Sharon Watkins Began Her Journey To Attaining and Maintaining A More Timeless & Youthful Look In September 2019.

Sharon shared this beautiful picture in 2021 after completing an Advanced Initial Treatment Package 😺🙏

Sharon has amazing genetics regarding how her skin visually ages, but, being a cleaver BeautyCat, she has not rested on her laurels!

Instead, Sharon has gotten ahead of the natural aging process by investing in an Advanced 4-Stage Face Lifting Initial Treatment Package followed by committing to annual Next Step Gold Level Maintanance Treatment Packages that work to build on the results of her Initial Treatment Package in the most cost-effective way possible.

Sharon now enjoys skin that not only looks even better than it did when she first came on board as a client in 2021 but is better-functioning skin that works more like it did when she was in her late 20s and early 30s, creating rich levels of collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth day to day.


The treatment processes that makeup Sharon’s treatment sessions include multiple state-of-the-art (authentic and not fraudulent/knock-off) technologies that target and treat the deepest layer of the skin. The dermis is responsible for new collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth.

Whilst Sharon’s skin still looked relatively youthful when she began treatments, it was still begging to change due to the natural ageing process, resulting in fine lines and pigmenation issues.

Fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmenation issues and sagging skin are ALL caused by thinning skin and depleting muscle mass.

To reverse this problem, the correct number of treatments need to be performed using stage-of-the-art aesthetic technology, and then ongoing therapies are required to build on results and then maintain them long-term due to the natural ageing process raging on within us on an ongoing basis.

Our 4-stage Face Lifting, 5-stage Face Lifting, Intensive Microcurrent Muscle and other treatment processes ALL work to target the underlying issues that cause the natural aging process head-on. 

Jessicat BeautyCat’s are able to decrease or negate using quick-fix treatments like Botox and, or Injectable Fillers that do NOTHING substantial to target and treat the underlying issue that causes the natural ageing process.

Watch Sharon Talk About Her Experience Of Our Services To Date

The body has the ability to repair and rebuild itself, but it can be very tricky!

The human body constantly works to maintain itself by repairing and rebuilding on a cellular level.

It can recover from shallow cuts, mild bruises, and superficial grazes, as well as healing and rebuilding after suffering life-threatening injuries such as those that can result from a horrific car accident.

Yet, somehow, even though the body can heal a deep cut by producing enough collagen, elastin, and new blood vessel growth to literally glue itself back together, at the very same time, we develop fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues, and sagging skin due to the tissue of the skin and muscle mass of the face and neck diminishing/thing over time.

Here I have to say to Mother Nature, what the hell?!

It is a marvel that our bodies can regenerate and heal themselves from illness and injury, but at the same time, are, on a cellular level, from around our mid 30’s breaking down on a culture level as Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production begins to diminish within every cell of our body.

When the tissue that makes up human skin and muscle mass is properly on a cellular level, it produces higher ATP.

Higher ATP production results in the skin and muscle cells performing more optimally and having more capacity to repair and rebuild.

Sharon not only enjoys ongoing treatments that target and treat the underlying issues that cause our visual appearance to change, but she also enjoys using her at-home Microcurrent device provided complementary so that she can perform at-home treatments that enable her to work with Jessicat as the ultimate anti-ageing team.

Learn more about all the FREE goodies our BeautyCats enjoy as a reward for their commitment to our treatment service.

Watch Sharon settling in for a 2.5-hour Annual Gold Level Maintenance 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment session that included a full hand Plasma Fibroblast pigmentation treatment.

Watch the next step of Sharon’s journey through a 2.5-hour Annual Gold Level Maintenance 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment session.

Read our blog about Plasma Fibroblast therapy.

Watch Jessicat healing from a Plasma Fibroblast anti-ageing treatment and talk with a trainer from The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute.

Watch the final video in Sharon’s journey through a 2.5-hour Annual Gold Level Maintenance 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment session.

What Do You See?

If you said to yourself, I don’t see much… we get it. We are all looking for the most dramatic before and after pictures to assess if we want to spend our time and money on it.

However, after an extensive and expensive personal and then professional journey, I know how hard It can be to know what to look for when assessing before and after treatments.

Understanding why your appearance changes as you mature is the only way you can adequately assess what treatments to invest in!

Doing this removes all the baggage and helps you hone in on what you want from an anti-aging or body sculpting treatment and know what to spend your hard-earned time and money on.

