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The Jessicat’s Difference

At Jessicat’s Medi-Spa we include Electo-Muscle Stimulation therapy (or alternatively Pilates classes) as part of our 3-Stage Body Sculpting Treatment.

Strengthening, toning and lifting the musculature of the body is an important part of the 3-Stage Body Sculpting process. We apply electro-muscle stimulation therapy to the area treated or conduct a Pilates session to aid in ridding the body of the excess triglycerides and toxins that are then released into the bodies lymphatic system throughout the fat reduction process.

Electrical-Pules-Stimulation-System-and-PilatesElectrical Pulse Stimulation Therapy

The electro-muscle stimulation therapy we offer our clients is cutting edge technology, utilising the B.E.A.M component of the Venus Freeze (also known as Venus Swan) device.
Imagine doing hundreds of crunches, squats or bicep curls without the effort of actually doing them. Venus Freeze B.E.A.M therapy is non-invasive, simple, painless and is carried out by using a variety of electrode pads which are attached to the treatment area.

Venus-Swan-B.E.A.M-Treatment-SystemWhat is B.E.A.M?

B = Bio
– Building and conditioning muscles is an instinctive response to the repeated contraction of muscle fibres. As the muscles contract, the fibres restructure and build on top of themselves. The restructured muscles are stronger and take up less space.
E = Electrical
– Pulses from B.E.A.M imitate the body’s own natural electrical signals from the nervous system. B.E.A.M is an external and direct trigger for muscle activation, control and stimulation. Specific muscles or muscle groups can be targeted.
A = Acceleration
– B.E.A.M accelerates the body’s own natural process, producing superior results in less time. Direct muscle communication assists a higher rate of controlled contractions increasing blood circulation and improving the functionality of the metabolism.
M = Management
– B.E.A.M’s unique management system allows us to control this bio-electrical process. With precise adjustments, the advanced software synchronises and customises each micro parameter of the pulses for accurate and measurable clinical results.

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All treatment packages are tailored to suite the needs of the individual client.

We offer $199.00 consultations that include a treatment so you can experience our services whilst your individual needs are discussed.

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