At Jessicat’s Medi-Spa We Provide 3-Stage Body Sculpting Treatments Using Venus Freeze Therapy, Which Is NOT Fat Freezing Therapy!

Stage One: Skin Tightening

Stage Two: Fat Reduction

Stage Three: Cellulite Reduction


The pictures shown above are of Jessicat’s Medi-Spa clients treatment results after a course of 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments.

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Venus Freeze therapy is poorly named, as it is not a Fat Freezing procedure at all. Venus Freeze therapy utilizes medical-grade Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse technologies that cause a heating effect in order to rebuild and strengthen the skin and shrink fat cells.

When Choosing Body Sculpting Aesthetic Treatments It Is Important To Understand The Technology Being Used and Its Effects On The Human Body.

How does Venus Freeze therapy work, and what are its effects on the skin?

Venus Freeze therapy utilized medical-grade Radio Frequency. The Radio Frequency is able to penetrate and affect all 5 layers of the epidermis (most technologies affect only the top three layers), and cause a controlled trauma within the skin cells, triggering the healing response in the body and creating rich collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth.

Basically, over the course of 8-10 fortnightly treatments, the skin is rebuilt from the 5th layer upwards.

Why is this important when working to correct fine lines, wrinkles and sagging within the skin?

Fine lines, wrinkles and the sagging only develop in thinning skin. One of the main reasons the skin begins to thin is due to depleting ATP production which can be addressed by the simple daily use of an at-home Microcurrent device, read more by following this link: 

Daily Microcurrent therapy provides the ultimate skincare regime (no vitamin C, E, Retin-A, or medical-grade skin care product can gain you the rejuvenating effects of daily Microcurrent therapy), and will over time improve the look of the skin substantially, however, medical-grade technology is needed in order to repair, thicken and tighten the look of the skin dramatically.

Venus Freeze therapy utilizes medical-grade Radio Frequency to repair, thicken and strengthen the skin. When the skin of the face is thick, firm and healthy the features of the face appear naturally full and youthful. This is due to Venus Freeze therapy triggering rich collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth and improving the skins cellular health and functionality.

Venus Freeze therapy thickens and strengthens collagen and elastin fibers within the skin, as well as triggering more collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth.

So how does Venus Freeze therapy work to decrease fat and cellulite on the body?

39 degrees is reached in order to penetrate and optimally effect skin cells. Venus Freeze body treatments involve the use of more powerful Radio-Frequency and higher temperatures, ranging between 43-46 degrees. This process rebuilds thinning and sagging skin on the body as well as liquifying the fat contained within fat cells. The liquefied fat (called triglycerides) escapes the fat cell due to the heating process creating a controlled trauma within the cell, that allows it to escape and be processed like any other waste product, through the bodies Lymphatic system.

The Magnetic Pulse delivered into the skin and fat cells work to speed up the bodies own healing process.

Working to thicken and tighten the skin of the body, is the best way to gain a more sculpted and youthful look to the body.

Keep in mind ladies, if you were able to iron a body area, without burning it, and create the same temperatures that are utilized using the Venus Freeze technology, you would not gain the same effects. Clients sometimes think that it is a simple case of using heat to gain firmer, softer and thicker skin and more sculpted body shape. Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pules technologies are needed in order to create the heat utilized by Venus Freeze technology, penetrating the skin and fat cells in a very specific way in order to cause the controlled trauma that improves collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth and shrink fat cells.

What is Fat Freezing, How Does It Work And How Is It Different To Venus Freeze Therapy?

Fat freezing therapy works to destroy fat cells and does nothing to rebuild and tighten the skin. Venus Freeze therapy works to shrink fat cells and works to rebuild, thicken and improve the overall condition of the skin at the same time. 

Fat Freezing technology utilizes freezing cold temperates to literally freeze the fat cells and destroy them entirely. Not all fat cells within a treatment area will be affected in this way, but if the treatment is successful a substantial number will be destroyed. The fragments of the destroyed fat cells are processed through the bodies systems and dispelled like any other waste product.

CoolSculpting® Technology Is The Technology All Other Fat Freezing Devices Available On The Market Are Modeled On And Promise Up To 25% Fat Loss 

This is important to remember when you notice providers of Fat Freezing therapies claiming to be able to provide up to 58% fat loss. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is!

25% fat loss sounds amazing, right? 

Quite possibly not.

Fat Freezing does NOTHING to rebuild and tighten the skin. If fat reduction does occur after a treatment, the skin remains the same. This means creeping, puckering and sagging skin can become much worse as the volume is lost from a decrease in fat cells, potentially making the treatment area appear worse than before.

CoolSculpting® Treatments Cost Between $700-$1500 Per Treatment Area

Some of our clients have had  CoolSculpting® treatments that have cost around $1500 for one body area to be treated and gained NO noticeable results. So why would this happen? The fat cells were frozen, and we assume for the correct time and using the correct temperature by the professional providing the treatment, so why were there no results? The simple truth is the body is a very tricky machine, and for many people, the technology simply makes no impact.

