Are You Ready To Take Your Results To The Next Level And Experience The True Non-Surgical Face AND Neck Lift?


It is important to keep the material in as good a condition as possible, however…..

The stuffing in the couch will still decrease/collapse over time.

Think of the Before picture above being like the Before Microcurrent Muscle treatments have worked their magic and repaired, rebuilt, lifted, toned and sculpted the features of the face and neck areas.

Meat our sassy, BeatyCat Annie Mills!


Annie who is nearly 70 years young is a true example of a timeless beauty who has been a client of mine for quite a few years and took on Microcurrent muscle work a year or so ago to take her results to the next level and work to repair, rebuild, sculpt, tone and lift the muscles of her face and neck to gain a more youthful look.
The pictures were taken after her Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatment course, which includes x10 1.5 $199 treatments, done twice a week.
Now AnnieCat is working through her Platinum Next Step Maintenance package which includes Microcurrent Muscle work done every 4 weeks as well as all skin treatments necessary to keep her results building over time.
This is our lovely Klaudija who is in her early 50s and has been a client of Jessicat for a few years.
This year she added Microcurrent Muscle treatments into her treatment regime.
The pictures above are of the results gained after her x10 $199 Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatments, done twice a week.
Now KlaudijaCat is working through her Platinum Next Step Maintenance package which includes Microcurrent Muscle work done every 4 weeks as well as all skin treatments necessary to keep her results building over time.

Microcurrent Muscle work was how I began my journey into working in the aesthetic/beauty industry.

Too many Filler and Botox Injectable treatments had made my face look weirdly round/swollen and frozen. I had lost the definition of my cheekbones and other contours of my face that make me look like ME!

After noticing the condition of a client’s leg muscles whom I was teaching Pilates to, seeing that they had become withered and saggy due to lack of use I thought of all the Botox I had used over the years to hide the fine lines and wrinkles I hated so much.
Then I thought that maybe all the paralysing of muscles in my face was causing the muscles to deplete in size and strength much faster than the natural ageing process, (I was in my early 30s at this time) and if I had treatments that repaired and rebuild the muscles of my face then perhaps I could give up the Injectable Fillers that were making me my face look swollen and misshapen.
I planned to keep my beloved Botox, (I used to LOVE Botox Injectables due to being addicted to quick-fix treatments) and lose the swollen/misshapen look and regain my unique facial structure.
I did a little Googling, and typing in muscle treatments for the face and found a whole WORLD of Microcurrent Muscle treatments that have been around for a good long time but have not been part of sleepy Perth mainstream beauty coulter.
I struck gold on my first swing I found an incredible Microcurrent therapist with 20 years of experience who was in her 70s, rocking 6-inch high heals, (with killer Tina Turner-like definition in her leg muscles) who sported a lifted, toned and sculpted face that made you obsess about her cheekbones.
AND I did not only give up Injectable Fillers after a course of 12 treatments but also ditched Botox due to being so happy with the look on my face.
My neck was still a problem though, due to my therapies not believing much could be done about the neck area with Microcurrent Muscle work.
After doing some research and learning about how long Microcurrent Muscle treatments had been around, their beginnings and how a Botox addict like me had ditched the Injectables after experiencing the power of a therapy that utilized a current that runs through the human body naturally I was DETERMINED to find a better way to treat the thinning skin on my neck than Injectable therapies.
I knew I would fold Microcurrent Muscle work into my practise, even though providing the treatments would not make me much money and they were hard on my body to provide, (involving leaning forward a lot and having to use two hands throughout an hour and a half treatment session), BUT due to my own experience I knew I had to provide them to my clients or I would be doing them a disservice!
I have also over the last two years developed my own Jessicat method of lifting, toning and sculpting the neck area using Microcurrent Muscle therapy in a way I was never trained to use it and now use this treatment process in all the treatments I provide my clients, WHICH IS CRAZY EXCITING FOR ME AND GOING IN THE BOOK I WILL BE WRITING NEXT YEAR!
It is sad, still today everyone knows what Botox is, but only a limited few know about Microcurrent Muscle work that was developed by an aeroplane engineer who wanted to get out of having shoulder surgery, and did just that! He healed not only the smaller and larger muscle groups that surrounded the injured area but also all the nerves and damaged tissue that made up the injured body area. He realised the potential for the device to be used for Seriable Paulsy and Stroke sufferers and redesigned the device to be used on the face and then introduced it to the medical world. And then, as many things do, like LED Light therapy the technology tricked down into the aesthetic/beauty world where it has been used by Princess Diana, Jennifer Lopez, and many other VERY lucky famous starlets whose beauty professionals knew the importance of creating and maintaining solid foundations to attain and maintain a truly youthful and timeless look ongoing.

I believe these pictures show the power of Microcurrent muscle work!

These pictures are an example of a client’s results shown to me by a well-known and respected Microcurrent muscle device supplier.
Whilst these pictures are not of one of my own BeautyCats results I feel they are an example that truly represents the power of Microcurrent muscle therapy over a three-year period, which is when I believe a plato would be hit using the treatment therapy.
Here are two blogs that will help you understand why adding Microcurrent muscle treatments into your treatment regime is a good idea:

Here is how we would do it!

The first hurdle to get around is working through x10 $199 1.5-hour appointments, which should be done twice a week for x5 weeks.
The cost of the package would be $1990, but to help as many BeautyCats currently on my books fold Microcurrent Muscle treatments into their treatment regime I will provide a 20% discount, bringing it down to $1592!

Then, the next step after you finish up your Intensive Microcurrent muscle (IMM) treatment package is to move forward with a Next Step Maintenance package that will be made up of x6 2-hour $250 Intensive IMM treatments, alternated with x6 2.5 hour $450 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment sessions = $4200.
I will also provide a 20% discount to reward you for folding Microcurrent Muscle work into your treatment regime, bringing the cost down to $3,360. 
 To help manage repayments more easily I will combine the above-mentioned treatment packages and spread the repayments out over 12 months.
The total cost of the combination package will be $4,952 and a weekly payment plan can be set up, made up of 48 payments of $103.16.
You will enjoy a combination of Intensive Microcurrent Muscle and 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments as well as HIFUVenus VivaRF-Microneedling, and Plasma Fibroblast add-on treatments as needed to push your results even further as well as all skincare products for the face and body for the duration of your packages run over as well as be set up with Dermabrasion, Microcurrent, and other devices as needed.
We would STOP your current treatment package, add up how many treatments you have attended so far, then the money paid to date and then apply any credit owed to you to your new treatment package invoice.
Then it is all about scheduling you in for the new year and your new journey will begin!

Contact Crista for more details ASAP!

Mobile: 0439033087
If you book in after this time we will happily combine the packages and spread out your repayments over 12 months to help you manage the cost of your new treatment plan but you will not be provided with a 20% discount.
Love you ladies, Jessicat 😻