Why Chose Microcurrent Therapy Over Unnecessary and Expensive Skin Care Products?

What is Microcurrent Therapy?

Some types of Microcurrent therapy are used to lift and tone the musculature, whilst others are used to improve the quality of the skin by raising Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels by 500%.

In this blog, we will be looking at Microcurrent therapy for the skin, and why raising ATP levels by 500% in as little as three minutes, including the full face and three minutes, including the full neck and chest areas, so six minutes in total each time we moisturise the skin using a cheap and effective Hyaluronic Acid rich gel or serum provides you with a far more beneficial at-home skin care routine than traditional topical skin care products ever can. 
Learn more about our Deluxe Microcurrent treatments which work to lift, tone and rebuild the muscle of the face in order to provide a strong and full scaffolding for the skin to sit upon and create a truly natural and youthful look to the facial features.

Microcurrent Therapy, when done every day, will boost collagen and elastin growth levels in a way that NO skin care ever can!

Because it boosts Adrenosine Triphosphate (ATP) growth in the skin by up to 500%.
ATP is referred to by biologists as, The energy of life.”
What is ATP?
ATP is considered by biologists to be the energy currency of life. It is the high-energy molecule that stores the energy we need to do everything. ATP is the main energy source for the majority of the cellular and muscular functions within our bodies. This includes the synthesis of DNA. Living things use ATP like a battery storing and using the energy when needed. When the skin cells are charged with a boost of ATP levels of up to 500%, they busily go about creating rich levels of collagen and elastin growth, like they did when our skin was younger, making it appear thick, full and healthy.
Our bodies and ATP
You’d think that something so vital would be stored up. However, we do not store ATP but manufacture it on an as-needed basis via ATP Synthesis. It is a little like the process of obtaining and storing food and liquids. Although we need them to survive, we do not stash enormous quantities (camels and hibernating bears excepted) but forage for a top up every few hours.
We metabolise ATP as an energy source and then convert it back again so it is continuously recycling. And at quite a rate. The human body on average stores only 250 grams (8.8 oz) of ATP at any one time, but runs over its own body weight equivalent needed throughout every day.

The Effect of The Ageing Process on ATP And the Mitochondria

ATP is synthesised in the mitochondria.
As we age, the mitochondria in our cells develop genetic mutations that cause them to either degenerate or die.
As we age the ability to fix these mutations decreases due to a DECREASE in ATP productions.
Focusing on mitochondrial health is one way to help keep ATP production high, exercising also has a huge impact on ATP production so make sure to exercise regularly and remember a healthy body is able to produce healthier skin 🙂

Only the right technologies can raise ATP levels in the skin cells.

Introducing the bt-micro device

The bt-micro is the gold-standard in at-home Microcurrent technology!

We recommend our clients all go onto purchasing a bt-micro after their skin has been changed dramatically by our unique treatment processes. This not only gets rid of the need to use unnecessary and ineffective skin care products that NEVER do what they promise to do, but provides our clients with a quick and easy skin care routine that actually builds on their treatment results and provides them with the ultimate in at-home anti-ageing skincare 🙂

Read more about the skin care routine we recommend our clients follow and why!

The second at-home beauty tool we recommend our clients use daily, or at least 2-3 times a week is a LED Light therapy.

LED Light (specifically Red LED Light) has significant effects of ATP synthesis leading to the increase of collagen (more than 12% in 30 days), elastin growth and blood circulation (more than 30% in 30 days).
Read more about the powerful effects of LED Light and why we include it in ALL of our treatment processes!

We help our clients purchase the best value and highest strength LED Light mask available if several kinds of LED Light therapy are needed, or a very cheap yet high powered Red LED Light device for home use.
If pigmentation or acne are a concern then a quality LED Light mask is your best friend, as it enables you to use Blue LED Light, (working to kill off the bacteria that can cause and worsen acne breakouts) and Green LED Light (that works to improve overall pigmentation caused by sun damage, some types of scars, and hormonal pigmentation).

Want to make your at-home LED Light treatments to work 80% better?

Make a strong cup of green tea, let it cool and then dab it onto freshly washed skin. Wait 20 minutes and then perform a Red LED Light facial treatment. An enzyme in Green tea reacts to the Red LED Light and makes it work 80% better! DON’T GET SUCKED INTO PURCHASING EXPENSIVE SERUMS OR MUSKS TO USE UNDER LED LIGHT. None of them is as powerful as simple, cheap and effective Green tea 🙂

Read the famous Green Tea Study! 

We refuse to sell ineffective and unnecessary skin care to our clients in order to make a profit. Instead, we advise they channel their money into treatments that dramatically change the look of their skin and the way it functions on a cellular level in order to attain long-lasting results.

After our clients have gained the results they want and deserve we advise they purchase a Microcurrent, (Microcurrent therapy comes FIRST on the shopping list due to being able to raise your ATP levels by 500% in as little as 3 minutes) and a LED Light device, that will keep their skin in optimal condition and actually build on their treatment results.

We believe in becoming the perfect team with our clients. We work to keep them looking they’re very best, building trust (due to not loading them up with expensive and unnecessary skin care products just to make a buck!), and build long-lasting relationships that enable us to keep our clients looking their very best now and long into the future.

See more examples of our client’s treatment results!

Read more about our unique treatment services:

4-Stage Face Lifting treatments
5-Stage Face Lifting treatments
Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling 
Venus Viva therapy
Plasma Fibroblast therapy
A consultation is only $199. You will enjoy a full 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment, (usually costing $270 and valued at $960). Jessicat will assess the condition of your skin whilst providing your treatment and be able to advise you on what treatments will work best for your individual needs.
The 4-Stage Face Lifting process is suitable for most skin types and works to rebuild, strengthen and perfect the look and integrity of the skin. We find it best to provide our consultations whilst you actually experience our treatment services for yourself!
Contact us to make an appointment booking and take the power of knowledge into your hands 🙂

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