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At Jessicat’s Medi-Spa Our Aim Is To Give Our Clients The Best Services Possible.

Venus Swan - Client Review Page

Here are some reviews from our wonderful clients, enjoy!

I first met Jessicat in October 2020.
I had seen her advertising on Facebook and Instagram and thought the information she shared was quite different from other beauty clinics.
Within the first treatment session and consultation, I knew I was in the right place 😀
I had been unhappy with the way my skin was looking, in particular, I hated the enlarged pores that seemed to be getting worse and worse on the skin of my face, fine lines and wrinkles, and sagging skin.
Jessicat helped me understand why my skin was changing and why it was so important to target the underlying reasons those changes were happening head-on instead of using quick-fix treatments like Botox and Fillers.
I found Jessicats obsession with getting me the very best results possible refreshing and love that she insisted on including my full face, neck, and chest areas within every treatment session for an amaizing price, and did not believe in pushing me to purchase expensive skin care products, (which seems to be the sole aim of many other beauty clinics I had seen being advertised online in order to pad thier bottom line).
Jessicat has helped me set up at home with beauty technology such as Microcurrent therapy that I use every day for a few minutes and a cheap and effective LED Light device that enables me to treatments at home in between my in-clinic treatments. She also checks in with me regularly to make sure I am using my devices and makes sure I have everything I need to work as a team with her so that my results get better and better over time.
This year I started to add Microcurrent muscle treatments to my annual beauty package and have been blown away by the difference that has made to the look of my face and neck!
It’s been an awesome journey to get my skin looking the way it does today and I look forward to building on my results.
Thank you Jessicat for all that you do.
I am so happy I found you and to be part of the Jessicat BeautyCat family.

Deanne Xxxx

Deanne Gardner - Google review - January 2024

Jessicat is obsessive about her art. There’s nothing she doesn’t know and is often ahead of the research. She tailors her packages to her clients’ needs. She’s also dead funny. Well worth an appointment or twelve.

Stokelov1 - Google review - December 2023

I came to Jessicat back in 2019, wow, it seems longer than that…
And boy, what a journey it has been!!
I originally came to JCat for help with pigmentation caused by sun damage on my chest, and neck as well as broken capillaries on the side of my nose, which I have always been self-conscious about.
All pigmentation issues have improved immensely over time as Jessicat has focused on repairing and rebuilding my skin so that the pigmentation did not return due to it thinning over time.
I had no idea that thinning skin fed into issues like pigmentation, and it has been great to not only address the issues I first came to Jessicat to fix but also improve the thickness and health of my skin so that it looks firmer, fuller, and more youthful overall.
Another interesting journey JCat and I have taken together is to work to improve the look of my arms and tummy.
This is a work in progress and I look forward to sharing updates as time goes on.
I love Jessicat and feel she is the best thing since sliced bread, (and she loves me too, no matter how much of a challenge my needs are ).
I love her service, passion, and the fact she insists on treating my face, neck, and chest areas as a whole, and is now even helping me to improve the skin of my hands-free of charge.
JCat has also set me up with amaizing home devices and provided one-on-one training to use them properly so that I can perform treatments at home in between my appointments, (and she even provides ongoing nagging for me to use them free of charge, which I admit I need!).
Oh, and I love that Jessicat is now providing all skincare products complimentary as part of her treatment packages, which helps me afford to enjoy treatments ongoing that allow me to look and feel my best.
Thank you JCat, you are a gorgeous lady!
I don’t know what I would do without you, I would look so old, good grief, it’s just not worth thinking about…
Adriana Scott, 63 years young in January 2024 😀

Adriana Scott - Google review - November 2023

I started seeing Jess in Feb, as she was recommended to me as a NATURAL way of looking my best. And boy, has she done just that! Now onto my Maintenance Package & think I will be a long-term BeautyCat! Jess is totally engaged in helping me restore my skin, especially that long-forgotten neck area, from the inside out. Offering SO many methods to build & restore, backing it all up with THE best ‘take home’ products, and slowly introducing me to all the gadgets to use at home – almost off my P plates! Thanks, Jess, for helping us ladies do it NATURALLY.
He sorted my Google & new phone, so here I am to shout your fabulous-ness to the world !! x

Ali Perrotin - Google Review - November 2023

Jess is amazing! the best at what she does in Perth – she is a beautiful energetic lady that constantly shares her wonderful knowledge with all her clients, she is always looking out for her clients and recommends the best products and how to use them effectively, her appointments are brilliant fun she always makes you laugh with her stories and she always goes the extra mile for you. I am so happy that I found Jess she is real gem X

Michelle Lacey - Google Review - October 2023

The reason I have been a client of Jess for the past seven years is easy – her results are amazing. Jess certainly goes the extra mile to give me the best skin no matter the challenges my skin presents. She uniquely combines her in-clinic treatments with providing her clients all the equipment, products and training they need to continue to build on their results at home. Jess is passionate about her work and her clients’ results. My skin thanks you Jess.

Annelie van Zyl - Google Review - Aug 2023

Being in the beauty industry I find it difficult to get treatments that aren’t just fluff. Jessicat’s treatments are next level if you are looking for actual results ! She has taken years off my skin. Could not recommend her medi-spa enough. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 6 months of treatments brings on… Jessicat is like no other ! 5 star ⭐️

Eleni Spiccia - Google Review - July 2023

After watching an older friend start to look younger than me, I had to find her fountain which led me to Jessicat. I’m now tumbling down the rabbit hole of learning to be more “girly” and loving the journey and the new found confidence with surprisingly non stop compliments on my skin.

