After eight years of running a successful business, I would like to say thankyou 😘

First off, I want to thank Kane Hammond and the team at Global Beauty. They have been my main supplier of technology over the last eight years and I cannot speak highly enough about the comprehensive training and support they have provided over the years. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to purchase high-quality aesthetic devices and undergo the highest level of training and enjoy ongoing support to succeed in the beauty industry.

I would also like to thank Venus Concept for creating aesthetic devices that have enabled me to deliver on my promise of gaining the best results possible for my clients. The technology they create makes up the very core of my treatment service. Purchasing my second Venus Viva device directly from Venus Concept a few years ago was a wonderful experience, and after many years of not having on the ground support here in Perth, I very much appreciate all the help Nadene Saliba and the team at Venus Concept now provide.

At this time I am not taking on new clients due to being heavily booked with clients who have committed to my service ongoing and working to provide them with the most comprehensive service possible. I have created this blog to help women who are unable to come to me for treatment in the hope that the info shared enables them to choose the right treatments and practitioners possible to meet their individual needs.


A combination course of 3-Stage Body Sculpting and Intensive Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling  treatments (CIFM) were done on a woman in her late 40’s.

My passion is working with mature age women.

Life experience has taught them that you get out of life what you put into it, and they know better than to trust promises of quick-fix solutions for issues that have taken many years to develop.

Mature age women also tend to take the time to read the blogs and posts I share on social media and my website, so when they come through my doors they have some understanding of the unique service and value I provide women.  

They are also more likely to commit to my treatment service long term and get the very most out of the training and support I provide, as far as helping clients set up at home with beauty technologies that enable them to perform treatments at home, in between their in-clinic treatment and work as an effective team with me to gain the very best results possible and build on and maintain these over time. 

The pictures above are of a long-term client who came to me for quite a few years for treatments done on the face, neck, and chest areas. Over our time together I was able to provide her with body treatments at a time where she was able to finally focus on her own needs after raising her family and focusing on the needs of others for many years. At the time I provided this client with body treatments she had lost weight and was working hard to adhere to a strict exercise and eating regime and made sure to drink the 2 liters of water per day necessary to provide optimal conditions for us to work together to gain her the results she wanted.

After building up the condition of the skin on the clients full thigh area, reducing fat and cellulite as well as starting to breakdown and smooth away the appearance of 20-year-old stretch marks with a course of 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments, three High-Intensity CIFM treatments were performed to perfect the client’s overall results, and more aggressively break up and dramatically smooth away the stretch marks.

Watch this video of the high-strength CIFM therapy being performed and the healing process that took place after treatments.

Watch this video of Venus Freeze technology being used with body sculpting treatments.​ ​

What is the 3-Stage Body Sculpting?

Put simply, the technology used within the 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatment processes works to repair and rebuild the skin through the creation of rich new collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth due to having the power to reach and properly effect the dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin and is responsable for new collagen, elastin and blood vessel creation. The technology also works to dramaticly reduce the size of fat cells and break up diet and exercise-resistant celluliteThis blog was written on 08-01-01-22. Over the last eight years to date, I have been using aesthetic technology created by Venus Concept which delivers medical-grade Electro-Magnetic (PEMF) and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) deeply into the skin and fat cells. The Multi-Polar RF and PEMF deliver homogeneous energy and volumetric heating to multiple tissue depths, directly stimulating fibroblast proliferation through the release of the growth factor FGF-2, resulting in increased collagen synthesis 2 and angiogenesis. Increased lipolysis is also induced throughout the 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatment processes and degradation of adipose-derived triglycerides.

PEMF and Multi-Polar RF technology is the very backbone of my treatment service, used within most all of my treatment processes and at times combined with other aesthetic technologies such as Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM) and Venus Viva therapy. As stand along treatments CIFM and Venus Viva therapies work to repair and rebuild the skin dramatically. When combined with the powerful effects of the 3-Stage process the thickening effects on the dermis is doubled due depending on the strength of the  CIFM and Venus Viva therapy used.

 Venus Viva technology has a split focus, working to repair and rebuild the dermis whilst also providing a powerful resurfacing effect that can gain comparative results to high-strength laser treatments, however, treatments are far less costly to the consumer and involve far less healing time than many hight strength laser treatments involve. Viva treatments also work to thicken the dermis in a way that Laser treatments simply can not.

I provide my clients many kinds of CIFM treatments such as Feather Touch, or Low-Grade CIFM which work to gain the skin a healthy glow, Moderate Low-Grade CIFM treatments that work to trigger increased collagen and elastin growth as well as work as a powerful dermabrasion treatment, and Moderate Full Strength to Hight Strength CIFM treatments which work to dramatickly and agressively reserface the skin and can be used to treat scar tissue and stretch marks. Moderate Full Strength and Hight Strength treatments are only done on skin that is thick, strong, and healthy enough to be able to respond optionally to the treatment process which is why a full course of 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments is often performed first, as well as a patch test to ensure there is minimal risk of scarring or long term Hyperpigmentation.​ ​  


Results gained from working through a full course of 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments on a woman in her early 20’s.


