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4-Stage Face Lifting Treatment Special

Enjoy a healthier, more youthful appearance naturally. 

All full 4-Stage Face Lifting treatments treat the full face, neck and chest areas. 

We specialise in working with mature age clients to gain them naturally youthful and timeless looking skin. We refuse to load our clients up with expensive and unnecessary skin care products but instead help them to purchase at-home technologies that build on their treatments results and gain them far more effect than expensive and unnecessary serums and creams.

Our special allows you to enjoy your first treatment session for just $199. If you go on to commit to a course of treatments to gain optimal results, (see the before and after pictures) you will enjoy the first treatment in your new package FREE!

When broken down into the individual therapies that are included in the 1.5 hour 4-Stage Face Lifting process these treatments are valued at over $960.

These pictures are of just some of our clients who have attained results from a course of 4-Stage Face Lifting treatments. For more examples of our client’s results go to the Before and After page of our website.

Usually our 4-Stage Face Lifting treatments are $270 each if included within a treatment package, or $290 for a one off or casual treatments.

Breakdown of the 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment process:

Our 4-Stage Face Lifting Treatments begin with a 2-Stage exfoliation process which works to polish away congestion on the outer layers of the skin and pulls impurities out from deep within the skin using Ultrasound technology. Green LED Light therapy is used to help improve overall pigmentation and Red LED Light therapy is provided to initiate rich new collagen and elastin growth. Venus Freeze therapy is used to provide thermal, magnetic remodeling, working to rebuild, strengthen and tighten the skin.
Venus Freeze technology delivers medical-grade magnetic pules and radio frequency into all five layers of the epidermis and the dermis beneath to trigger new blood vessel growth and huge bursts of fibroblast proliferation, which in turn creates rich new collagen and elastin growth. 

Watch a client enjoying a full 4-Stage Face Lifting treatment

Check out our client testimonial page to hear what some of our BeautyCats have to say about out unique treatment services.

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