Deluxe Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Process

Results After One Month After First Treatment

Watch As Jessicat Talks With Ashleigh From The Australian Laser and Dermal Institue About Plasma Fibroblast Therapy


We utilise Plasma Fibroblast treatments to treat:

– Stubborn Fine Lines And Wrinkles

-Benign pigmented lesions

-Telangiectasia (Spider Viens)

-Haemangiomas (Cherry Moles)

-Spider Naevi (A Capillary Bulk That Presents With Spider Veins At The Edges)

-Skin Tags

-Scars/Stretch Marks


What is Plasma?

Plasma Can Be Seen In Its Natural Form As Static Or Lightning.

We see examples of Plasma energy all around us every day in the form of the static electricity, which we create from touching metal. It can happen when you’re pushing a shopping trolly, building up the energy due to walking, whilst holding the metal in your hands, and then experiencing a little shock like sensation when reaching out to take an item off the shelves or touching someone else. This happens due to our bodies holding the built-up energy and then touching something that is not resonating with the same static electricity that we have created within our own body.

Lightning is another example of natural Plasma energy.

If energy is supplied to a gas, it is ionized to convert into a micro-electrical discharge. This is a plasma state, which is the fourth state of matter.

Plasma consists of loaded, ionized particles (electrons, protons, and neutrons) which make them conductive.


So How Do Plasma Fibroblast Treatments Regenerate And Perfect The Look Of The Skin?

 Plasma Fibroblast Therapy Shortens Existing Collagen Fibers And Triggers Dramatic Growth Of New Collagen 

When pinpoint, yet intense micro-wounding occurs directly after the tiny arc/ lightning bolt makes contact with the skin, existing Collagen fibers are shortened and a powerful healing response is triggered. Although only tiny carbon micro-crusting marks can be seen on the surface of the skin directly after a Plasma Fibroblast treatment, the technology penetrates deeply, triggering rich Collagen and Elastin growth.

The Dramatic Increase In New Collagen And Elastin Growth Combined With The Shortening Of Existing Collagen Fibers Works To Smooth Away The Appearance Of Stubborn Fine Lines, Wrinkles And Tighten The Skin.


What Areas Can Be Treated?

Almost All Areas Of The Face And Body Can Be Treated With Plasma Fibroblast Therapy

The technology is most effective when being used on at least moderately healthy skin due to there being plenty of collagen fibers to shorten, in order to lift and tighten the skin.

If the skin is thin and fragile it will need to be rebuilt from the deepest layers upwards with a course of 4 or 5-Stage Face Lifting treatments. Then, once the skin is thicker and healthier with more collagen and elastin levels being present within its layers, Plasma Fibroblast therapy can be used to perfect the look of the skin and target stubborn issues.


The Healing Process

The above pictures were taken of Jessicat directly after a treatment, and over the days that followed.

Traditionally we take care of the skin of the face, neck and chest areas better than we do the rest of the body. This means that the skin of our faces, and quite possibly the neck and chest areas will heal faster than skin treated on the body, such as the hands and knee areas.

When considering a treatment, it is important to understand the carbon micro-crusting that present as tiny round brownish scabs, may be present on the skin for 5-10 days. As can be clearly seen above the healing process can take place much faster, however, everybody is different, so it is important to have a treatment at a time that you do not have any special events planned 🙂

Carbon micro-crusting results from contact of the arc onto the skin, and its formation is a sign that the wound healing response has begun. This process continues onto macrophages breaking down and phagocytising (engulfing) injured tissue. Cytokines signal fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin growth.

After Treatment Care

It is important NOT to wet the skin or apply makeup for 48 hours after a Plasma Fibroblast treatment. After this time the skin can be washed with gentle Cetaphil or QV facial cleansers. We recommend only using a Hyaluronic Acid rich Hydrate Gel (which can be purchased from Jessicat’s Medi-Spa) which will hydrate the skin well, and then applying a good quality sunscreen. MINERAL makeup can be applied to the skin in order to disguise the tiny carbon micro-crusting marks.

Skin care products containing active ingredients such as retina A and vitamin C should be avoided for x2 weeks after a treatment.

