It can take many years and a lot of money to uncover the truth about how and why our appearance changes as we mature. 

We refuse to load our clients up with unnecessary and expensive skin care products. Instead the team at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa work to gain the very highest level of results possible for our clients by keeping our treatment processes as cost effective as possible so clients can have the correct number of treatments needed to gain the results they want and deserve!

It takes many years for the skin to thin enough to cause fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues and sagging skin, so of course it stands to reason it takes time and multiple treatments to repair, rebuild and perfect the look of the skin and muscles of the face.

We also help set our clients up with technologies that works to build on their results and enable them to come for maintenance treatments as minimal as possible.  

The following information was sent out to our clients over the shutdown period caused by COVID-19 in May of 2020. 

Over this time our clients were able to perform their own treatments and maintain their appearance to the highest standard possible whilst being confined to their homes. 

The following is an email that was sent by Jessicat to all regular and casual clients on 16-05-2020.

Hi BeautyCat!

Well, it’s certainly been a crazy time over the last few weeks and months hasn’t it with the development of COVID-19??
My hope is that you are all safe, doing well, and if you are like me and have had some unexpected extra time on your hands that you have used productively, and come out of this quarantine period better and stronger than ever!
Over the next few weeks whilst we are still in shutdown (we are set to reopen on Tues 16-06-20 if all goes to plan) I would love to interview any clients who are set up at home with equipment that the team at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa have helped them to purchase. 
If you would like to star in a video please let me know and we can set up a time for you to call me via Facebook messenger. I will video the call and be able to use this in my social media educational resources. 
You would be helping women to understand the power of technologies like Microcurrent and LED Light therapy and help them STOP purchasing expensive and unnecessary skin care products, which I think is pretty amazing.  
Here is a link to a video updating you on when we hope to reopen:
For me this unexpected time off has been a time of realisation, rest, rejuvenation and contemplation.  
I have been able to reconnect with my personal Pilates practice and finally put together some videos for you special BeautyCat’s who want to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method in order to keep yourself safe and off to the very best start.
These videos can be found here:
A Gift For You!
I have contacted Pilates Anytime, (my favourite online Pilates resource) and arranged for Jessicat Medi-Spa clients to be able to get x1 month FREE access to their incredible website and unlimited classes.
Pilates Anytime has a huge range of instructors, teaching styles, fast and slow classes, short and longer duration classes, mat classes which involve the use of little or no equipment, as well as classes that involve the use of equipment like Reformers to be used.
If you are interested please let us know and we will forward you the code to use 🙂
You can also take advantage of their FREE and paid tutorial classes that will gain you a better understanding of both the method and your own body.
In the meantime check Pilates Anytime out:
Remember ladies, we need to take care of our bodies as we mature, and KEEP MOVING! We do not want to look young and move old!!
Now, Moving On To How You As A Jessicat’s Medi-Spa BeautyCat Are Able To Keep Yourself Looking Good Over This Shutdown Period & Beyond!

Let’s Refresh Your Fundamental Understanding Of Why You Are Coming To Jessicat’s Medi-Spa Before Moving Onto Why Long-Term Jessicat BeautyCats ARE All Set up For Unforeseen Events Like The Shutdown Period That Has Occured.

As you may well know I work to peel away the layers of fluff, unneeded filler and misinformation about how the physical signs of ageing skin can be reversed, and how we can attain and maintain a naturally youthful look as we mature.
If you know me well you know my story, and that I am EXTREMELY passionate about sharing information with women about how I came to use the products I use on my skin, and the MOST POWERFUL technologies I have found that truly work to repair and rebuild the skin from the deepest layers upwards.

BeautyCats Are Able STOP Being Like A Gerbil On A Wheel!  