When viewing the results of my clients treatments I was pleasantly surprised and very excited to share them 😀

These results were from providing a full course of 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments to a client in her early 20’s. This client is a dancer who keeps herself very fit and healthy.

I was concerned that she may not see much in the way of results due to her being so young and in great physical shape. There was no thining skin to repair, rebuild and tighten, or much in the way of excess fat and cellulite to decrease the look of.

Whilst I usualy work exclusively with mature age woman over the years I have taken on the daughters of my clients, and this is an example of one of those times.

I made sure to manage this client’s expectations and make her very aware that there may be little in the way of visual results seen at the end of her course of eight weekly treatments, but that working through a course of treatments may still be highly beneficial to the health of her body overall. PEMF and Multi-Polar RF technology triggers a powerful lymphatic drainage effect and helps to improve overall blood flow within the skin by triggering intensive angiogenesis as well as help ease muscle fatigue and soreness due to the intensive heat the technology induces within the skin, fat and muscle tissue.

In the past when clients have come for body treatments who are experiencing intense muscle soreness due to intensive workouts or playing sports they jump off the treatment bed at the end of the session amazed that the soreness has disappeared from their muscles.

I went on to say to this client that it was possible that we might be able to attain a more sculpted look in areas such as the upper sides of the buttocks, and full thigh area, (especially directly under the crease of the buttocks) due to the technology’s effect on fat cells, however, we would have to wait and see how her body responded to her course of treatments.



As can be seen in the pictures shown above the visual results created by her working through a full course of treatments were quite dramatic, all things considered.

I feel this was due to fat reduction and the cumulative effects of the intensive lymphatic drainage which occurred within each of the eight treatment sessions done.

You see, even though this client is in her early 20s, has great muscle tone, and is not overweight, she does suffer from water retention and carries just a little more fat on her body than other women who have similar physics, which I noticed on her forearms and calves, (whilst I am of smaller stature than this client I have the same issue, carrying a little extra fat on my forearms, calf and ankle area areas).

I usually tell clients that maintenance treatments for 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments are unnecessary. This is due to our bodies being covered much of the time with clothing, which means the skin is more protected day-to-day and not being exposed to the elements like the harsh Australian sun regularly, which means it is in far less danger of visually ageing quicker than we might like as often happens on the skin of the face, neck, chest, and hands. When it comes to maintaining the results gained from decreasing unwanted fat and cellulite on the body I feel this is up to the client to maintain. 

This client, however, is one of the exceptions to what I would usually recommend for my mature age clients and I have recommended seeing her every month ongoing in order to keep her lymphatic drainage and circulatory systems working optimally and trigger dramatic lipolysis regularly enough to help keep her body looking and feeling the way she wants ongoing.

A big reason I do not recommend my mature age clients commit to regular maintenance body treatments is due to most of us have to focus our time and resources on keeping our face, neck, chest, and hands looking they’re very best ongoing, so keeping body treatments to packages done in blocks when necessary to repair and rebuild skin, and or decrease unwanted fat and cellulite on the body and then work to maintain these results through good lifestyle habits and proper self-care is usually the best way to go.

The Medical-grade Electro-Magnetic (PEMF) and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) technology used within the 3-Stage process works to shrink fat cells, and not destroy them, which means the fat can come back easily if measures such as controlled eating and exercise habits are not maintained. It is important here to note that even if fat cells are destroyed such as may be achieved through having Fat Freezing and or Fat Cavitation treatments (if they are successful, remembering everybody responds differently to different technologies, the correct number of treatments MUST be done in order for a technology to have a chance of working optimally, and some technologies have a better success rate than others, which is why I chose the technology I use) the remaining fat cells can simply grow in size. So, even if fat cells are destroyed in an area of the body, fat can once again appear in that area, or you may start to put on weight in areas of the body that you did not previously experience weight gain, in other words, fat finds a way… It should also be noted that whilst medical-grade PEMF/RF treatments work to repair and rebuild the skin substantially as well as reduce fat and cellulite on the body, Fat Freezing technologies do nothing to improve the condition of the skin, which means you can be left with sagging skin after fat deposits are decreased. 

Read my blog discussing the difference between Fat Freezing and Medical-grade PEMF and Multi-Polar RF technology to learn more.

Do your research!

-Just because different aesthetic devices utilize the same kind of technology does not mean they all perform to the same standard and can gain you the results you want and deserve.

