Welcome to video number 3 in our Pilates Basics Series.
Over the last two videos you have learnt about Lateral Breathing, how to activate your Pelvic Floor, and in tern your Transverse Abdominals. We went through how to achieve and maintain a Neutral Pelvis, and more importantly a Neutral Spine, and perform Imprinting and a Pelvic Curl.
IN THIS VIDEO we move onto Single Leg Lifts, Spine Twist Supine, Chest Lifts, Rolling Like A Ball and Side Overs. WE THEN put all the exercises we have learned together into a mini workout. I encourage you to master the exercises and techniques shared in our 3 Pilates Basics video series, so you can move forward safely and with newfound body awareness as I continue to share my journey into rediscovering my own personal Pilates practise.
Over the coming weeks and months I will share my workouts as they evolve through the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels as my fitness and technique improve.
Enjoy the journey, Jessicat Xxx