Have you ever heard the saying; The sign of a crazy person is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?
When I think of women using traditional skin care products, having a few one off  treatments here and there, and/or relying on injectable therapies to regain a more youthful look, I think of a gerbil on a wheel. Going around and around, purchasing products and trying treatments will only put you on the beauty industries merry-go-round of throwing good money after bad.
When we are young we can use almost any skin care product, (depending on if your skin is sensitive or allergic to certain chemicals/compounds) and have any treatment, (like traditional facials) and think it’s working well. When our skin begins to change we often wonder why, over time, these things do not work as well as they once did. The truth is, when you are young the skin cells are holding their own, performing optimally to continually repair and rebuild, so it isn’t the skin care products or treatments that are making your skin look good, but the body itself that is maintaining the skin’s strength, integrity and youthful appearance.  
Like every industry, there are a lot of grey areas within the beauty industry, as far as the level of services/products provided. Like traditional facials that involve applying and taking off skin care products, and do NOTHING in the way of dramatically reversing the signs of ageing, and technologies like Dermabrasion and Oxygen Facials that give your skin a mild boost in collagen and elastin growth, and are great for a little pick-me-up/feel-good treatment, but in the bigger scheme of things do not have the power to truly create the results you want and deserve. 
And traditional skin care products…. Seriously, ask yourself, how much money have you have spent on serums, creams and other skin care products over the years, and what did they ACTUALLY DO??  
There are many products like vitamin C serums and creams that are high quality and DO work to repair the skin, however, for me, (and I suspect many, many other women who do not have endless money to spend on their skin) it is all a case of; “compared to what?”
An example of this is Microcurrent Skin therapy versus vitamin C skin care products.
Whilst correctly formulated vitamin C skin care products may have an impact on cellular repair in skin cells, 30-60 seconds using the right Microcurrent device blows these effects out of the water.
Why? Because Microcurrent therapy raises Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production by up to 500%.
What is ATP? It is the very energy currency within every cell of your body, and in the skin cells it is directly responsible for how much energy the cell has to work optimally, creating rich collagen and elastin growth.
As we mature our cells create less and less ATP, causing the cells of our body to work improperly, and over time this knock on effect causes the body to slowly break down and eventually die, (the natural ageing process).
The less ATP our skin cells make, the less collagen and elastin creation takes place, causing the skin to thin over time and develop fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues and sagging skin.
When you understand what ATP is, and that raising it by 500% causes the skin cells to work optimally, you are happy to use ONLY a Microcurrent device instead of a high strength/low cost Hyaluronic Acid serum or gel.
Once the skin cell’s ATP levels have been raised by 500% they simply can NOT do more than they are doing. Applying extra products might make you feel good, and in turn make you think your skin is looking better for it, but you can not argue with the facts of cellulare functionality. 
Whilst our physiology is unique to each of us with subtle or not so subtle differences in how our bodies respond to things, we ARE however all made of the same stuff, and our basic and fundamental makeup IS the same human to human.
 You ARE, And Are NOT An Individual Snowflake
All of us need a heart that needs to beat properly, lungs that take in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide properly or we may become very sick and or die. The cells that make up our bodies are reliant on high levels of ATP production in order to function optimally in order to maintain a strong, healthy and youthful looking and feeling body, and if these ATP levels deplete, the body will break down and die over time, which is the natural ageing process. 
It’s like death and taxes, some things are set in stone.  
I have had many new clients  try and get out of having the correct amount of treatments needed to repair the damage that had accumulated within the skin of the face, neck, chest and want to shortcut the processes. Experiences have taught me NOT TO DO THIS!
You get out of life what you put in, it’s just that simple. Do the work and you will be rewarded. The correct number of treatments must be done, along with maintenance treatments in order to build on and maintain these effects ongoing. 
Only a surgical face lift will shortcut the process (injectable therapies can also, however when relied upon this can become a big mess) and EVEN THEN if you don’t maintain thick, firm and strong skin, the effects will fade over time, sometimes a lot quicker than you may think, and then there is the issue of the muscles of the face, which also need to be kept lifted, toned and full… 
The truth is our treatment services are the perfect way to maintain the effects of a surgical face lift long-term, and there just is no such thing as a one trick wonder when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance.
Jessicat BeautyCats Have The Power Of Knowledge & The Power Of Technologies That Cumulatively Works To Improve The Skin In A Way Traditional Skin Care NEVER CAN!
Knowledge gives us POWER!
Power to NOT spend money on things that simply will NOT do what we wish they would (like traditional skin care products), and to find the tools we need that will actually create a profound difference.
Power is understanding the skin MUST be kept thick, strong and functioning optimally on a cellular level in order maintain the effects of cosmetic surgery and injectable therapies.
Power is understanding that quick-fix surgical procedures and injectable therapies have their place, but to NOT take the place of basic maintenance treatments like our 4-Stage and 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments.  
Power is knowing why this happened!
Cutting and pulling the skin into position and filling the face with Botox and Fillers can result in a look you DO NOT WANT!