Being a “Tom boy” most of my life, her answers to all my questions are highly knowledgeable (I checked with google) and her patience with my constant questions is astounding and would recommend to anyone.

Dianne Gregg - Google Review - Mar 2023

I’ve been going to jessicats for over 3 yrs, I find her to be very professional open and honest, you get really good treatments, she looks after my skin very well, I would trust her with my skin 100%

Michele Campbell - Google Review - Mar 2023

I call myself a “well lived female”. I love sun & have pigment to prove it, I enjoy wine more than water, I don’t like the ritual of cleansing & moisturising. I was a young adult who had big nights & slept with makeup on my face.

Around 40 I began to notice I looked run down, tired & my once plump youthful appearance started to sag & fade in photos. I was still a young age but I could see “well lived” was catching up, mainly in my face. Whilst I wanted & want to preserve some youthfulness, I wanted something natural, with evidence-based principles & sustainable routines (I questioned this existed prior to Jessicat). Ageing skin wasn’t my only problem, I lacked time! I am a wife & mum. I run a business full-time. I need to find time for my face & body? But how? I can’t even find time to enjoy a shower for more than 2 minutes!!

Another critical part of my skin tone & quality, is that I have a bad & very long history of endometriosis, at 42 I was perimenopausal. We forget female hormones play a critical role in our skins tone, elasticity, firmness & its youthful appearance. All the things my skin needed to have, were compromised. Not only by my lifestyle habits but by extreme hormone fluctuations I suffered since my teens.

I’m not a huge social media fan. I follow health, fashion, beauty & all things kid related. It was here that I first came across the wonderful Jessicat’s Medi-Spa. I had no idea what she did but her blogs were filled with passion & insight & it sounded interesting. Her blogs were different to the norm of photoshopped filtered images of females & they had nothing to do with fillers & Botox. Her posts related to REAL women with unfiltered faces & results (emphasis on REAL as reality & social media don’t go together in this filtered virtual world). I was intrigued so contacted Jessicat & ask for this Venus treatment mentioned in her blogs.

I knew I was in for a treat with Jessicat when I received a set of cat ears at my first appt. She didn’t sell products, she sold a package that involved MY OWN commitment to my skin, otherwise she promises to fix nothing. You can’t see her every 6 weeks & expect her to fix years of skin abuse, but you can expect her to coach you & provide realistic goals in a bid to slow down the ageing clock. Now I have a family member who is a brilliant Dr in cosmetic medicine. It was hard to ignore the amazing benefits of what his service offered, & committing to the simple concept & regime Jessicat spoke of, with no peels, fillers & Botox. In the 2020’s did this form of skin treatment even exist & work?

I am now 45. Over the years my treatments have been intermittent based on home, finance & COVID. However, when Jessicat & I have a block of treatments booked, I commit to it. I recently attended a family function & the wife of the cosmetic Dr asked me what work I had done. I looked at her puzzled. I said “nothing” & she looked at me perplexed & said she didn’t believe me. There was no Botox or fillers, but my skin was glowing & I realised I lied to her. I WAS doing something…seeing Jessicat. I was doing my regular Venus appts, & LED treatment in clinic & at home. Could this new glow be the work of Jessicat?

Whilst I have aged, the rate of my ageing, the quality & tone of my skin & my confidence as it ages has been worth the journey. My friends & family comment that my skin looks good & to be honest, it’s not a comment I remember receiving in my 20’s & 30’s, ever!!!

Jessicat’s Medi-Spa is no short-term quick fix. It is a long-term commitment to yourself. I love attending her clinic, listening to her passion as she talks about all things skin & health. I believe it’s important we feel great in our skin if it’s meaningful to us. If you want noticeable yet subtle & natural changes to your skin & are committed to the journey for the quest of timeless, puuurrrrrrrfect skin, it is definitely achievable following Jessicat’s intervention & skin treatment principles.

Irene Orkopoulos - Google Review - Sept 2022

Whilst in covid lockdown 2 years ago , I was so depressed about my skin, j cats video came up on my newsfeed on fb . I decided to investigate her and her products and services she offered at the time she was the only practice using the Venus viva machine . Her reviews were phenomenal .
So I booked and went to see her and have never looked back .
She is so knowledgeable and cares for your skin as if it’s her own .
Is she eccentric …… yes
But she is brilliant , and your crazy if your not one of her clients , value for money , fantastic personal service

Beatrice Wollacott - Google review - July 2022

I have followed Jessicat on Facebook for a very long time and was very inquisitive of her services she offers. Being in my late forties and not ready for the Botox/filler stage, I booked in for an appointment. She explained in great detail what she was doing and what to expect. Like everything beauty, I took it with a grain of salt as anyone can still look good on social media with the filters now a days. But I kid you not I am so impressed with my results. I just wanted to look “refreshed” and she has not disappointed 🐱

Angela Lannetta - Google review - May 2022

My name is TaraCat and while this post is about my Cancer Fundraiser, it’s so much more, it’s about my journey on how I got brave enough at 46 to sign up for a 200km endurance ride with 0 experience on a road bike.

