Jane Albrecht is a loyal client & friend who has been enjoying our unique service since Aug 2019.

Watch this video to see Jane talking about her experience with our service and the results she has gained to date 😀


Jane understands it takes many years for the skin to slowly thin over time, (beginning in our mid-30s) resulting in the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and pigmentation issues. Jane also knows that it takes time to address the underlying issue that causes the visual signs of the natural ageing process head-on to create skin that does not just look better, but actually becomes better-functioning skin that has the ability to create more collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth day to day.

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Jane continues to build on the results she has gained to date by committing to a maintenance treatment Package that works to build on the results she has gained to date in a cost-effective manner.
Janes Maintenance Package costs $3,300 & Is Made Up Of The Following:

-x6 $550 4-Stage Face Lifting 2.5-hour treatment sessions, done every 8 weeks on the full face, neck, and chest areas to create thicker, stronger, and better-functioning skin.

The following add-on treatments are folded into Jane’s 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment sessions as needed to intensify results:

Venus Viva, (valued at between $600-$900).

-RF-Microneedling (similar to Morphiouse8 treatments, valued at between $1,500-$3000).

HIFU skin and muscle treatments (valued at between $500-$3000).

-FREE courses of Venus Viva hand treatments.

-Full Body LED Light, and Vibration therapy in between and within in-clinic maintenance treatment sessions to stimulate better blood flow through the body, feeding oxygen and nutrients into the skin cells as well as improving overall lymphatic drainage and helping to ease aches and pains and soothing the mind and bodies nervous system as well as improve bone density and overall wellbeing.

-ALL skincare products, (including Jessicats Medi-Spas own line of clinic-grade organic skin care products) for the entire face, neck, chest, and body (including sunscreen).

-Being provided with LED Light, Microcurrent, Dermabrasion, and Microneedling devices, as well as ongoing one-on-one training and support so she can get the most out of the treatments she does at home in between her in-clinic maintenance treatments and work in conjunction with Jessicat as the ultimate anti-ageing team 😀.

Jane is able to pay off her package as easy as paying a $200 deposit and then setting up a weekly direct debit payment system made up of x44 weekly payments of $70.45.

Many of our long-term clients let their payment installments run longer than the time period needed to pay off a package so they get ahead of their next packages payments and ultimately be able to reduce the weekly payment amount so they never have to worry about lumpsum payments again and easily fold the cost of enjoying our unique service long term in order to attain and maintain a naturally timeless and youthful look ongoing.

Alternatively, Jane is able to pay x5 lump-sum payments of $620 on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th treatment sessions that make up her maintenance package.

All payment plans provided by Jessicat’s Medi-Spa end one treatment before the end of clients’ packages and are made via direct debit or cash payment.


Jane is now also enjoying 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments on the abdominal and hip areas that include the use of EXILIS ULTRA 360, Venus Freeze, and HIFU therapies to reduce unwanted fat and repair and rebuild the skin to gain a more sculpted and toned look to her overall body shape.

Our 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments work to repair and rebuild the skin as well as reduce unwanted fat, unlike Fat Freezing and Fat Cavitation treatments which work only to reduce fat cells which can result in sagging skin if they are effective. 

At this time Jane is gracious enough to be a case study that will enable us to show the full power of the body treatments we provide ONLY long-term clients who are coming for regular maintenance treatments on the face, neck, and chest areas.

Full Body Infrared + LED Light and Hyper-Vib Vibration therapy are provided within 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments to rid the body of the liquified fat called triglycerides that flood the lymphatic system due to the effects of EXILIS ULTRA 360 Ultrasound, Venus Freeze, and HIFU therapies.

Watch this video to see Jane talking about her experience with our service and the results she has gained to date 😀

We look forward to sharing more updates on the results Jane gains from her future treatments and thank her for sharing with us all to help empower us with the knowledge that helps us to make better decisions when choosing treatments to gain us the best chance of gaining the results we want and deserve.
We love you ladies, the Jessicat’s Medi-Spa team 😻
Em: jessica@jessicatsmedispa.com.au