Watch this video to see Pat enjoying a full 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment as well as her talking before and after enjoying a Full-Strength Venus Viva treatment 😘

We live in an amazing time where we can grow younger in our appearance as the years go by, and then be able to maintain that appearance long-term by having the correct in-clinic treatments, as well as performing the correct at-home treatments, and learning to channel our money and time wisely. 

The way we have gained these results is by layering RF-Microneedling therapy into Intensive Microcurrent Muscle and 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment sessions. Venus Viva and HIFU therapies have also been layered into Pat’s treatment sessions over time, working to enhance the overall results even further.

Pat graciously allowed us to treat only one side of her face, neck, and chest areas to show the results our treatment service can attain, by focusing on repairing and rebuilding the dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin that is responsible for creating new collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth. Pat now enjoys skin that does not just look better but is better skin, having an increased ability to create new collagen and elastin growth day to day.

Over time we will even up Pat’s results AND build on them, helping her to attain and maintain a timelessly youthful appearance by working in harmony with her body, using technologies that trigger the skin into repairing and rebuilding by creating rich levels of collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth.

In the 10 years, (the date of writing this blog is 27/02/24) we have been providing treatments we have welcomed many high-grade aesthetic technologies into the team of technologies used to provide our unique treatment processes including:

Venus Freeze Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse therapy,
Venus Viva Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency,
EXILIS ULTRA 360 Monopolar-radiofrequency
Bio-Ultimate® Platinum Microcurrent Muscle Therapy,
Plamere Plasma Fibroblast therapy,
HIFU therapy,

Whilst all of these therapies have an incredible ability to repair and rebuild the skin of the face, neck, and chest areas, and some can treat the muscles of the face and neck, (being HIFU and Microcurrent muscle therapy) we have found that working with multiple medical and high-grade aesthetic technologies is necessary to achieve the results our clients want and deserve.

This is why we do not charge our clients per therapy provided or extra for treatment done for the neck and chest areas, instead working to treat the face, neck, and chest areas as a whole and capping the cost of our treatment processes to enable our clients to enjoy the benefit of our including whatever treatment therapies will best suit their needs.

 As we mature the face falls from top to bottom as the skin thins and the muscles deplete in size and strength, creating fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and pigmentation issues.

Learn more about our approach to correcting the underlying issues that cause the natural ageing process and work to attain and maintain a timelessly youthful look to the full face, neck, and chest areas naturally, minimizing or negating the need for using injectable therapies such as Botox and Fillers that only work to hide the signs of ageing.

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