Jessicat was a big part of my journey. I came to Jessicat’s Medi Spa almost two years ago. To be honest, I felt silly even spending money on my skin. I was 44 then, a shadow of my former self, and I felt like a shell. Felt like my best years were past me, I wasn’t allowed to feel like a real woman, feel sexy or beautiful. But none the less, I had a friend speak highly of Jessicat, and while my friend didn’t do a very good job of explaining the technologies Jessicat uses ( we still laugh about this) she showed me Jessicat’s Facebook page and I was blown away seeing mature age ladies getting amazing results on their skin. And the results looked healthy, not plastic and overdone.

So, my journey with Jessicat began. I still struggled with spending that much time and money on myself, which is crazy, (I earn my own money and answered no one), but I still felt guilty. One other challenge that I would never have foreseen, was my friends and family not understanding the time and effort I put into my skin. I would hear so often; ‘I don’t understand, you look fine for 44, you don’t have many wrinkles.’ Or they would say; ‘You’re crazy, just accept it, we are going to get old and get wrinkles.’

Over the months, I really started to see significate changes in my skin, it was smoother, and my pigmentation had pretty much gone. It actually had a profoundly positive impact on my mental health. I actually started to like what I saw in the mirror. My confidence grew, and I really began to see my self-worth.

Then, last year, I underwent a hysterectomy. I remember getting wheeled into the theatre and being scared. Not only hadn’t I looked after my skin over the years,  I hadn’t looked after my health. I said to myself, I am worth so much more than this, my best years are NOT behind me! So when I recovered, I pledged I would not only continue to look after my skin but my body and mind as well.

Once I got the all clear after my surgery, I joined a gym and started doing spin classes. Not going to lie, at the start it was hard and it was intimidating. But I just said to myself, just move your legs, even if you can’t keep up with the classes, just being here and moving your legs means you’re already winning. As the weeks went by, (even though it became harder before it got easier) I started to enjoy it more and more. Then it became addictive.

This led to my ride, earlier in the year an email went out looking for volunteers to join the MACA Cancer 200km ride.

While I was a regular spin class participant, I had never been on a road bike and did not own one. I have so many friends and family touched by cancer, so I put my hand up. Or more appropriately, threw me into the deep end.

To date, it’s been quite an experience. I now own a bike and am currently up to 40km per ride. Not going to lie, there have been plenty of times I have felt overwhelmed, and the feeling to give up has been great. But the great thing about this is I have made the pledge!

This is for Cancer, and people have already given me so much support. Some come rain, hail or shine, I will be riding my bike for 200km in October.

I look forward to sharing my journey with all you pussycats. The challenges I face, not only with training but with nutrition, and how I am managing my face care routine. (I’m already struggling to keep my face well sun screened after hours spent on the bike;)

Tara Tweedie - Website review - May 2022

I found an add on Fb a few years ago about Jessicat’s Medi-Spa and decided to go and see what could be done about my ageing pigmented skin. I have not looked back! This lady not only corrected my pigmentation issues fine lines and wrinkles she has also taught me so much about my skin and how to keep it thick strong and healthy! If you are thinking about seeing someone for your skin do yourself a favour and book in with Jessicat I promise you will not regret it!

Cindy Barnard - Google review - April 2022

Hi to all women 70+ and younger I would love for you to experience the benefits that my skin has gained since my daughter introduced me to Jessica’s Medi -Spa
When I first started my treatments I just wanted my skin to look fresher and more alive
I had no allusions about looking years younger but I have to say that Jessicat worked wonders for my skin
The treatment even healed damaged nerves above my top lip where I’d had a basal cell carcinoma removed at least 7 years before
There was always a lingering tingle and tenderness in the area
Thank you Jessicat.
Look forward to continuing my treatments for many years to come 😻😻

Frances Carty - Google review - Jan 2022

This is the best Medi-Spa i have ever been to.
I have been seeing JCat since February 2019.
Her knowledge, care, advice and super professional medical grade services I have received, have all been above and beyond. With excellent results.
Always a feeling of love and respect from JCat from the moment of walking through her front door.

Trish McMahon - Google review - Sept 2021

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found Jessicat. The results are absolutely amazing and I could not be happier. Jessicat is so bubbly and makes you feel so important and dedicated to you achieving results. As for results, well I was totally blown away seeing the before and after pics, what a difference in such a short time, not even a year . I have saved so much with not spending on unnecessary products and now do not wear half as much make up as I use to. so so happy with this treatment and will continue . Already getting compliments on how good my skin looks.
Can not recommend enough. Thank you, thank you Jessica.

Ann Youngs - Google review - Jan 2021

I cannot recommend Jessicat highly enough as she would have to be the most knowledgeable and experienced skin practitioner in Perth. I found Jessicat whilst looking for someone with a knowledge of how to treat the skin and my results have been amazing. My skin is thick and plump and keeps on renewing itself and getting better over time! If you are looking for a natural way to rebuild the skin from within this is it. You don’t need to pump the skin full of fillers or botox and Jess doesn’t sell expensive skin products which just sit on top of the skin. Even laser treatments thin the skin, whilst all Jess’s treatments work to thicken the skin. I really enjoy all my treatments with Jessicat as she takes such good care of me and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a long term solution to great skin!

Susan OConnor - Google review - Mar 2021

Jessicat has been my facial therapist for almost a year and the results have been positive. She is knowledgeable and always puts 110% in her work. For the price you are paying you receive educational information and younger looking skin.
Do not hesitate to see Jess.