Courtney Cox has had the fillers removed from her skin and now looks a lot better than the pictures shown above 🙂 Read about what she said about her experiance:

I have had many experiences with new clients who can not afford the correct amount of treatments to correct issues they dislike because they are pumping their money into injectable therapies that are simply unable to get them the results they want anymore due to the problem of thinning skin. It is heartbreaking to see them spending money on something that is not able to help fix the underlying problem. It’s like a drug habit they can’t quit, because they’re becoming so reliant on injectable therapies.
For most of us it all comes down to time and money. This is why I say NO to any unnecessary expenses like traditional skin care products sold by beauty professionals!
It’s like exercising and eating well, you have to do the basics to not only look good, but feel good. Crash diets and inconsistent workout out habits create results that are short lived, not to the level you desire, and might even result in health problems that can turn serious!
Our treatments are made up with technologies that restore the very building blocks of optimal cellular function, health and integrity for the skin of the face, neck and body and muscles of the face. 
The ageing process is an unstoppable force, our bodies will eventually break down and die, but, with the exception of unavoidable illness and disease, we do have the power to control how quickly our aesthetic appearance changes as we mature.
We need to educate ourselves, and be mindful of what we spend our money on so we can keep our resources for the things that will make the biggest impact on the overall condition of our skin, (and the muscles of our faces).
 Smart BeautyCats Use Red LED Light Regularly, And Know Why!
-What is LED Light therapy and how does it work:
-Mary talks with Jessicat about how Red LED Light therapy healed her broken wrist in record time and enabled her as a 70 year old woman to avoid an unsightly scar and ongoing pain due to the injury:
-Why applying Green Tea 20 minutes before performing a Red LED Light treatment makes all the difference:
Over this shutdown period I have been very happy that my ladies are all set up at home with high strength Red LED Light devices that work best when used twice a week, (with a few days in between, and green tea applied to the skin 20 minutes before treatment). It’s great to undergo an intensive course of LED Light therapy in a clinic, but the profound results are created when the technology is used ongoing at home!
Red LED Light raises ATP products by 47%, which is a minimal amount compared to Microcurrent therapy which is able to raise it by 500%, however Red LED Light therapy affects human tissue in such a profound way it can actually heal bone!
Green and Blue LED Light therapy can also be of benefit, Green for pigmentation issues and Blue for acne issues, but it is Red that is the big gun in anti-ageing treatments.
The reason LED Light therapy is so under appreciated is due to people being ADDICTED to the quick-fix.
Red LED Light therapy needs to be used twice a week, forever, and ever, and ever and ever onwards!
Remember, if you don’t put in the time you can’t expect optimal results!
If you do NOT have a Red LED Light, get in touch and we will send you info that will enable you to set up with a high power, yet low cost device.
Smart BeautyCats Use Microcurrent Therapy Twice EVERY Day, And Know Why!
-What is Microcurrent therapy, ATP, and why is Microcurrent technology the ultimate collagen and elastin creating technology that should be used at home in place of expensive and unnecessary skin care products?
-Jessicat’s recommended skin care routine:
Over this shutdown period I have thought fondly of my ladies being set up with their own Microcurrent devices that enable them not to lose money on all the skin care products that many other beauty professionals have began pushing even harder than ever over this period due to it being one of the only earning revenues they have available.   
The correct Microcurrent device only needs 30-60 seconds of use to raise ATP production by 500%, something no skin care product will do for you.
Yes we still need to hydrate our skin properly, which is why we use the cheap and effective Hydrate gel, or pure Hyaluronic Acid serum we have created at our local compound chemist.
Only a small amount of BeautyCats have not purchased Microcurrent devices for home use, and this always worries me, due to their skin not having huge bursts of ATP production that facilitate rich collagen and elastin growth, supporting and building on the results they have gained from their treatments.
As always I remind myself when I find myself worrying about clients maintaining the results they have worked so hard to achieve, if you don’t put in the time you can’t expect optimal ongoing results.  
If you do NOT have a Microcurrent device, get in touch and we will help you to set up with one asap 🙂
