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Intensive Microcurrent Treatments

Treatment time: 2 hours

What is Microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent therapy is a treatment that has been around for many years. High-frequency microcurrents are used to plump and tone the skin. The process increases the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) levels by up to 500% within the skin cells, a substance scientists refer to as the energy of life. No living organism can function without adequate levels of ATP and it is literally the energy currency that allows the cells to function.

As we age the skin thins and the ATP levels within the skin decrease. Raising the ATP levels within the skin cells dramatically optimizes cellular function within the skin, affecting collagen and elastin production which improves the body and texture of the skin so that it appears firmer and fuller overall.

Low-frequency microcurrents are used to lift, tone, and strengthen the musculature of the face and neck. Improving the structure of the musculature of the face and neck gives the skin a better foundation to sit up, helping to decrease the need for filler injectable therapies such as Juvederm or Restylane.

When we chose anti-ageing therapies we chose what we want to shape our face with.
Do we want to use therapies that keep the skin thick with rich stores of collagen and elastin sitting on top of full and toned musculature, or do we want to plump up the lost volume with synthetic injectable therapies?

The process

Our Intensive Microcurrent Facial Process involves x2 hours of Intensive Microcurrent Muscle work done on the full neck and chest areas. All of these treatments include Green LED Light therapy to help improve overall pigmentation, as well as Red LED Light therapy that works in harmony with the Microcurrent Skin therapy that is included at the end of the Microcurrent Muscle Rejuvenation process (there are Microcurrents for the skin and Microcurrents for the muscles).

This is a comprehensive treatment process that has evolved over the last 7 years as Jessicat has worked to work to build on her experience of repairing and rebuilding the muscles of her client’s faces and provide the ultimate muscle-focused, nonsurgical facelifting treatment process possible using award-winning Bio-Ultimate Microcurrent device.

Stage one:

This stage of the process utilizes Microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and gain it a more polished and brightened look. Powerful Ultrasound Exfoliation is also used to remove impurities from deep within the outermost layers of the skin relieve congestion that can cause the formation of blackheads and acne.

Stage two:

This stage of the process involves the use of low-frequency Microcurrents to lift, tone, and rebuild the body of the musculature of the face, replacing lost volume and improving the overall appearance of the face and neck. 20 minutes of Green and Red LED Light therapy is also provided at this time.

Stage three:

High-Frequency Microcurrents are used to lift, plump, and tone the skin and raise ATP levels for optimal cellular function, resulting in increased collagen and elastin production.


How Many Treatments Are Needed And How Often To Gain Optimal Effects?

The musculature of the face is rebuilt, lifted and toned gradually over a course of 8-10 weekly treatments. The skin also improves cumulatively over a course of treatments due to the effects of the high-frequency Microcurrent therapy, and Green and Red LED Light therapy used within each treatment session.

Monthly maintenance treatments are needed in order to keep up with the results of a course of treatments.

What Is The Cost?

Each treatment is $250 each and can only be purchased as part of a treatment package.

Get in Touch

Due to retaining a high number of regular clients, Jessicat is very limited in the number of new clients she is able to take on.  From time to time she is able to take on new clients and may be able to place you on her waiting list.

If you are interested in coming on board as a client please send an email to with details about your age, the issues you are wanting to resolve, your availability, giving as much detail as possible as far as days and times you can come for an appointment as well as your mobile phone number.

Jessicat will then be able to assess if she is the right practitioner for your needs.

Jessicat provides 2-hour consultations to new clients whilst they enjoy a full 4-Stage Face Lifting or 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment for just $199.

After the consultation appointment, a detailed quote is sent outlining the treatment package Jessicat feels will work best for the client’s needs and from there they are able to come on board as a client and begin their journey towards attaining and maintaining a timelessly youthful look ongoing.

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