Catherine Christian - Google review - Jan 2021

Jessicat is not only a cat, she’s a unicorn. It’s very difficult these days to find such an honest and friendly person to deal with and she makes you feel comfortable from the very first session. She explains the treatments thoroughly and is gentle and caring, adapting them if necessary to suit your lifestyle. She always checks in to see if you are feeling comfortable and is happy to answer questions both during the session and for aftercare. Jessicat works to resolve skin issues from a cellular level and is not interested in giving you a quick fix as some of the salons do. She wants your skin to be thick and strong and genuinely wants to increase your confidence and outcome, giving you tips and advice on how to continue benefits at home affordably. She tries all the therapies on herself and is open about the results, they have been thoroughly researched and she will only use technologies that have proven to work.
The setting is very relaxing and it is an enjoyable place to go to. I would thoroughly recommend Jessicat, my skin is still improving daily and is looking much healthier and toned. The only downside is that I’ve had to buy new makeup as my pigmentation has improved so much that my skin is now much lighter. 😉😺🦄

Tracy F - Google review - Jan 2021

For years I was spending ridiculous amounts of money on skin care and treatments at salons that had little to no effect on my skin. When I discovered Jessicat’s and researched the technologies she uses I knew they were the best way to go for my skin.
Jessicat knows what will work for my skin to gain best results. She takes the time to explain everything about the technology used.
I recommend to anyone who wants better skin without looking frozen or plastic.

Jo Berens - Google review - Jan 2021

Jessica has being my therapist for almost 2 years. She is a bubbly and extremely knowledgeable therapist. Her dedication in achieving the best results for all her clients is paramount. My skin has never looked better. It has taken 10 years off my age, my skin is vibrant with less pigmentation and scarring. I’m beyond happy with my results. I always look forward to my appointments with Jessica and trust her throughout all my treatments. Ladies, do yourself a favour, make an appointment and go see Jessica and make up your own mind. I have recommended Jessica to all my friends and family. Thank you Jessica for everything you have done to achieve the best results possible for me. They have being beyond my expectations! X

Gabriella Valuri - Google review - Oct 2020

Jess has an amazing knowledge of the skin structure and processes and a great passion to provide clients with real and affordable treatments to improve not only the appearance but the condition and ongoing health of the skin. I personally am amazed by the results I have got and the reduction of hormonal and sun damage pigmentation and lines on my face and chest. Jess has provided me with at home solutions to keep working on the quality of my skin and I have also been using an at home LED light recommended by Jess which I lent to an elderly friend of mine who was suffering from a leg wound which wouldn’t heal, after only a couple of sessions under the light her skin began to heal and is now fully recovered, amazing!!

Kate Hart - Google review - Oct 2020

I have been seeing Jess for over three years now on and off after coming to her regarding hormonal acne breakouts. Due to work and life commitments, I had a period in which I stopped getting treatments at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa and after a while but underlying congestion became significantly worse. With J-Cats help, my congestion is now clearing again and we are also working on some signs of ageing on my skin as well as pigment. J-Cat is extremely knowledgeable and has not only helped my skin during my mid-late twenties, she’s also done wonders for my mothers skin to help keep her skin looking youthful. The best thing is she doesn’t try to sell you ridiculously priced products after, everything she suggests is purely for your benefit rather than sales. I couldn’t recommend Jess enough, she knows her stuff and is always on top of the latest technology.

Katie M - Google review - Aug 2020

Jessicat has helped me so much with my pigmentation and I can’t wait to finish my course of treatments and see the final results.
I would not trust anyone else with my skin.

Jessy - Google Review - Aug 2020

Jessicat is amazing I cannot believe my before and after photos. She has given me back my confidence and she is so knowledgeable when it comes to your skin. Thank you Jessicat ❤️

Jane - Google review - Jul 2020

I’m a client and can absolutely recommend all of Jessicats treatments. She goes over and above and they DO work. You commit to the regimen recommended by Jess and you will see results. Look at the before and after photos. The earlier you start the better. More damage and wrinkles will more than likely require a few blocks of treatments. You won’t regret it ????Pp

Jen - Google review - Mar 2020

What lovely service and treatments I have had so far at Jessicats Medi-Spa. From the moment I met Jessicat I felt at ease and knew I was in good hands to help improve my skin. Her knowledge of the skin and what technologies can be used to improve my aging skin is incredible. She has taught me so much. I am very pleased with my results to date, having had 4-Stage Face Lifting Treatments, Venus Viva and 3-Stage Body Sculpting Treatments on my arms, I feel much more confident in my skin. I am now able to also do a daily skin care routine at home to help my skin stay strong and healthy, without needing expensive creams and serums. I can’t wait to have my next treatment.

Mandy - Google review - Feb 2020

I had been following Jessicat for a couple of years on Facebook as I teach and use LED Red Light Therapy on horses and I thought this is awesome. I loved her no BS blogs and eventually made an appointment to see her. My skin was accumulating lots of age spots and I had already had a number burnt off and I wanted to find an alternative to just using some drastic methods. Jess said she could also help with not only the pigmentation but with thickening my skin and stimulating muscles that had gone south. Launched myself into the treatment plan and I have been so happy. Pigmentation is more even, the rest of my skin is looking more healthy, bounces back when I smile and I do not feel like a droopy bloodhound !! We have the most amazing discussions on LED Therapy and microcurrent. I understand exactly how it all works and the methods that Jessicat uses are not a bandaid fix, she is working on rebuilding the scaffold so the effects are real and long lasting. I cannot recommend Jessicats Medispa enough. So happy that her blog turned up on my FB newsfeed all those years ago.

