loose skin. Treatments are performed in 1-2 hour treatment sessions and involve minimal patient downtime.                               

Why did Jessicat’s Medi-Spa Purchase the Venus Viva™?

Because we wanted a way to give our mature age clients more, and dramatically build on the effects of our  4-Stage and 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments.

We also wanted to be able to offer younger clients, whos skin that is just beginning to thin, and are just starting to see the effects such as fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven pigmentation and a subtle sag in the skin a way to improve their skin quickly, dramatically and gain as long lasting results as is possible.

In January of 2016, (three years before most clinics began offering  we added Venus Viva™ therapy to our list of treatment services after Jessicat completed her training in Melbourne with Global Beauty who were at the time the Australian supplier for the medical-grade Venus aesthetic devices.

Venus Freeze ™ therapy is the main medical-grade therapy within our 4-Stage and 5-Stage Face Lifting Process, working to rebuild and repair all five layers of the epidermis and dermis beneath in order to steadily repair, rebuild  thicken and plump the appearance of the skin. This is achieved by utilising medical-grade radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology to trigger the healing response deep within the layers of the skin and increase the production of collagen, elastin, and new blood vessel growth. The effects of Venus Freeze ™therapy are long lasting due to the deepest layers of the skin being affected and the technology actually having a profound effect on the skin cells when the correct number of treatment are done in a series, which impacts on the way the cells function so the new skin created is able to create more collagen and elastin ongoing. 
Venus Viva™  treatments are being used by plastic surgeons in place of the most powerful CO2 and Fraxel laser treatments, to perfect the external appearance of the skin without the extensive cost and healing time that these treatments involve with intense laser therapies.  
In short, Venus Freeze™ therapy is used to reverse the problem of thinning skin which causes fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. The Venus Viva™ therapy builds on these results, further strengthening the full epidermis and dermis, AND dramatically exfoliate away imperfections on the outer layers of the skin.
Very youthful skin may only need a course of Venus Viva™therapy in order to repair the mild damage which has developed over time and achieve the desired results, (usually women under 40 years of age). More mature skin may need a more intensive treatment process, involving the use of 4-Stage or 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments, and then, if needed, a course of advanced treatments such as Venus Viva™therapy.
Whilst laser treatments work to burn away the outer layers of the skin, in order to reveal the more youthful skin beneath, and work to improve the appearance of acne scarring, uneven pigmentation and trigger collagen and elastin growth due to the body having to heal the damage caused by the laser treatment process, they simply DO NOT trigger the same amount of collagen and elastin growth that and Venus Viva™ and Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM) therapies do.
Let’s be clear, CIFM treatments are a great way to cost effectively work to gently, more deeply, or deeply exfoliate the outers layers of the skin to decrease congestion, (such is very common with acne prone skin) and decrease the look of acne scars and minimise the look of enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles. When done in a series, and the correct number of treatments are completed, the surface of the outer layers of the skin can be dramatically improved. The problem with CIFM therapy is that when wanting dramatic results to address issues such as deep acne scarring, substataly noticable enlarged pores and skin tightening the treatments must be done intensively in order to create the desired results as quickly as possible. This involves more healing time which can be quite uncomfortable and noticeable, but is pretty much over within a week.
Venus Viva™ therapy does involve a healing process involving 2-3 days of pink/red skin and possibly mild to moderate swelling followed by very dry feeling skin for another few days, but makeup can be worn the day after a treatment, (unlike mid to high strength CIFM therapy). We feel the healing process is even more worthwhile when compared to mid to high strength CIFM therapy due to Venus Viva™ therapy penetrating the skin more deeply and having a more intense, and longer term effect on the skin.
It should be noted, everybody’s skin is different, and we chose the technology that we feel has the best chance of gaining the desired effect as quickly as possible.
Some skin conditions such the problem of ongoing adult acne should be treated with mid to high-strength CIFM therapy, as we have found they gains better, and longer lasting results than Venus Viva™ therapy. However when we want to achieve a more lifted, and overall more volumized and visually refined and smoother looking skin with minimal healing time and as long-lasting a result as possible we often advise clients chose Venus Viva™ therapy, sometime in conjunction with a little Plasma Fibroblast therapy, scheduled into a treatment package.

There are many factors to consider when creating treatment plans for clients, including cost, healing time, and the indervidual needs of the client.

Watch a Full Venus Viva Treatment Being Done on a Jessicat Client  

Watch a full video of Jessicat performing a fulVenus Viva™ treatment on herself    

What is the Healing Time Involved with a Venus Viva Treatment?

The above series of pictures was taken in August 2019 when Jessicat decided her skin needed a little pick-me-up course of treatments.

Jessica is turning 41 in October 2019. Due to Jessicat’s Skin being thick, strong, strong and healthy due to her having 4-Stage Face Lifting maintenance treatments every two months, (which is the maintenance regime we recommend our clients follow) the healing process is quite quick and easy for her.

Some peoples skin swells after a Venus Viva™ treatment, which is great because they gain an even better end result than people who do not swell, however this needs to be considered when planning treatments around work and social engagements.

These are pictures of Jessicat, the day after an intensive Venus Viva™ treatment, back in 2017. She did not swell very much on the first two treatments but swelled considerably (for her) on the third. This swelling had disappeared by the second day after the treatment. The skin felt very dry once the redness and swelling disappeared, but the healing was pretty much done and dusted by the end of a week.

Many of our clients chose to have Friday evening treatments so that when they return to work on Monday after the redness and swelling have decreased considerably, (if the swelling has occurred at all).

It is important to plan to have a Venus Viva™ treatment when you are ok with having red, puffy skin for a couple of days. This healing is nothing when compared to the healing time involved with the Fraxel and CO2 laser treatments, however, there is healing time that needs to be considered and planned for, but is well worth the incredible results Venus Viva™ therapy gives you!

Which Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Venus Viva™ Therapy

Venus Viva™ treatments can be done on almost all areas of the body.

For information about the cost of Venus Viva™ treatments please go to the info on the treatment service page.

Please contact the team at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa with any questions via email:

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