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Jessicat’s View on Skin Care and Anti-Ageing

The above, left-hand picture is of me at 32 years of age.
I was using Botox at the time and beginning to experiment with the use of injectable Fillers such as Restalin to replace lost volume in my face. Although I was happy with the effects of Botox, I was not happy with the way the Fillers made my face look. I felt it gave me a swollen look to my features and was taking away the contours that give my face its individual look. I was also using a lot of expensive and unnecessary skincare that beauticians promised would give me firmer, smoother and clearer looking skin.

The Answer To Thinning Skin

The second picture is of my on my 40th birthday (I will be 43 in October 2021). As you can see from the pictures above I have been able to greatly improve the look of my skin.
In my experience, good skin takes commitment and a little work, just like keeping the body in shape with a consistent routine of diet, exercise, proper sleep and getting a little fresh air and sunshine regularly.
As we age the skin thins, due to depleting levels of collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth, causing it to wrinkle and fall. The key to a youthful-looking face, neck, and chest area is gaining and maintaining thick collagen and elastin-rich skin as well as keeping the muscles of the strong, full and lifted.
Targeting the underlying issues that cause the ageing process is essential.
The reason there Dermis (the 5th layer of the skin) stops creating high levels of collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth is due to lessening levels of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Biologists refer to ATP as the very energy currency of life, due to it being the energy that allows cells to function properly.
Only Microcurrent and Red LED Light therapy can raise ATP levels within the skin cells dramatically. When ATP levels are high, so too are new collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth.
There are Microcurrent’s for the skin and Microcurrent’s for the muscles, and whilst a handheld Microcurrent devices can be used for just three minutes a day to raise ATP levels in the skin a Microcurrent muscle device is needed to lift, tone and sculpt the muscles of the face. I provide Microcurrent muscle treatments to my clients or help them to set up and train them to use  Electrical Muscle Stimulation devices at home.

So what are cosmeceuticals and what can they do for the skin?

Some skincare products such as Retrieve, (containing tretinoin which is the acid form of Vitamin A) facilitate increased cellular turnover which works by regulating the growth and regeneration of the outer layer of the skin, but this will not thicken and lift sagging skin dramatically once it has lost so much volume that it is beginning to develop fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. 
The skin has been thinking for a long time before you start to notice the visual signs of ageing, and it takes the use of state of the art technology to trigger the body into repairing the largest organ of all, the skin, dramatically enough to gain a naturally youthful appearance. 
-Topical skin creams containing endogenous (produced in the body) growth factors are used as cosmeceuticals. A cosmeceutical is a substance that exerts both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.
-Skin creams containing a physiologically balanced mixture of growth factors and other proteins are available and claim to reverse the signs and symptoms of:
-intrinsic skin ageing mediated by the process of natural ageing.
-extrinsic skin ageing mediated by environmental factors.

No matter who much we may want it to be true, slathering on serums and creams will not dramatically aid in the DRAMATIC AMOUNT of NEW collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth necessary to repair, rebuild and tighten mature ageing skin.

Think of a balloon, you can slowly, let out quite a bit of air before you affect the appearance of the balloon overall. But, once you hit a tipping point, the body of the balloon starts to wrinkle, sag and ultimately collapse completely. In order to blow that balloon back up again, and recreate the original shape it can take a considerable amount of air.
Comparatively, it can take a considerable amount of new collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth to reinflate the features of our faces when they have wrinkled, sagged over collapsed over time.

It’s not just about the skin!

The muscles are the scaffolding that the skin sits upon. As they deplete in size and strength the effects feed into the problem of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin!

I personally was able to give up using the Injectable Filler therapies that were making my face look strangely swollen and caused me to lose the definition of my cheekbones by using Microcurrent muscle therapy. It makes sense! Our faces are made up of fat, muscle and skin. We experience substantial fat loss on our faces as we age, (and many of us are unable to gain it back on the face even if we carry a few extra kilograms (it never goes where you want it to go) as well as a depletion of the size and strength of the muscles of the face, and thinking skin.
Whilst there is nothing that can be done about the fat loss there is absolutely something that can be done about repairing, lifting, and sculpting the muscles of the face as well as repairing, rebuilding, and lifting the skin of the face, neck, chest, hands and entire bodies using the correct state of the art technologies.

The Jessicat Skin Care System:

Whilst my clients are having treatments that will dramatically change the look of there skin as well as define and lift the overall features of the face, I recommend using the above products to effectively clean, moisturise and protect their skin.