Ros - Google review - Dec 2019

I’ve been coming to Jessicat for a year and I have never found a beautician who is more knowledgeable or competent than she is! I found her on FB and what attracted me to her was her knowledge and amazingly practical and wise approach to skincare and anti- ageing. She is amazing!


Heidy - Google Review - Nov 2019

This lady is amazing ???? you would go a long way to find someone who puts her heart and soul into what she does. I used to take my glasses off to look at my ageing face in the mirror this lady has changed all that.

Rhonda - Nov 2019

I highly recommend Jesicat’s Medi-Spa. Jessica is very professional and she made me feel very comfortable in her presence right from the first treatment. I am 68 years old and have just completed a course of 8 of the 4 stage face lifting treatments. I feel much better about how my skin looks now, it feels softer and firmer than it did before the treatments. My makeup is much easier to apply now and this makes me feel much better about my appearance. I never told anyone I was having these treatments done and it was nice to be told by my family how healthy my skin is looking during the course of the treatments. This is the best thing I have done for my skin.

Patricia - Google review - Sept 2019

I highly recommend Jesicat’s Medi-Spa. Jessica is very professional and she made me feel very comfortable in her presence right from the first treatment. I am 68 years old and have just completed a course of 8 of the 4 stage face lifting treatments. I feel much better about how my skin looks now, it feels softer and firmer than it did before the treatments. My makeup is much easier to apply now and this makes me feel much better about my appearance. I never told anyone I was having these treatments done and it was nice to be told by my family how healthy my skin is looking during the course of the treatments. This is the best thing I have done for my skin.

Patricia - Google review - Sept 2019

Jessicat is very knowledgeable and caring. She takes time to educate you on all of her procedures and any other information that may help with your skin. She keeps prices as low as possible and even encourages her clients to purchase at home products that will help. She does not make any money from this. She could make a fortune selling expensive skincare creams also but prefers to recommend everyday products that will save her clients money but get the same results. She gives her best to each client. I am very happy with her services and look forward to seeing her well into the future.

I Young- Google review - Sept 2019

I am just at the end of my 4 stage face lift where we added low grade Microneedling. I could be happier with the results and Jessica,s professionalism knowledge and warm caring approach. I have tried several treatments before Jessica s and never got results I wished for. Now my skin is fresher ,plump ( without fillers ) and glowing . I look the best version of myself. Thank you Jess. Would recommend you to everyone with no doubt.

Klaudija - Google review - Aug 2019

I have been coming to Jessicat’s Medispa for several months and I follow her skincare and lifestyle blogs. My skin is improving every week and Jessica goes above and beyond to ensure she gives the best skin care advice, advanced, well researched treatments and great customer service at the most affordable prices.

Jodi - Google review - Aug 2019

Jess is an absolute gem. With an unquestionably high standard Jess truly places her heart and Soul into making sure I am looked after, The improvement to my skin since under the care and guidance of Jess has resulted in no more injectables and through strategic technologies I no longer waste valuable money going from one new beauty product to the next.
Jess loves life and loves her clients , spends hours researching and educating us, I cannot thank Jess enough for her patience , gusto over the last 5 years to make sure I get every benefit possible according to my budget. ????????????????????????????????????????10 out of 10 cats from me Xx

Georgi - Aug 2019

I came to Jessicat after watching a friend growing more youthful in front of my eyes! I’m so happy with the results I’ve experienced from 8 sessions of the 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment. My eyes are less crepey, my wrinkles are so much more fine and my neck is much more youthful (overall my skin is lovely and soft too). I love how Jessica was able to come up with solutions for me that didn’t involve invasive of chemicalised treatments and even had me a serum made specially to work with my particular needs. Definitely will keep up maintenance appointments, the effects are so worthwhile… so refreshing to find someone who truly listens rather than just rolling out the same approach for all.

Lisa - June 2019

Love Jessicat, just to visit with her is inspiring.
My daughter comments on a regular basis how good my skin is looking. Jessicat is very professional wanting to achieve the best possible outcome, she puts 110% effort into each treatment. I highly recommend this beautiful lady and her business.

Lauree - June 2019

I have suffered with acne since 14 years old I am 32 now, so 18 years 🙁 Over the years I have been on Roaccutane twice, I have had visits to the dermatologist and doctors offices trying different prescription medications, Roaccutane being the last resort east time.  Also I have tried numerous facial procedures over the years, peels, clear and brilliant, microdermabrasion, all in an attempt to heal my skin.  I have also, like many women tried all the ranges of cosmeceuticals and skin care ranges, from chemist products or natural face washes to programs that cost $700 for a range that you repurchase every three months, that range was the worst, too many steps and made my skin too sensitive and red.

I found Jessicat online after reaching a point where I was so frustrated and embarrassed about my adult acne and rough skin that was on my face.  Jess has been very understanding and very accommodating to my needs.  Jess has really listened and knew what would work, I just needed to trust the process, naturally I was very skeptical after all I have been through.  The treatments Jess recommended and that I had done have been, 4-Stage Face Lifting to rebuild and strengthen my skin, and alternating Venus Viva and high strength Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling treatments to refine the texture of my skin and decrease the congestion that caused my acne breakouts.

