Jane Albrecht is a loyal client & friend who has enjoyed our unique service since Aug 2019.

Watch this video to see Jane talking about her experience with our service and the results she has gained to date 😀

Jane understands it takes many years for the skin to slowly thin over time, (beginning in our mid-30s) resulting in the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and pigmentation issues.
Jane also knows that it takes time to address the underlying problems that cause the visual signs of the natural ageing process head-on to create and work to create skin that does not just look better but becomes better-functioning skin.
Jane continues to build on the results by working through a Gold Level Next Step Anual Maintenance Treatment Package that works to build on the results she has cost-effectively gained to date.
She has also enjoying 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments on the abdominal and hip areas that include the use of EXILIS ULTRA 360, Venus Freeze, and HIFU therapies to reduce unwanted fat and repair and rebuild the skin to gain a more sculpted and toned look to her overall body shape.

Our 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments are only available to clients coming for regular maintenance treatments on the face, neck and chest areas ongoing.

The process of applying to become a Jessicat BeautyCat 😺

Jessicat’s Medi-Spa takes on only a limited amount of new clients who are suited to our unique treatment service.

Anyone interested in becoming a client needs to read over all the info on the Home page of this website before reading over all the info on the Initial Treatment Package page before sending an email with the answers to all questions listed at the bottom of the Initial Treatment Package page.

Em: jessica@jessicatsmedispa.com.au