Our Bodies Are Made Up Of Skin, divided into the Epidermis and the Dermis, Fat, Muscles, Ligaments and Bone.
Thinning Skin And Depleting Muscle Mass Play A BIG Part Of Why Our Appearance Changes As We Mature!
The client result pictures shown below are examples of what can be achieved if you target the problem of thinning skin on the face and neck areas head-on.
The results shown below were gained from targeting the problem of thinning skin head-on and using the 4-Stage Face Lifting process, which utilizes Venus Freeze, and clinic-grade LED Light therapies and combining them with Venus Viva and Collagen Induction Fractional MIcroneedling (CIFM) therapy.

Client 1’s journey.

It’s Not Just About The Skin!

As we age, the muscles deplete in size and strength. The muscles create a BIG part of the support structure that the skin sits upon.

Think of the muscles as the scaffolding that the muscles sit upon.

These pictures show the difference an initial course of Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatments can have on the overall shape of the face and neck areas due to targeting the problem of depleting muscle mass on the face and neck areas head-on.

Client 1’s journey continued.

Client 1 is an exceptional client due to her being one of the first to transition from treatments that work to repair and rebuild the skin only to working through an entire course of Jessicat’s new Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatments to target the problem of thinning skin AND depleting muscle mass which makes up the underlying issues that cause the visual signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues and sagging skin.
Before now (06-05-22) Jessicat’s Microcurrent Muscle treatments did not include working on the underjaw and neck muscles. Jessicat’s new and improved Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatments take longer to provide due to them including the entire face and neck areas and far more placements and sweeping motions of the Microcurrent probes. Some of the new placements are creations of Jessicat’s own making because she has seven years of experience using the Bio-Ultimate Platinum Microcurrent device.

Over time, the results shown in these pictures will be built on. The client will be coming for alternating Intensive Microcurrent muscle and 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments every four weeks. Venus Viva and CIFM treatments will also be included within this client’s treatment regime to push treatment outcomes. 

Robyn’s Journey. 

Jessicat recommended that Robyn fold Microcurrent muscle work into her treatment routine due to her being unable to take advantage of the effects of Venus Viva or CIFM therapy. When relying solely on non-ablative RF therapy, the journey to gaining the results a client wants and deserves can be very long due to relying on the effects of repairing and rebuilding the skin only to change the look and shape of the face and neck areas.
Including Microcurrent Muscle work was the answer to gaining Robyn better and faster results.
Pictures 1 and 2 (from left to right) show Robyn’s results gained from targeting the problem of thinning skin head-on and using the 4-Stage Face Lifting process.  One pass of Venus Viva therapy was also done over the entire face, neck and chest areas. However, Robyn was only able to enjoy one treatment throughout the courses of treatments that the pictures above were taken at the end of due to her skin being susceptible and her suffering a prickly-heat type of reaction that lasted over two weeks and needed the help of topical and internal steroid medication use to resolve.                                                                                                                                          Robyn suffered an even more server reaction to light Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling, (CIFM) therapy.
Pictures 2 and 3 (from left to right) show the results gained from Robyn transitioning from treatments that work to improve the condition of the skin only to including Intensive Microcurrent Muscle treatments that work to repair, rebuild, lift and sculpt the muscles of the face and neck to create a more solid and lifted scaffolding for the skin to sit upon.
Now, as Robyn moved forward with alternating 5-Stage Face Lifting and Microcurrent Muscle treatments alternated, and done every three weeks over six months before she transitions into coming for treatments every four weeks, her skin is strong enough to tolerate Venus Viva therapy. She suffered minimal swelling, redness, and irritation for a few short days after treatment. This enables us to quickly fold Venus Viva therapy into her treatment regimen and build on her results.

It’s essential to work as a team!

Both Client 1 and Robyn’s at-home treatment routines include using Microcurrent therapy over the skin of their entire face, neck and chest areas daily for 3 minutes (in each of the areas listed) and Red LED Light therapy every day or every 2nd day ongoing to keep the ATP levels high within the skin cells. They also use a cheap and effective Hyluronic acid-rich gel, Cetaphil moisturiser, cleanser and sunscreen. Robyn also takes a collagen supplement daily and works to keep gut health optional by taking a daily probiotic.
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These clients’ time and money are being channelled into treatments that can improve the condition of the skin and muscles of the face and neck and gain dramatic results that will get better over time.

The plan is to improve on these clients’ results until they Plato at the 3-year mark and then to work to keep these results long-term.

The natural ageing process is no slouch, and it takes the right combination of treatments, such as fractional and non-fractional radiofrequency therapy combined with clinic-grade Microcurrent MuscleLED Light, Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM), and Plasma Fibroblast treatments to attain and maintain a truly timelessly youthful look to the entire face, neck, chest and hand areas.
For most of us, time and money are significant, which is why it is imperative NOT to waste them on unnecessary topical skin care products and or superficial aesthetic treatments that may feel pleasurable have done, but do little to nothing to repair and rebuild the skin dramatically, AND can be done at home with the suitable devices and or skincare products. 

To understand the natural ageing process and issues that can arise from relying on injectable therapies, read our blog: Looking Timelessly Youthful, What Does It Take?

We have been able to put a man on the moon, so of course, we can do better than rely upon injectable therapies to attain a more youthful appearance.


Let’s use the pictures shared below as a motivation to address the underlying issues that cause the physical and visual signs of ageing and use quick-fix treatments like minimally or not at all!

I hope you find the info shared interesting and that it enables you to find the right treatments and devcies to help you gain and maintain a timelessly youthful look. Jessicat 😺 😘