My skin has been so clear that I have not been wearing makeup on a regular basis and i only wear sunscreen to work and reapply sunscreen throughout the day.  I went to Bali over the new year period (2019) and I can honestly say I had the best skin of my life, I felt absolutely amazing :)))

Further to this, I am maintaining beautiful acne and texture free skin using minimal skincare and maintaining my treatments at Jessica’s Medi Spa all the while having thyroid and  hormonal imbalances in my body right now that I am working to overcome.  Over the years my hormones and diet have impacted my skin greatly and for this to be happening at the moment and I still have acne free skin, I am truely amazed and thankful :)))) Thank you so very much Jess, Emma XXX

Emma - Feb 2019

My treatment yesterday with Jessicat certainly was worth the drive from Jurien Bay.
I finally got to experience her professional treatment and learn from her vast knowledge in what Jessicat does.
This morning I noticed changes in my complexion !! Amazing !! And no downtime. Thank you Jessicat.
You are awesome !!!!

Trish - Feb 2019

I am currently on my second course of 4 stage face lifting treatments. I came to Jessicat in late 2017 due to noticing the early signs of ageing. I had completed the first course of treatments by early 2018 and honestly, I was a little bit unsure of whether or not the treatments really worked for me and was worth the investment. At this point in time, I had recently had fillers in my face so it was a bit difficult to for me to notice the real outcome until I was looking at some photos from a couple years ago and realised that my skin is in better condition now than about 2 or 3 years ago. Now, I have no fillers and my face is looking better than before. So now since I can really see the difference in my skin I decided to go back to Jessicat and do another course of treatments to maintain the good condition of my skin so I don’t need to go back to using fillers!

Joanne- Feb 2019

 All throughout my life I have struggled with oily, congested,  breakout-prone skin. This is a problem that I have carried with me into adulthood and as I aged my skin became duller and I also began to struggle with pigmentation. When I came to JCat, fixing my congested skin was my first priority, however, I was also hoping that she would be able to help me address the signs of ageing. After a few months, the texture of my skin was significantly refined, less oily, and my breakouts had almost completely cleared up. Pigmentation also became far less visible. Whilst rebuilding the integrity of my skin with her treatments, we were also able to dramatically lessen the signs of ageing (which is a bonus!). This has meant that I am able to stop relying on frequent use of injectable therapies to keep my skin looking healthy and fresh. I could not recommend Jessicat and her services more!

Anne - Jan 2019

Best service. Jessicat is an excellent and amazing therapist. I can’t wait for my next treatment.

Zeljka - Dec 2018

Ladies, what are you waiting for?!!!!

I had my first treatment (yes, 1st and only) Mini 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatment on my abdominal and hip areas 2 days ago. I am now able to finally fit my size 8 dress bought a year ago!!! Literally cut off the tag this morning because one year ago, I bought the dress to help “motivate” me to lose weight and tone up my muffin tops!

Cannot wait to see the results once I completed my full treatment package.
Thank you JessiCat!!

Sanny - Oct 2018

I can not speak more highly of my experience with Jessicat so far, my skin has improved so much as has my confidence.

I no longer feel the need to wear makeup to cover up the blemishes and quite often leave the house bare-faced.
I can’t wait to complete my treatment and compare the before and after shots.

Money and time very well spent – you will not be disappointed

Angela - Oct 2018

I have been seeing Jessicat for the amazing treatments she offers for a couple of years and have now reached a maintenance stage for my skin. Jess has used her treatments to almost totally disappear my pigmentation which is what I went to see her about. As a side effect of the treatments my skin has really improved in every way and the breakouts I was having have reduced to barely any. My face is firmer and skin smoother. I am expecting that Jessicat will be in my life for many more years !!!!

Fran - Sept 2018

Meeting Jessicat is certainly one of the best things I could do for my skin.

I have always looked after my skin from very young.. I have used over the years thousands of dollars of skin care per year .. I have used a lot of products I would get so excited that I found the Holy Grail until up to 9 months later nothing happened I seemed to come to a stalemate the product I was really invested in did not seem to work anymore..
I started visiting plastic surgeons I was given several quotes around the $27,000 mark for a facelift. I rang Jessicat and she told me what she did and I believed her she made sense.
To cut a long story short… I will never again spend any more than approximately $120 a year on skin care a lot different to the $2500 I was spending .. this fantastic lady has re-educated me I will continue with what she tells me to do because it all works.. my jawline is tight my crepey neck is firm and tight my eyelids are 80% Firmer the crows feet have gone completely I look years younger and you can see it’s going to be long long lasting.. my skin has a texture I haven’t seen since I was in my twenties and earlier.. I am nearly 70 and I have been told I look late 40s .. I no longer look in the mirror and think I need plastic surgery those days have gone and I have only had nine treatments from Jessicat I have not even had my first round of 13 treatments.. I highly recommend this unique and special lady you will not regret going to her.. she is lovely and very friendly and definitely knows her stuff…

Kimberley - Mar 2018

Jessicat is a breath of fresh air. Her passion for what she does is infectious. I have been very happy with the changes in my skin after my course of treatments, and there is no hard sell for expensive products like a lot of salons. In fact, Jessicat is the opposite, not wanting her clients to spend on expensive products and will always let her clients know inexpensive alternatives.