-There are many factors to consider when analyzing aesthetic devices including the strength of the device, the way the technology works to deliver its effects into the body’s tissues as well as different technologies that may be combined within the device’s treatment application, such as infrared therapy.

-And then there is the subject of why you should choose one technology over the other, such as RF versus Ultrasound. Trust me when I tell you this is an absolute minefield to work through, which I have done many times throughout the last eight years as I have researched, and purchased devices. I know how hard it is to work through mountains of information and work to get to the truth about what a device is capable of doing and figure out how best I can fold that technology into my treatment processes.

-After many years of successfully helping women to attain a more sculpted and toned physique, I know how difficult it can be to get the results clients want due to hormonal fluctuations which occur as we mature, changes in metabolism, and other bodies systems, and of course genetics.

-It can also be difficult to rely on clients to consistently do things that need to be done over the course of a 3-Stage Body Sculpting package that ensures optimal conditions for the development of results such as drinking two liters of water every day, especially on the day of a treatment sessions, maint a healthy diet and exercising routine and even, if at all possible, get a client to adhere to a more regimented eating and exercise routine than normal, so we can work as a team to gain the best and most dramatic results possible.   

-Every treatment provider does things a little differently, and I feel it VERY important to impress on you that experience and skill play a HUGE part in having the best chance of gaining optimal results from a treatment process.

-Recently I purchased the highest grade of Vibration plate technology, called a G17 PRO V2 Hypervibe for clients to use after 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments. I believe this technology will help to intensify the results my clients gain from the 3-Stage process due to triggering the muscles into contracting quickly over and over again over a 15-20 minute session, and that, with the intensive vibration affecting the overall circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system helping the body to expel triglycerides more quickly and intensify results.

-My clients are now also able to enjoy Full Body LED Light Rejuvenation before or after 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments which work to build on the overall effect of PEMF and Multi-Polar RF technology.

-Full Body Red LED Light and high strength Vibration therapies are supportive technologies I like to include within my 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments FREE to help improve overall results and also give my clients a sense of working through a treatment processes that not only helps them to look better but also feel and move better.

Whilst I am not taking on new clients at this time, I wanted to share a little information with woman who may be 

Experience counts!

It needs to be understood that over the last eight years, on average I have provided 12 hours of treatments to clients a day, 5 days a week, 46 weeks of the year (I take x6 weeks holidays per year). 

It is important to understand how I came to talk about the technologies I use in order to know if you can trust the info I provide and be able to add this to your toolbelt of knowledge so you can be better informed when looking for the right treatments and practitioners to meet your individual needs as a customer 😀

-Whilst I now focus on providing treatments mainly on the face, neck, chest, and hand areas, in the first 5 or so years I provided a LOT of body treatments to clients. Over the last 3 years, I have fine-tuned my service and focused on taking on only clients who I thought would commit to my treatment services long term. 

-I now provide 3-Stage Body Sculpting treatments to my clients on a more minimal but still ongoing basis as my client base has become looking after the needs of around 90 regular clients ongoing. The skin of the body also thins over time as it does on our face, neck, and chest areas and can cause it to become paper thin and bruise dramaticly or break apart easily if an impact is suffered such as bumping a hand on a wall or table.  And from time to time due to hormonal or weight changes clients work through body packages to reducing fat cellulite and of course tighten loose skin.

-I have learned the value of working with the same client over many years. You are able to gain results of the highest caliber, (see our Before and After page for evidence of this) and be able to support her as the aging process causes changes in her body over time. The ageing process is relentless and I work to support my clients in any way I can, providing them with consistent training and support so they can set up and use beauty technologies at home in between maintenance treatments and work as the ultimate anti-ageing and beauty team to keep them looking they’re very best ongoing.

All my clients attend maintenance 4-Stage or 5-Stage (including Microcurrent muscle work) every 1-2 months, depending and a sprinkling of Venus Viva, CIFM, and or Plasma Fibroblast treatments are added to my client’s treatment sessions as needed.

The very core of my unique treatment services is creating dramatically thicker, stronger, and better functioning skin through providing medical-grade Electro-Magnetic (PEMF) and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) technology. I then perfect my client’s results using Venus Viva (fractional RF), CIFM, and Plasma Fibroblast therapy.

Medical-grade PEMF and Multi-Polar RF technology I have worked with over the last eight years



-In 2014 I purchased and underwent extensive training to use a Venus Swan device which utilized medical-grade Electro-Magnetic (PEMF) and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) to repair and rebuild the skin and decrease diet and exercise-resistant fat and cellulite.

-Back then if a non-medically trained practitioner like me purchased a device then we were sold a Venus Swan device, but if a doctor purchased the same technology from Venus Concept they were sold a slightly different device called a Venus Freeze. I was assured that the difference between the power of the devices was negligible and I would be able to gain the same results using the Venus Swan device as medically trained practitioners using a Venus Freeze device.