A note from Jessicat; I cringe when I read advertising that promises to change the body in only 1 or even 2-3 treatments, KNOWING this claim is simply too good to be true. A course of our 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments involves 8-10 treatment sessions in order to steadily work with the bodies own systems and rebuild the skin and shrink fat cells in order to gain optimal results. I also fear that going after the quick fix option of Fat Freezing treatments will result in sagging skin and uneven weight gain in areas of the body that previously were not prone to weight gain. 

THE BIG QUESTION: If Fat Cells Are Destroyed In An Area Of The Body What Happens When You Gain Weight?

This is NOT necessarily a good thing. Why? Because if you have your lower abdominal area treated with CoolSculpting® it is possible that if you gain weight it will accumulate just above the area treated, causing a step-like effect (I have also seen this effect happen when people gain weight after a tummy tuck). Or weight gained will accumulate on the arms, thighs or other areas of the body that previously were not prone to weight gain due to having CoolSculpting®. This could quite possibly give the bodies shape and even more uneven look.

REMEMBER just because you have destroyed fat cells in one area of the body DOES NOT mean you won’t gain weight in other areas of the body. Poor lifestyle habits will still result in weight gain, and the weight HAS TO GO SOMEWHERE!

The Hard Truth When Providing Aesthetic Treatments Is  You Have To Provide More, And Not Less!

What does this mean? 

The pictures above are of one of my own Jessicat Clients treatment results

 When we provide a body treatment we include 8-10 treatments and treat a more substantial amount of body area. 

So if the abdominal area is treated, we include the hips as well for no extra charge. If we provide a treatment on the thigh areas we include the area from the crease of the bottom to the back of the knees, inner and outer thighs. If an arm treatment is done we include the underarm area also in order to decrease the bulge that sometimes develops around the bra strap area. Doing this not only gains a better body shape overall but also provides our clients with better value for money 🙂

We work with our clients as a team!

Drinking 2-3 litres of water, sticking to a strict diet that is suited to the client’s individual body type and exercising directly after a 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatment is a must!

When first providing Venus Freeze body treatments we encouraged our clients to stay well hydrated and eat sensibly. We also recommend they exercise after a treatment but did not push this point.

We have found over time however that our clients always gained thicker, stronger, smoother and softer looking skin after having a course of body treatments, but they may or may not gain a dramatic fat and cellulite reduction if they had poor diet and exercise habits. Lets put it this way, imagine shrinking fat cells using the Venus Freeze technology and as fast as they are being shrunk they are being filled up with fat due to overeating as lack of exercise, it is of course not an ideal cycle.

Now we counsel clients who are considering a course of 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments only do so if they are prepared to drink at least 2 litres of water a day and 2-3 litres of water on a treatment day, exercise regularly and directly after body treatments and follow a strict diet that is best suited to their individual body. This all ensures that the treatments we provide are building on the clients own hard work, enabling us to be able to break down diet and exercise resistant fat and cellulite stores on the body and gain a more dramatic treatment outcome.

Basically, just like in everything in life you get out of our 3-Stage Body Sculpting process what you put in 🙂

After reading all of this you may think, why not just save up and get Liposuction surgery? Well, here once again we find problems. I have worked with several women, providing them with Venus Freeze body treatments to help smooth away the increase cellulite that results from Liposuction procedures. Many doctors do not tell their clients about this side effect, but many do, so make sure you ask all the important questions when looking into having Liposuction. Another problem is ending up lopsided, so more fat is taken from areas on one side of the body than the other, giving an uneven look to the bodies shape.

IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND THAT LIPOSUCTION PROCEDURES DO NOTHING TO REBUILD AND TIGHTEN THE SKIN, so just imagine the effect of inches of fat being taken away from an area, more cellulite appearing AND loose sagging skin developing due to lost fat. 

A note from Jessicat; as a highly trained and experienced Venus Freeze practitioner and Pilates instructor I feel I am able to give my clients a unique perspective when talking with them about, and providing them with the unique 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatment process I provide. Many of us wish it was just as simple as taking a pill or paying for a treatment in order to gain optimal results, but in my experience, it takes dedication and effort in order to gain dramatic and lasting results. 

One of the very best things about maturing in age is you realize you reap what you sow, so if you go after shortcuts in life such as relying on injectable therapies, plastic surgery, and invest in quick fix fads that promise dramatic weight loss quickly much of the time we gain no result, or can end up looking and feeling worse off than before.

We live in an amazing age of technological breakthroughs that have resulted in our being able to access and use technologies to dramatically enhance our lives, but I feel they do just that, enhance. Working with these technologies instead of relying on them to do all the work for us is the best way to achieve optimal results and stay healthy in our minds, bodies, and spirit.

All do your research BeautyCats, and never be afraid of asking questions! Jessicat Xxx


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