Lesley- Feb 2018

Jessicat’s medispa is the best. The venus swan and viva are strong effective treatments that really improve skin thickness, elasticity, and surface appearance. Also, they are priced very reasonably which makes it more realistic to get the number of treatments you need to get the outcome you want. I would definitely recommend JCat to anyone who wants to improve their skin.

Frances - Oct 2016

I want to thank you Jess, you have inspired me with all your knowledge about skincare. I have been having you treatments for more than a year now. I love how my skin is responding to both the Viva and Venus treatments. I now feel confident to go out makeup free with just some tinted sunscreen on my face. My skin looks so much better. I love the Hyaluronic serum. It’s the best part of my beauty regime. Thank you for sharing your tips on on how to look after your skin at home without buying expensive creams and potions. You are dedicated to your work. Thank you again. Deb xx

Debra - Aug 2017

Hi Jess, I am hoping that I can wear less makeup, although, like you, I have just dyed my eyebrows and that really helps. I really appreciate you having done the research – and especially for sharing what you have learned and establishing your service. I am grateful for the progress I am making and it gives me more confidence.

Sandra - Aug 2017

I am so impressed with this treatment. I have only had one treatment and my skin looks and feels great. It was also very relaxing and painless. Well worth it!

Lesley Allenby - July 2017

I have just started the second round and when I started my first round I was a skeptic. This time I’m doing the 5 stage. I reviewed in July 2017 and since then I have seen a further difference in my skin.
My 25-year-old daughter thought I had makeup on the other day – which I didn’t, she was truly amazed at the difference.
My skin now has a more even and refined texture. I still have lines but they are that of a 45 year not a 60 plus-year-old.
Seriously ladies if you want to improve your skin without surgery, botox or fillers this is the girl to see, not only does it work but you come away with a wealth of information, and its affordable as Jessicat will break it down in installments for you when you take out a package.
Jessicat, I am so excited to see my result at the end of this round.
Just love your work xx

Annie Mills - 2017

I just had my first 3 stage body sculpting treatment and I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it was, how attentive and thorough Jessicat is, even spoiling me with extra time. I cannot wait to see the results after the course has finished.

Sharon - July 2017

Love all your blogs Jessicat , they are informative, realistic and I love that you don’t push . You are a powerhouse when it’s comes to your machines , and stand by them 110% -tried and true . If anyone is looking at this …DO IT!!! You won’t regret it, Prices are very reasonable, I’ve just about finished my first round and have to say I have seen a difference in my skin…. refined pores, thicker skin, fines lines are finer. Love my treatments….. can’t wait for the next round!! ?. You rock Jessicat !!!! ?

Annie Mills - July 2017

Obsessed with my skin, I had tried almost every latest anti-aging skin care product recommended and spent thousands of dollars on treatments like microdermabrasion, needling and more recently laser, all without gaining any lasting, significant improvement.
Finally I discovered Jessicat’s Medispa. I’m only half way through a course of Jessicat’s 4 stage face lifts and am already noticing a huge change in fullness, firmness and even tone on my face and neck. I’m predicting these treatments will completely replace my botox and filler requirements.
If you’ve been searching for that one person you can trust to give you real results, call Jessica immediately and stop wasting your time and money elsewhere.

Sharon - December 2016

As a singer/performer and video blogger having great looking skin is so important! After a seriously bad illness took hold I was really looking worse for wear. I went to the trouble of having expensive Ultherapy, Fraxel laser and Infini Microneedling Treatments to deal with scarring (which was due to acne), pigmentation spots, loss of firmness and generall dullness in my skin these treatments although expensive and carried out in professional Dr registered clinics, did little to improve my skin, considering what I was promised and when they didn’t work as expected the Dr was happy to do another course IF I PAID BIG BUCKS. I was getting increasingly frustrated with my skin and lack of results! One day I read a Jessicats Medi Spa promotion on Facebook for the $199 trial and decided to give her a try as I felt she was informed and reasonably priced and I had heard of these technologies overseas and was thinking, what the heck I will give it a go. It has been a few months now and visiting Jessicats Medi Spa is one of the best things I could have done, not only is she passionate about her work but she invests her time in your skin because that’s what really matters to her – that you get results. Over time my skin has improved and while I still have a way to go until I am exactly where I want to be, I am convinced that if anyone can get my skin looking perfect again it is this girl – give her a chance to fix your skin, you will not be disappointed!

Feritta Artiste - August 2016

Hi all I’m now 45 and have always loved beauty from a very early age…I was using Anne French from the age of 12 and experimenting with my looks since then. As I grew older I started to try various lotions, potions and treatments, everything from Creme de la Mer to Olay and skin needling, microdermabrasion, you name it I’ve tried it. And then I found Jessicat after just 3 treatments, the jowels I was beginning to develop, and therefore subsequently started thinking shite I’m gonna need a facelift if I want to look in the mirror again before I turned into my mother, have practically gone .I am overjoyed I seriously think Jessicat’s system is the best alternative to invasive therapy bar none. Don’t think about threadlifting or fillers like I did….. this is the alternative and solution to all put anti aging needs including skin tightening, pigment correction, wrinkle’s Gawn,

Clare Louise Clarke - November 2016

I met Jess on Friday and after a long chat (because I am weary of people dribbling rubbish to make money) she gave me the best treatment I’d had ever!! She answered all my questions and she’s researched so much she actually knows what going on. I finally had a chance to look at the areas that I had treated tonight because I’d been so busy after treatment I never had a chance, I was stunned all the wrinkly lines on my neck are gone!! And the few little lines on my chest also just about gone, and my face is visibly getting better, but I was told by Jess it takes a few treatments, but to see results that quick is mind blowing!! I’m 42 and have been trying to get results for years, Thankyou Jess I’ve finally found them

Tammy Durham
 - February 2015

Awesome treatments by JCat! If you want someone who’s personalized and caring in her approach to ensure you get results.. This is the one!