How Many Treatments Do I Need, AND What Is The Cost?

Everybody’s skin is different and there are many factors to consider when estimating the number of treatments needed to attain optimal results.

Some clients may only need 1 treatment and others may need several to attain optimal results. Treatments cost between $350 and $800 depending on the amount of treatment area included within a treatment session.

All new clients will need to book in for a $199 Consultation/Treatment and enjoy a full 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment,(usually $270, valued at $960) whilst Jessicat assesses the condition of the skin, answers any questions and provides advice on how many treatments will be needed in order to attain optimal results.


Does It Hurt?

 Watch This Video Of Jessicat Enjoying a Treatment And Providing One To A Client
Jessicat’s treatment was done around the upper lip area (usually a very sensitive place for her to have treated) and around her smile lines. As can be seen in the video shared, she chats happily as the treatment is performed suffering no discomfort through the process.
Everybody is different! Whilst Jessicat found the treatment to be pain-free, others may experience mild discomfort when treatments are performed over sensitive areas of the face such as the upper eyelid area, above the lip, and bony areas such as the forehead and nose.
A high-grade numbing cream is used to ensure the highest level of comfort throughout the treatment process.

What Is Included In A Deluxe Plasma Fibroblast Treatment?

As With All Of Our Treatment Processes, We Combine Other Therapies With The Main Medical-Grade Technology Used, In Order To enhance Treatment Outcomes.

-At the beginning of the process, we cleanse the skin gently.
-We then massage a beautiful facial scrub over the skin, working to dislodge impurities such as build up sebum (oil produced by the skin) and dead skin cells.
-Then we remove the scrub with Microcurrent Exfoliation, sending a current that mimics the current already running through your body down and in between the skin cells, pulling up impurities that cause congestion and can lead to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.
This process not only leaves the skin looking and feeling fresh and polished, but also exfoliates the skin far more deeply than superficial therapies such as microdermabrasion do.
We educate our clients whilst performing treatments and encourage them to purchase a Microcurrent device for home us in place of expensive and ineffective skin care products. This enables them to keep their treatment results looking they’re and provides them with the ultimate at-home anti-ageing and beautifying routine possible, saving them time and money.
Read more about the powerful effects of Microcurrent therapy:
-The skin is properly anesthetised using a high-strength numbing cream purchased and applied by the client under the supervision of Jessicat.
The recipe for this numbing cream is provided before the treatment, and purchased from a compound chemist. This process is compliant with all new Australia laws and regulations.
-Plasma Fibroblast therapy is done using a Plamere device (famed for being the gold-standard esthetic Multi-Plasma device on the market). The client may sometimes be asked to make facial expressions in order for Jessicat to properly see the problem area(s), and target them effectively, creating micro-wounds in a pattern and formation that work to gain optimal results.
When providing Plasma Fibroblast therapy it is important to make sure to leave the correct amount of space between the micro-wounds in order to create the right balance of controlled trauma and untouched skin tissue to enable faster healing and optimal treatment outcomes.
Not leaving enough space between the micro-wounds inhibits healing and overall treatment results.
-We end the treatment process with LED Light therapy.
Because Red LED Light therapy has a profound effect on the cellular function of skin cells, raising ATP levels in order to facilitate increased collagen and elastin growth, and improve the overall healing process after a Plasma Fibroblast treatment.
We providing the most comprehensive treatment processes possible, including LED Light therapy within all our treatment processes, in order to push the effects of the main medical-grade therapies used and enhance treatment results.
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Preparation Is The Key To Having A Successful Treatment 🙂


All Jessicat clients are prepared properly with all the information needed before a Plasma Fibroblast treatment is performed.
What does this mean?
They receive detailed instructions, including the recipe of the numbing cream to have created by their local compound chemist, as well as a list of healing products to purchase, that will help with the healing process.
The healing process is explained in detail face to face, as well as in an email so clients have a hard copy of the information to refer to when needed.
We pride ourselves on working as a team with our clients to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.
For more information contact Jessicat and the team and Jessicat’s Medi-Spa,