Why We Include LED Light Rejuvenation FREE Within All Our Unique Treatment Processes

LED Light Rejuvenation

LED Light is one of the most luxurious, healing, and naturally beautifying treatments you can experience. There is no risk of any kind of negative reaction from the skin during or after a LED Light treatment.

We include LED Light Rejuvenation FREE in all our unique treatment processes.


What can LED Light Rejuvenation do for your skin?


LED Light Rejuvenation works to produce the following effects:

-Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-Reduce the appearance of crows feet

-Improve skin tone and clarity

-Reduces the appearance of sun-damaged skin

-Improve irregular pigmentation

-Lessens skin coarseness and pore size

-Create a smooth and even texture to the skin

-Reduces skin degradation

-Reduces inflammation, redness, and flushing


Green tea contains an enzyme that triggers Red LED Light into working 80% stronger than if it was not used.

This is why organic green tea is applied to the skin before every Red LED Light treatment is done.


The pictures above are from the famous Green Tea Study, performed by Andrei P. Sommer, Ph.D., and Dan Zhu, M.Sc:  



 How & Why Does LED Light Work To Repair and Rejuvenate The Skin?


Based on research performed by NASA, LED Light has been proven to dramatically stimulate an increase in connective tissue growth, facilitating new collagen and elastin production. This is due to the effects the different light wavelengths have on the cellular function of the skin cells, raising Adenosine Triphosphate levels (essentially the energy currency of the cell) so that collagen and elastin growth increases dramatically.

The impact of increased collagen and elastin growth in the skin results in a thicker epidermis and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

LED Light Therapy is now used to heal post-surgical scarring, enabling the patient to not only heal faster but also reduce the look of scar tissue. The thicker and healthier the skin, the more youthful it appears, so thick and healthy skin with rich ongoing elastin and collagen growth is more resistant to the formation of wrinkles. Fine lines and wrinkles form on the surface of the skin only when it begins to thin, appearing like a fine scar that deepens over time as expressions are made over and over. If the skin is kept thick and full than the skin will simply snap back into position after an expression is made.

LED Light Therapy is non-UV,  does not involve heat and is non-invasive, converting light’s energy into cellular energy within the skin cells.


Principles of LED Light Therapy

Each colour of light has a specific weight, temperature, wavelength, density and energy level that trigger or decrease specific metabolic functions.

When light enters through the eyes or skin, it penetrates the neurological pathways to increase specific cellular functions.

Different colours produce different frequencies, which trigger particular physical and psychological functions.



Wavelength and Depth of Penetration

Red LED Light and near-infrared light penetrate the body’s tissue due to being able to penetrate through blood and water far more effectively than other wavelengths.

Wavelengths shorter than 600nm are seen as yellow, green and blue and are blocked by Haemoglobin in the blood so they are not able to be absorbed as deeply.

In order for Red LED Light to trigger tissue repair and growth, it must be between 630nm ad 1000nm in strength. In the medical-grade aesthetic beauty industry, 660nm is industry standard.




Energy and Intensity

Intensity or energy is the measurable amount of light absorbed by the skin.

Different optical sources (lasers, laser diodes, light-emitting diodes, ect) have different intensities and create different results.

Red LED Light at a strength of 630nm-660nm is a powerful anti-ageing therapy used to reverse the effects of sun damage, ageing and scarring. Red LED Light stimulates collagen and increases elastin production while improving the health and functionality of skin cells.

Yellow LED Light is used to reduce inflammation after treatments such as Laser Therapy or Skin Peels. Yellow LED Light stimulates the Lymphatic System, enabling better functionality of the bodies drainage systems which, in turn, improves the skin and the body’s overall health.

Green LED Light is used to correct pigmentation; the Green LED Light decreases the production of excess melanin, preventing it from travelling to the skin’s surface. The light breaks up the melanin clusters (appearing as age spots or freckles) to diminish existing discolouration.

Blue LED Light is used to treat conditions such as acne, killing off the bacteria that can cause breakouts. Blue LED Light is also used to treat patches of dry, scaly skin that form due to sun exposure which is thought to be a precursor to the formation of skin cancer.

LED Light Spectrum

LED Light Treatment Combinations

When treating the skin, combinations of lights are used depending on the desired outcome.

For example, a LED Light Facial designed to reverse the signs of sun-damage and ageing would include Red and Green light. Red is used to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, firming the skin and decrease fine lines and wrinkles, Green to diminish discolouration within the skin and even out pigmentation.

Many other clinics will charge around $60-$90 per LED Light Rejuvenation Treatment. We do not charge our clients individually for the technology used with our treatment processes believing that our overall goal should be to create the most powerful treatment outcome possible, utilizing many technologies in order to do this. Green LED Light Rejuvenation is used at the beginning of our 4 and 5-Stage Face Lifting Process in order to improve overall pigmentation, working to fade brown and red patches of discolouration on the skin. Red LED Light Rejuvenation is used towards the end of the processes in order to greatly increase the effects of the medical-grade Venus Freeze Therapy used to thicken and tighten the appearance of the skin long-term.

Basically ladies the better you look, the better we do and the greater our job satisfaction 🙂


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