-As can be seen in the pictures shown above I was able to gain incredible results for my clients and learned how to get the most out of the Venus Swan technology, making it the very backbone of my treatment processes, using it to create thicker, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin and gain clients a more sculpted and toned looking phasic. 



-In 2018 I retired my beloved, and very tiered Venus Swan technology, purchasing a underwent intensive training to use a Venus Freeze device. I have continued to focus my services on working to reverse the effects of thinning skin on my clients face, neck, chest, and hands, and to a lesser degree, but still consistently work to repair, rebuild and tighten the skin of the body and smooth away unwanted fat and cellulite.

-My next purchase will most probably be a Venus Versa device, due to this device having Venus Viva, and Venus Freeze body and facial handpieces on in the one device. For now, I am happy using my separate Venus Freeze and Viva devices due to enjoying having two of the Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) facial handpieces (one being on each device) which doubly ensures I am never unable to provide more core treatment services. This said I have found Venus Concept equipment incredibly reliable and not recommend the company enough to other practitioners who may be looking for the highest grade of skin rejuvenation and body sculpting equipment, training, and ongoing support.

Things to consider when you look for treatments to sculpt and tone the body

My thoughts about practitioners combining PEMF/RF and Fat Freezing technologies:

-I have heard my clients talk about some very clever practitioners who are combining Fat Freezing and PEMF/RF technologies within treatment packages. I myself was looking to do this a few years back but did not go through with a purchase of Fat Freezing technology due to needing to focus my resources on skin rejuvenation devices. I do feel Fat Freezing and PEMF/RF technologies would be a kick-ass combination of therapies if used correctly…

-Here is when I think it is very important for you to understand how different technologies work, and to a degree how they should be used. When it comes to body treatments performed with Venus Concept PEMF/RF technologies it is important to consider they need to be done weekly when the focus is fat loss as well as thickening and tightening the skin, and due to my own extensive experience using these technologies I can also say treatments done every two weeks works well if your focus is only on skin tightening.

-6-8 treatments MUST be done, (I would almost always recommend 8 treatments, due to knowing it is not only about the skin looking better, but functioning better). The thicker and stronger the skin, the better results will hold over time. So, when considering treatment packages you would not go with a package that involved having 1or more Fat Freezing treatments, and then a few PEMF/RF treatments. Why? Because the PEMF/RF technology does not have a chance to work properly if treatments are not done weekly, and in a consecutive series of 6-8 treatments.        -Instead, I would recommend having 2 or more Fat Freezing treatments assessing the results until you are happy with the fat loss effects and then move on to having PEMF/RF treatments to shrink remaining fat cells and tighten the skin 😀

-Once again I suggest doing your own research. It should be noted here I am not a qualified practitioner of Fat Freezing technology at this time. I have however over the last eight years working with PEMF/RF technology to get the very most out of it to gain my clients the best results possible and know to gain optimal results extended gaps between treatments should be avoided and treatment packages need to contain the correct number of treatments done within a certain time period to gain the results you want and deserve, no matter what other therapies are combined with the PEMF/RF technologies. 

-I found the technologies I now use to provide treatments to my clients for my own beauty needs, due to having skin that is not genetically blessed when it comes to the ageing process. 

-Whist I was not focused on providing body treatments at the beginning of my beauty carrier eight years ago I was very happy that the Venus Swan device I purchased did also provide me with the option of providing state of the art aesthetic treatments to my clients that could help them gain a more sculpted and toned look and even decrease exercise and diet-resistant fat and cellulite on the body.

-I transitioned from being a full-time Pilates instructor, leaving a job I LOVED due to knowing I had to focus my time and money on investing in technologies I could personally use to keep my skin thick strong, and healthy over the years to come.

 -I personally use the treatments I provide to keep myself looking my very best and avoid and was able to give up injectable therapies that at one time in my life made me look very frozen and swollen.

Over time I have evolved as we all do… 

-I have, over the last few years built a relationship with a local plastic surgeon I trust to help me understand procedures such as fat transfer and liposuction.

 -I will be writing blogs about subjects such as fat transfer, liposuction (which can be combined with the 3-stage Body process I provide), and other procedures that can help maturing women look their very NATURAL best. 

-It’s all about evolving and sharing knowledge that helps us to attain and maintain a naturally youthful look ongoing, and get the most out of the hard-earned money and time we invest in treatments and procedures. I know the heartbreak of spending money and not getting the results you want and deserve and how hard it is to find the info that will enable you to go on to spend your money on worthwhile treatments that will gain you as much benefit and lasting results as possible. 

I wish you all the very best of luck finding the right technologies and practitioners to meet your individual needs and hope this information empowers you with the knowledge to better do that 😻