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Intensive Microcurrent Muscle & Skin Treatments

It’s NOT just about the skin!!

As We Mature, The Facial Features Fall From Top To Bottom Due To Thinning Skin AND Depleting Muscle Mass.

Our 4-Stage Face Lifting process addresses the problem of thinning skin head-on that causes fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmenation issues and sagging skin.

Our 5-Stage Face Lifting process addresses the problem of thinning skin and depleting muscle mass by including Microcurrent muscle therapy to target the problem of depleting muscle mass on the face and neck head, which can cause hollows within the features of the face and neck and sagging skin.

Our Platinum Next Step Maintenance package/membership includes Intensive Microcurrent and 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments.

The Muscles Of The Face And Neck Are The Scaffolding That The Skin Sits Upon

What is Microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent aesthetic antiageing treatments involve using a microampere electrical neuromuscular stimulator (MENS) to send weak electrical signals into the epidermis, dermis, and muscles of the face and neck.

All Jessicat clients work through an Initial Treatment Package to create thicker, more robust and properly functioning skin.

Afterwards, they can go onto a Gold-Level Next Step Maintenance treatment package to build on their results cost-effectively or move on to complete ten $199 1.5-hour Intensive Microcurrent muscle treatments, done twice a week for five weeks to create a solid foundation of strength and condition within the muscles of the face and neck areas, and then move onto a Platinum-Level Next Step Maintenance package to build on their results in the most cost-effective way possible.

To properly repair and rebuild the muscles of the face and neck, the muscles MUST properly release the fascia that encases the muscles.

-Facia becomes thicker and stiffer as we mature and can pull the muscles of the face and neck down over time as they weaken, atrophy, shrink, and sag. Hence, the first step of the Jessicat Microcurrent method is to prepare the muscles for re-education by releasing the facia that incases them.

Whilst working to repair and rebuild the muscles of the face and neck, Microcurrent muscle therapy also delivers Microcurrent into the skin cells, triggering dramatic collagen and elastin growth by raising Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) by up to 500%.

All Jessicat clients are set up with microcurrent skin devices to use morning and night to trick the skin cells into behaving as they once did in our late 20s and early 30s, creating rich levels of collagen and elastin and optimizing day-to-day cellular function. Learn more about the FREE goodies Jessicat clients enjoy ongoing.

Jessicat purchased and completed intensive training to use the Bio-Ultimate Platinum facial toning system in 2016, which features the patented technological breakthrough of Suzuki Sequencing®. It is one of the world’s leading clinic-grade facial toning technologies trusted by anti-ageing skin specialists.

Improving the structure of the musculature of the face and neck gives the skin a better foundation to sit up, helping to decrease the need for injectable therapies and other painful and costly quick-fix treatments that only work to hide the issues that are causing our appearance to change as we mature.

The Jessicat Microcurrent Muscle Method

The process

Jessicat’s intensive Microcurrent muscle process takes 1.5 hours and includes the full face and neck areas.

This is a comprehensive treatment process that has evolved over the last 8 years as Jessicat has worked to build on her experience of repairing and rebuilding the muscles of her client’s faces and provide the ultimate muscle-focused, nonsurgical facelifting treatment process possible using award-winning Bio-Ultimate Microcurrent device.

Stage one:

After thoroughly cleansing the skin using Jessicat’s own Enzyme or Supercharger cleanser Ultrasound Exfoliation and Microdermabrasion are done to remove dead skin cells and create more space between the skin cells so that Microcurrent muscle therapy can properly penatrate all layers of the skin and the muscles beneath.

Stage two:

Green LED Light therapy is performed to soothe stressed skin and help improve overall pigmenation before Red LED Light is done to trigger rich collagen and elastin growth within the skin whilst Microcurrent muscle therapy is performed on the muscles of the full face and neck areas.

Full body Red LED Light therapy is enjoyed whilst the face and neck areas are treated to help improve the health and integrity of the skin on the entire body.

Stage three:

Microcurrent skin therapy is then performed to raise ATP levels for optimal cellular function, resulting in increased collagen and elastin production before Jessicat’s Medi-Spas own line of skincare is used to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin.

What Is The Cost Of Intensive Microcurrent Muscle Package?

-An Intensive Microcurrent muscle treatment package comprises ten $199 1.5-hour treatments done twice weekly for five weeks = $1990.

After completing a course of Intensive Microcurrent muscle treatments Jessicat clients move onto a Platinum-Level Next Step package.

Jessicat clients are provided payment plans to help manage the cost of their treatment packages and rewarded for their commitment to targeting the underlying cause of the natural ageing process with lots of FREE goodies ongoing.

Are you a body sculpting or beauty professional?

Jessicat can highly recommend  Nancy Abdou and her team at The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute for advice on clinic-grade aesthetic technology and training needs.

Jessicat uses only the highest grade of aesthetic technology available on the market and does not believe in quick-fix treatment practices or the use of cheap/counterfeit technology, flooding the market to date in 2024.

Jessicat can only work with a small number of clients because she provides all treatments herself, and most of the time, she prefers not to take on clients who are working in the body sculpting of the beauty industry.

This is judged on a case-by-case basis.

Mobile: 0448 876 365
Hours of operation: Tuesday to Saturday – 8 am – to 6:30 pm (By appointment only)

Get in Touch

Due to retaining a high number of regular clients, Jessicat is very limited in the number of new clients she is able to take on.  

If you are interested in coming on board as a client please send an email to with the answer to all questions listed at the bottom of the Initial Consultation Treatment page of our website Jessicat will then be able to assess if she is the right practitioner for your needs.

Jessicat provides 2-hour consultations to new clients whilst they enjoy a full 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment for just $199.

After the consultation appointment, a detailed quote is sent outlining the treatment package Jessicat feels will work best for the client’s needs, and from there they are able to come on board as a client and begin their journey towards attaining and maintaining a timelessly youthful look ongoing.

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