Smart BeautyCats Use An EMS Device Ongoing When The Muscles Of The Face Start To Decrease In Size And Strength Due To The Natural Ageing Process, Or Come For In-Clinic Microcurrent Muscle Treatments Regularly
-What is Microcurrent Muscle therapy and how does it affect the structure of the face?
-Video of client enjoying a full Microcurrent Muscle treatment:
The muscles are the very scaffolding that the skin sits upon. As you mature not only does the skin thin causing fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues and sagging skin, but so too does the musculature of the face slowly decrease in size and strength, causing it to sag. This causes the features of the face to drop as we mature and directly causes hollows in the temple areas, around the eyes, within the upper and lower cheeks, as well as causing the skin to collect and sag around the mouth and jaw areas.
I have found a way to set up my BeautyCats with their own at home devices, which puts the power in their hands so that they can keep their muscles lifted, toned and full, and I can focus on the skin.
This is great because muscles are not like the skin. They need monthly Microcurrent Muscle treatments in order to stay lifted and toned once a full course of weekly Microcurrent treatments are performed.
When clients are set up with their own Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices they save money because they only have to come in every 2 months for maintenance treatments on their skin. BUT relying on an EMS devices means serious homework.
You MUST be consistent with muscle treatments! EVEN MORE SO THAN SKIN TREATMENTS!!
After a course of Microcurrent Muscle treatments is done, monthly treatments are needed because the technology causes the muscles to maintain optimal condition for that period of time.
EMS technology will give a dramatic lifted and toned appearance to the facial muscles, but will involve performing x5 consecutive treatments done weekly for a month or more, and maintenance treatments being performed 2-3 times a week ongoing.
This is because Microcurrent Muscle therapy strengthens and lifts the muscles of the face in a far deeper and more comprehensive way than EMS therapy can.
So why don’t I help my BeautyCats get set up with at-home Microcurrent therapy? Because most clients do not want to spend around $3,500 on a true Microcurrent Muscle device that will actually perform to this higher level and gain you the results you want and deserve.
BE VERY WARY OF MICROCURRENT DEVICES SOLD ON THE INTERNET THAT PROMISE TO LIFT AND TONE THE MUSCLES OF YOUR FACE. There are Microcurrents for the skin and Microcurrents for the muscles and most of the devices you will find will NOT lift, tone and strengthen the muscles of the face the way you are wanting. It’s just the way it is.
EMS technology, (that I trust due to extensive testing and self use) is what will gain you a dramatic result, but involves serious homework. Most people can fit this into their routines if they watch T.V for a couple of hours each night, due to my thinking of T.V time as beauty time.
Almost all of us, (there are some exceptions as I have clients who have incredible bone structure that negates the need for ongoing muscle work, however these are exemptions and not the norm in my experience) need to start looking after the muscles of our faces as we move into our 50’s, 60’s and beyond.
I personally have had to use Microcurrent muscle therapy from a young age due to the damage that regular Botox therapy did to the musculature of the face.
It is always frustrating when a client who needs muscle work refuses to move forward with a course of Microcurrent Muscle treatments and also insists they have no time to perform at home treatments using an EMS device.
These types of clients quite often want greater results, which I struggle to provide due to the muscles playing such a BIG part in the overall appearance and structure of the face. I am able to get around this sometimes by providing high intensity advanced treatments like Venus Viva, Intense Microneedling and or Plasma Fibroblast therapy. But sometimes just focusing on half the puzzle (which is made up of both skin and muscles) will not get a client the results they want and deserve.
Once again I remind you, that if you don’t put in the time you can’t expect optimal results.    
If you feel you could do with being set up with your own at-home EMS device, let us know and I will make sure to explain how these devices will work for your individual needs when I see you next.
If you are a BeautyCat who does not come in for regular maintenance treatments then send us an email and we can give you more info. EMS devices require training to use, so an appointment is necessary to do this properly.
I hope you all find the information contained in this email of interest and you are proud to be part of the Jessicat Medi-Spa family and be working with us to gain and maintain the results you want and deserve.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Love you ladies,
Jessicat Lawson