Sharon enjoys what I am now calling ‘Walking Around Results’! 😸

This means Sharon enjoys skin that, on a day-to-day basis, looks like her after photos.

Unfortunately, after photos are created, a one-off treatment like Radio Frequency or a superficial treatment like dermabrasion floods the skin with light.

Inflammation caused in the skin from the heat by most any one-off RF treatment, even when done using cheap or counterfeit technology, can make the skin appear dramatically more plump, firm and toned, but this an effect that will disappear quickly.

Dermabrasion is a superficial treatment that buffs away at the outer layers of the skin to help make it look fresh and minimise the look of fine lines and pigmenation issues in the short term. It also causes inflammation that can make the skin look more plump, depending on the camera angle and lighting. 

These effects are short-term.

Jessicat provides Dermabrasion FREE when needed within the treatment sessions and devices and training to get the most out of at-home treatments to clients complementary due to wanting her clients to focus their time and money where needed most.

She now enjoys looking younger at 64 than she did at 60.

The light on the before picture below has been lightened to match the after photo better so that the authentic results Sharon Watkins enjoys day-to-day can be more easily displayed.

The more hydration the skin has, the more light reflects off the skin’s surface, which is different from when the skin had fewer water molecules.

The light reflects differently off the skin’s surface when it is thicker due to containing water molecules, which has been a frustration for Jessicat over the last 10 years due to the after photos she takes of clients sometimes looking too good and even having a kind of glow that makes it look like a filter is being used.

To deal with this, Jessicat has often had to alter the lighting of after-photos of clients’ results to make them look more realistic which is crazy when you think about having to alter an after-photo of treatment results so it looks worse so that it will be more believable. 😜

Whilst communicating with a local plastic surgeon in Perth whilst doing ongoing research into different treatments available on the market in 2021, she was told he had witnessed the same effect occurring after he had provided a patient with Hyaluronic Acid-rich Injectable Fillers. 

You would not believe what can happen when you target the underlying issues that cause thinning skin.

Think about a wrinkle. A wrinkle is nothing more than a scar formed due to the tissue of the skin being moved/folded in a certain way over and over again as it thins. The thinner the skin gets, the less able it is to snap back into position after a facial expression is made.

The below pictures are entirely untouched.

The lighting is still slightly different, as well as the angle the pictures were taken from from, but they show the difference that can be achieved by creating thicker, firmer, and more lifted features of the face and neck areas.

Until February 2024, Sharon enjoyed only treatments that worked to repair and rebuild the skin of her face, neck, chest and hand areas. 

I notice a lessening of fine lines and wrinkles in the pictures above, resulting in Sharon’s eye area opening up considerably and a lifting and plumping effect overall in the condition of the face, neck and chest areas.

The NEXT step, It’s not just about the skin!

Sharon has now worked through a course of Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatments before moving on with a Next Step Platinum Maintenance package. 

Microcurrent Muscle treatments were initially designed by an aeroplane engineer who wanted to avoid shoulder surgery to treat nerve and muscle damage.

Please read the article Effect of Microcurrent Stimulation on Pain, Shoulder Function, and Grip Strength in Early Post-Operative Phase after Rotator Cuff Repair for info on how Microcurrent muscle work that does not physically pulse the muscles but works on a cellular level to repair and rebuild.

The Neurotris company advertises the pictures shared below as examples of what can be achieved from treatments provided by their Microcurrent technology over three years.

These results were NOT gained from using their at-home Pico Toner. 

Whilst these pictures are not of a Jessicat client’s results, Jessicat believes they are possible due to having experienced Microcurrent muscle therapy enabling her to give up using both Botox and Injectable Fillers over 10 years ago (the date of creating this blog was 12/05/24) that were making her face look strangely frozen, swollen and fat due to much needing to be used to hide the issue of thinning skin and depleting muscle mass. 

At-home devices may NOT be able to break through the current running through your nervous system, as Suzuki Sequencing does. This is a BIG problem because an effective at-home muscle treatment regime involves heavy homework, which I KNOW due to helping my clients set up and use at-home muscle technology for over seven years as of 2024.

I recommend the Bio Ultimate Platinum or bt-nano after using these to provide treatments CACI therapy or the MyoLift™ MD devices.

We hope you have enjoyed sharing Sharon Watkins’s journey to attaining and maintaining a more naturally youthful and timeless long-term look. We hope the information shared empowers you to find the right treatments and practitioners for your needs. 😻🙏

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