Cheap and effective cleansers such as QV, or Cetaphil work well as day to day cleansers. Gentle cleansing brushes can be used on the second wash with these products in order to clean the skin more thoroughly. Cheap and effective exfoliants like St Ives, Hyaluronic Acid rich geland Cetaphil moisturiser or sunscreen can all make up an effective skincare routine.
Some of my clients prefer to enjoy a 2% Pure Hyaluronic Acid created by a local compound chemist I trust. I sell this to my clients for $65, for 50 ml, which is quite a saving when you consider it would cost them $89 if they purchased it from the chemist directly. 
When necessary I help my clients to set up with vitamin A (rarely), B and C serums, creams and other topical products needed to help decrease the risk of Post Inflammatory Hypopigmentation (PIH), hormonal pigmentation and adult acne. This is done on a case by case basis, and kept to an ABSOLUTE minimum, due to knowing due to experience that these products can mostly be avoided, or used minimally once clients are seeing me for a minimal amount of annual maintenance treatments to keep their skin in optimal conditions.
I work in an industry that teaches me to load clients up with skincare products, just in case this happens, and just in case that happens. The interesting thing is, due to not having done this over the last 7 years I have been running my Medi-Spa I have personally seen how much of the time these products are HIGHLY UNESSESSARY. I also find it interesting as I continue to work to educate ongoing, that many of these topical products themselves cause issues such as pigmentation, and other undesired reactions.
I was a Pilates instructor before training in the beauty industry and I know how tricky and unpredictable the body can be.
I work to minimise the cost of topical skincare products and resolve issues if they arise instead of loading my clients up with products that will most probably just pad my bottom line, enabling my clients to focus their resources on treatments that work to dramatically repair and rebuild their skin, and when necessary the musculature of the face.
I Also Help Clients To Set Up At Home With Technology!LED Light and Microcurrent therapies work to gain far more results than topical skincare products can and enable my clients to work as a team with me to gain them the results they want and deserve 😀 
Some devices such as Microcurrent skin and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices I do sell my clients are better valued, or enable clients to perform several different types of treatments when competitors devices do not, or are simply safer and more effective than others available on the market to date.
Other devices I simply help my clients to purchase, giving them the details of the suppliers I recommend and enabling them to find technology for the right price, and allow us all to continue discovering information and learning together.
Beware, many skincare companies are cottoning on to the popularity of at-home technologies, and are selling cheap devices that they advise you use with their lines of skincare products, to keep a steady income stream. Understanding what technology does is integral to being able to keep your money for the things that will give you as much bang for your buck as possible!
Think of this, once your mobile phone is charged fully, it does not work better if you keep in on charge for longer, does it?
Once you have raised your ATP levels by 500%, your skin cells are working optimally, they can NOT be made to work better, and make more collagen and elastin than what they are doing.
Slathering on expensive topical products after using a Microcurrent device may make you feel like you are doing more for your skin, but much of the time it is doing nothing more than wasting your money.

Spend Your Money Systematically
STOP spending money on skincare that CANT repair and rebuild your skin dramatically and invest in treatments that CAN trigger the body into repair and rebuild the skin dramatically.  
Why, would I do this when I could be doing what most all other beauty professionals are doing, making 30% of passive income from selling skincare products?
 A few years ago I had a top trainer and skin professional come to do some ongoing training with me. She began to reprimand me on why I did not advise my clients to use high strength vitamin C and Retna A products as part of their at-home skincare regime, telling me I was stopping them from gaining the best results from my services and that I was missing out on important income from onselling products. I asked her (respectfully) if she would advise me to to do this if my clients were using the bt-micro every day and LED Light Therapy a couple of times a week at home. She stopped, thought about what I had said, and then she replied; “ATP solves everything!”

What did she mean by this?

If you are using microcurrent therapy every day for 3 minutes  (morning and night treatments work even better to keep ATP production high within the skin cells) and LED Light Rejuvenation Therapy Daily, or even 2-3 times a week you are literally doing all that can be done to improve the look and functionality of your skin cells. You will be boosting ATP by up to 500% every time you use the Microcurrent Therapy which boosts collagen and elastin levels hugely, and regular LED Light Rejuvenation repairs and rebuilds the skin on a level that no skincare product possibly can.
My trainer also went on to say she had never known clients to take these kinds of steps, my question to her was; Had she ever known a skin professional to advise anyone to do this?
The answer, of course, was most often no.
Like all things in life, when it comes to gaining dramatic results from state-of-the-art technology you get out of it what you put in!
An investment of time and money is needed to reverse the underlying issues that cause the visual ageing process.  
My unique treatment processes utilise multiple medical-grade technologies such as Venus Freeze and Venus Viva therapies, and couple them with other technology such as LED Light, Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM) and Plasma Fibroblast technologies to achieve the most dramatic results possible. 
Treatment programs are created depending on the individual needs of the client and the correct number of treatments must be done to attain the best results possible.
I began to develop fine lines, wrinkles and creepy skin at just 28 years of age. It took many years of research and a LOT of time and money to find the technologies I believe work to treat thinning skin and depleting muscle mass, and develop the unique treatment process I now use for my beauty needs, and to provide treatments to my clients.

Seeing is Believing!

For more examples of my client’s results go to the Before and After Page of my website. 

Learn more about my unique treatment processes: 

4-Stage Face Lifting Treatment 
5-Stage Face Lifting Treatment 
Microcurrent Facial Muscle Lifting and Toning Therapy
Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling Therapy (CIFM) 
For more information contact Jessicat 😺


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