The pictures above are a compilation of screenshots taken from a How To Use A 0.5ml Microneedling video I shared on the Private BeautyCat Facebook page on 07-01-23.

Whilst I am sharing screenshots from the video, I am unable to show the video itself to anyone other than current Jessicat Medi-Spa clients. This is due to there being substantially more liability issues resulting from my sharing the training video with the general public who are unable to work with one on one with me to minimize risks that come with performing at-home Microneedling treatments.

This is a supporting blog for a post shared on the Private Jessicat BeautyCat Facebook page on 10-01-23.

All Jessicat clients following our Capped Price Packages are provided with quality Microneedling kits, one on one training, and ongoing support and training ongoing.

Comprehensive treatments done every 7 days, which result in the skin staying flushed pink for at least 24 hours are needed to improve cellular turnover in mature-age skin (women over 35 years of age).

Treatments that involve gaining a light sheen of blood over the surface of the skin will result in improved cellular turnover as well as dramatic improvement in the condition and functionality of the Dermis when done every 10-14 days. These treatments will work to improve cellular turnover as well as thicken the skin overall substantially over time.

Only performing comprehensive treatments at proper intervals as part of a comprehensive skincare regime will result in a continuous and dramatic improvement in both cellular turnover and a dramatically thicker and optionally functioning Dermis. Treatments that involve only making the skin pink for a few minutes will not result in the positive effects mentioned.

Warning about A/Retinol/Retinoid-based topical skincare products 😻

-Retinol is the chemical name for vitamin A. It is the alcohol form of vitamin A that gets changed mainly to Retinyl Esters inside skin cells.

-Retinol is a type of Retinoid, usually, referring to weaker over-the-counter (OTC) topical formulations.

-The word Retinoid is used to describe more powerful prescription products. 

-Whilst Vitamin A/Retinol/Retinoid-based topical skincare products work to help improve cellular turnover and have positive effects on the condition of the skin overall they can NOT thicken the skin in the same way that Microneedling treatments CAN.

If wanting to perform the ULTIMATE anti-aging Microneedling routine on every second treatment take more time, (between an hour and an hour and a half) and perform enough passes over the skin to make the skin bleed.
Just a light sprinkle of blood over the skin of the full face, neck, and chest areas is all you need 😀
When the skin bleeds you know you have penetrated the Dermis. It is the Dermis that is responsible for new collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth.
When done often, properly, and regularly Microneedling treatments NOT ONLY normalize cellular turnover BUT ALSO repair and rebuild the dermis in a way that NO topical skincare product can.
Only causing a substantial cellular trauma such as can be achieved with the Radio Frequency treatments we all love OR causing a controlled physical trauma such as is done with Microneedling therapy will result in the amount of repairing and rebuilding effects that CAN THICKEN THE SKIN TO THE POINT THAT IT CAN REVERSE THE THINING EFFECTS ON THE SKIN CAUSED BY THE NATURAL AGEING PROCESS.
WARNING: Vitamin A/Retinol/Retinoid-based skincare products can also cause the skin to become heat and light-sensitive.
Many, in fact, of the treatments provided at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa result in heating up the skin substantially. 
WARNING: Vitamin A/Retinol/Retinoid-based skincare products can cause the skin to become EVEN MORE sensitive to the harmful effects of the Australian sun.
Yes, Microneedling will result in your need to stay out of the sun for 14 days after having a treatment, however after 14 days, over time, the thickening effects created by performing regular and comprehensive Microneedling treatments dramatically improve the skin’s ability to repair from sun damage, and be less prone in the first place due to it being so thick and healthy.
The only reason Microneedling treatments involve vigilantly keeping the skin out of the sun for 14 days after treatment is due to the NEW skin that is created after Microneedling is fresh baby new skin is very prone to sun damage. Microneedling causes a LOT of new skin cell growth so it is very susceptible to sun damage whilst new skin is forming.
Exceptions To The Rule:
With every rule, there are some exceptions 😀
-Currently, at the time of writing this blog, I am transitioning SOME regular clients onto using Vitamin A/Retinol/Retinoid-based skincare products in 2023.
-This is due to these clients’ struggling with enlarged pores forming at a rapid rate ongoing and the need for far more intensive skin resurfacing routines to be followed ongoing within their skincare routine between their clinic-grade treatments.
-I will work closely with these clients to create at-home skincare routines that make sure Vitamin A/Retinol/Retinoid products are NOT used at least 2 weeks prior to in-clinic treatments that involve heating the skin dramatically. 
On the whole, Jessicat believes wholeheartedly that most of the time, clients should NOT use Vitamin A/Retinol/Retinoid products and is VERY aware she is going against the advice she knows most other beauty professionals give. 
I do this without apology and for what I believe are very good and purposeful reasons 😺
These reasons are due to her personal experience of using A/Retinol/Retinoid products over a 10-year period, on and off as well as her experience of working to repair and rebuild mature aged women’s skin for the last 9 years, (at the time of writing this it is 07-01-2023).
I have also, always had a gut feeling about Vitamin A/Retinol/Retinoid-based products having an anti-ageing reputation that is NOT deserved when the issue of substantially thickening the Dermis is considered and that Retinol based products can actually cause women to be lazy about performing Microneedling therapy regularly at home.