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3-Stage Body Sculpting Treatment

Treatment Time: 1.5 Hours


At Jessicat’s Medi-Spa we use state of the art Venus Freeze (also known as Venus Swan) treatments to reduce unwanted body fat, targeting not only excess fat, but the skin and musculature of the body also.
This technology uses the powerful effects of the medical grade Venus Freeze to melt away unwanted fat. Not only is fat targeted within this process but we also address the integrity of the skin and musculature, improving their strength and structure to create a more sculpted physique.

Stage One – Fat Reduction

Venus Freeze Fat Reduction Treatments use the power of medical grade radio frequency and magnetic pulse technologies to penetrate fat cells and cause a controlled trauma within the cell.
The fat cells are shrunk as the contents within the cell are liquified and expelled into the bodies lymphatic system. The body processes the liquified fat and excretes it naturally.

Stage Two – Skin Tightening
Through the use of powerful radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology the functionality of the skin cells are changed and greatly improved. The very D.N.A of the skin is transformed and an increase of collagen and elastin growth is triggered through the creation of connective tissue called fibroblasts, resulting in softer, tighter and plumper skin. The regenerative effect on the skin enhances the results of the Venus Freeze Fat Reduction Therapy.

Stage Three – Toning And Strengthening The Musculature
To gain optimal results from Venus Freeze Fat Reduction Therapies it is important to couple the treatment with Venus Freeze Electrical Pulse Stimulation Therapy.
An electrical current is used to stimulate the musculature of the body, causing it to contract strongly over and over again throughout a 30-minute treatment session. The effect of this therapy strengthens and tones the fibers of the muscles giving the body a longer, leaner look.
Alternatively, clients may choose to be taken through a pilates session at the end of the treatment.


How much does it cost?
At other clinics, you will pay around $300.00 to $400.00 for a treatment on the thighs or abdominal area.
Your first 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatment with us will cost only $199, and all treatments that follow are only $261 each when purchased as part of a package. You are able to treat multiple body areas within each treatment such as the abdominal and hip areas as well as the full thigh areas.
A microcurrent exfoliation and LED Light Rejuvenation Facial treatment (valued at $120) is included in every session FREE OF CHARGE.
How Many Treatments Do I Need?
A minimum course of 8-10 treatments is recommended to gain optimal effects, however, each person’s desires and requirements are different, and after an initial consultation, a treatment package is tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.