Linda Chatwin
 - February 2015

Had VS treatments with JCat and face looks younger! Was told I looked like I was in my 30s the other day…I am not, so that was positive!!

Marnie Fevor - October 2014

Love Jess and the wonderful Venus Freeze treatments / Light therapy sessions that I have been having for the last couple of months. I have definitely seen a difference. As always the beautiful JessCat goes above and beyond the call of duty to give her clients what they need to ensure that results are achieved. The Venus Freeze really does work. Can’t wait to buy the new skin care products.

Tracy Elderidge - October 2014

I’ve had 10 venus freeze treatments on my face and neck and some bonus led light treatments too! Jess has been wonderful and really committed to making sure I got the most out of the treatments. She has pampered me and made the whole experience wonderful. It really is like a hot stone massage, although I liked to push the “hot”, making her go for it occasionally!! I can really see a difference in the texture and tone in my skin. It took a few sessions before I saw a definite difference around my crows feet and the lines above my mouth, so I’m glad I went ahead with the recommended amount of sessions. Would definitely recommend it to my friends – thank you Jess 🙂

Rita Cole - September 2014

J Cat
An update, 4 luxury treatments later, (that is the only way to describe Jess’s treatment’s, she pampers you, making you feel so special, her interest and passion in wanting me to benefit from the treatments is outstanding), my neck scarring is still fading, it is getting to a stage where I don’t have so much makeup on my neck trying to balance the colouring out.
My face and neck are looking so much better, the pound puppy look I was getting is disappearing, my eyes are no longer droopy, but open and happy, sagging cheeks, say goodbye. Say hello to the younger looking me…
I have also been having the hand treatments, well, this is the first time in my life that I have had fingernail lengths, seriously, my nails have always broken/split. By the time the nail reaches the tips of my fingers it has peeled/split. Not only do I have lengths in my fingernails, but they are also hard, not soft and peeling like they usually are. Just another benefit of the treatments.
Jess, thank you, it was your belief and passion in what you do that convinced me to try, and I am the one reaping the benefits.

Sammib - December 2014

JCat, I want to say a big Thank you… I was probably your biggest sceptic, never believing these types of things would work, I admit it. J But your belief and passion in your treatments, convinced me try, and I am so thankful that I did… Even though to date I have only had 2 wonderful, relaxing treatments, I can see a difference in my face, especially around my eyes. But the most exciting result for me was seeing the brown scarring on my neck half as dark as it used to be. With the brown scarring covering at least 90% of my neck, it has made me very self-conscious for years. I know now that the scarring will eventually go with more treatments, that is amazing. The other benefit I appreciate are that the changes are subtle enough for me to notice, but not enough that someone thinks that I have had Botox or surgery. (not that I am saying there is anything wrong with those, they are just not for me). So I look forward to the rest of the treatments. Many thanks

Sammib - November 2014

Just an update! I’ve replaced my botox with the venus freeze treatments for about six months now and am really pleased with the results. My face feels firmer and the lines are less deep (especially my crows feet). Just feels healthier all round! Thanks Jess x

Rita Cole - November 2014

Just loving the treatments! The Venus freeze treatment feels like a hot stone massage and my face LOVES the led light facial! Thanks Jcat xxx

Lisa Mackie - March 2014

October 12 at 2:55am
I had this treatment done today and I am quite frankly blown away I had this use great big turkey neck and has dissipated by listed half in one treatment my hands look like an old farmers hands they look 10 years younger in one treatment in all I give this girl a hundred stars can’t wait to start my treatment thank you, Jess

Kimberley Rauchelle

I want to thank you Jess, you have inspired me with all your knowledge about skincare. I have been having your treatments for more than a year now. I love how my skin is responding to both the Viva and Venus treatments. I now feel confident to go out makeup free with just some tinted sunscreen on my face. My skin looks so much better. I love the Hyaluronic serum. It’s the best part of my beauty regime. Thank you for sharing your tips on how to look after our skin at home without buying expensive creams and potions ! You are Dedicated to your work. Thank you again. Deb xx

Debra Cunningham

Some time ago I became concerned with the signs of aging I was beginning to see on my face and body. Since then I have experimented with many different types of skin care and treatment therapies, including dermabrasion, herbal and chemical peels, injectable therapies and various laser and cavitation treatments.

Frustrated with the expense and limited results these treatments provided, I began extensive research and experimentation into more advanced alternatives. In time I discovered different progressive technologies that in combination with each other, reversed the effects of aging on my face, neck and entire body.

I was so impressed with the results of these modern alternatives, that I abandoned all other expensive and outdated treatments and decided to invest my time and resources into a business of my own that would provide them to the public at a reasonable price.

My goal is to empower women by supplying a service that will enable them to look their best, and provide them with the knowledge to make better decisions in the future when choosing anti-ageing and body sculpting treatments.
I look forward to seeing you at Jessicat’s Medispa so I can deliver the treatment results that you want and deserve”.