Why do I often include 1.5ml, single-shot HIFU therapy around the eyes area after providing a 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment using the EXILIS ULTRA 360 monopolar-radiofrequency therapy?
So that I can create a layering effect with the controlled trauma caused within the layers of the skin.
The #exilisultra360 causes cellular trauma within the dermis, and the epidermis, (where new #collagen, #elasting, and blood vessel growth takes place) whilst the #hifu therapy causes a more mechanical/physical trauma (creating tiny holes within the skin that you can not see any sign off after treatment due to the therapy leaving the outer layers of the skin intact and without any sign of healing).
Causing the right amount of trauma in the skin by layering the use of multiple state-of-the-art aesthetic technologies works to gain our mature-age clients the results they want and deserve.
Jessicat​ ​😻

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