Please keep in mind all info shared in this blog is for information purposes only. I take NO responsibility for any injury or harm caused by purchasing and using any of the LED Light devices listed within the content of this blog. I also take any responsibility for problems encountered with purchasing these devices, such as delivery, warranty issues or any other kinds of problems experienced whilst using the devices. 

I am the owner of and sole practitioner of Jessicat’s Medi-Spa. Over the last seven years, I have worked to target the problem of thinking skin which causes fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues and sagging skin. In order to do this to the highest level of my ability, I have found it necessary to help clients set up with at-home technology like LED Light and Microcurrent technology, and NOT load my clients up with unnecessary and expensive topical skincare products.
One of the MAIN reasons, our bodies start to age, and the skin starts to thin is lessening levels of a substance called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).
ATP is referred to by biologists as “The Energy Of Life”, due to it being the very energy currency that powers every cell of our bodies.
As we age our cells make less and less ATP, resulting in the bodies cells having less and less energy to do their work, causing the body to slowly break down over time, and eventually die.
Depleting ATP levels cause the skin cells to have less energy to create collagen, elastin and new blood vessel growth.
In 1993, Quantum Devices (Barneveld, WI) developed a light-emitting diode (LED) for NASA to use in their plant growth experiments.  It was discovered whilst doing these experiments that Red LED Light has a powerful effect of healing human tissue, which in turn has an incredible beautifying effect on the skin.
Red LED Light is able to raise ATP levels by up to 47% in 10-20 minutes depending on the strength of the LED Light device used and Microcurrent therapy can raise it a whopping 500% in as little as 3-6 minutes.
Whilst Red LED Light therapy raises ATP levels by only around 47%, which is not a lot when compared to Microcurrent therapy its effect on healing and strengthening human tissue is astounding, and there is much evidence to support Red LED Light therapy helping to improve things like bone density and decrease pain in the body caused by inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.
-Watch this video of a client in her 60’s talking about using at home Red LED Light to decrease inflammation and pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
-Watch this video of a 70-year-old client talking about how Red LED Light therapy helping her to heal a broken wrist much faster than people she met with the same kind of injury who were a quarter of her age when having movement therapy, and decrease scar tissue dramatically in just six weeks.

-Red LED Light needs to be between 630nm and 660nm to affect human tissue optionally and be a solid light, (no flashing) in order to gain optimal results.

-The more lights the better, so look for info about how many lights are included on a device, as well as if they are present above the top lip, directly above and around the eyes, on the nose areas and are able to affect the skin of the full face, neck and chest areas simultaneously. 
-Regular treatments are the key to getting the best results! This is why at-home LED Light therapy can be so impactful. It is great that beauty practitioners like me include the use of Red LED Light within their treatment processes, but doing daily, or even every few days on a regular basis will gain you the very best results ongoing, and gain you FAR MORE EFFECT THAN TOPICAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS, LIKE VITAMIN C SERUMS AND CREAMS EVER CAN! Learn more about Jessicat’s recommended skincare routine 😺
-There are a lot of devices on the market. The info shared in this blog is meant to help you navigate your way through the HUGE amount of information shared on the internet, and purchase a LED Light device that will work best for not only your beauty needs but also your budget. Cheaper devices may break down more quickly than expensive ones, but they may also allow you to start using Red LED Light therapy sooner, regularly, and be easily replaced when they break down.
-Please keep in mind, more often than not devices are NOT made to last, so if you purchase a more expensive device try and choose one from a company that will provide good after purchase support.
-Think of the key colours that you need as being Red, for anti-ageing and healing, Green for inflammation and some pigmentation issues, and Blue to help decrease bacterial infections. Whilst it is Red LED Light therapy that has the backing of in-depth studies done by NASA, I have personally seen the powerful effects of Green and Blue LED Light therapy do wonders for helping with issues such as acne and hormonal pigmentation.
-There can be a lot of fluff and sparkle that you have to work through to get the info you need, and the device you want. An example of this is Purple LED Light. Purple is Green and Blue LED Light combined. If you need Green LED Light therapy to help decrease hormonal pigmentation like Melasma, or Blue LED Light to help decrease a bacterial infection that is causing or worsening acne breakouts you need to have treatments that deliver solid LED Light to the skin at the correct strength. Using combination colours such as Purple is in my opinion results in low-strength technology that is gimmicky and a waste of time.

-Applying Green Tea to the skin 20 minutes before enjoying Red LED Light therapy will help make improve the effects of Red LED Light therapy by 80%, with no need for expensive serums or fancy transparent masks or other unnecessary topical products.                    

Read the Green Tea Study for more info!

Before we go onto information about LED Light devices that may help improve the condition and integrate the skin dramatically, let’s look at a device that has caused my clients injury, and helps shows us some things to avoid when choosing an at-home LED Light device.

Before I begin, please know I have heard very good things about Dr Pen’s (a Perth-based company that provides beauty equipment) home Microneedling pens as well as their hands-free PDT Light Therapy devices.
It should also be noted that the clients who are mentioned in this blog were able to return their LED Light masks easily to the Dr Pen company and received a full refund and great customer care and service. 
The reason I have included this info is due to seeing a client suffer burn-like marks on her skin after repeatedly using the Femvy LED Light mask sold by Dr Pen.
I contacted staff at Dr Pen directly, informing them of the injury, and made sure to tell them that I have seen this kind of injury resulting from the Microcurrent / EMS function being used on other similar types of Hard-faced LED Light masks, sold other companies. It is due to the Femvy mask still being available for sale on Dr Pen’s website, and also my knowing another client has suffered the same kind of injury to her skin from a similar mask sold on the internet that I decided to share this information publicly.

My client described a mild electrical shock-like sensation and then noticed the marks that are shown in the photos shared.

Some of these marks blistered, and we have been able to heal the wounds suffered by using SudoCream (creat stuff for healing skin), Bepanthen and Red LED Light therapy, resulting in no long term scarring being suffered 😀

I have always encouraged my clients to use at-home LED Light and Microcurrentdevices, and keep topical skincare products cheap, and to a minimum.

Read my blog talking all about the at-home equipment my clients were able to use over the COVID-19 3 month shut down in 2020. 

Using LED Light and Microcurrent therapy technology at home enables my clients to build on their in-clinic treatment results dramatically and enable them and me to work as a team to gain optimal results, and fight together to keep the problem of thinning skin at bay 😀

In early 2021 I encouraged a couple of my clients to purchase the Femvy LED Light Therapy Mask, from Dr Pen due to hearing great things about the company’s devices, especially the Microneedling Pens.
Whilst I had not used the device myself, I took a chance on recommending the LED Light mask to my clients due to Dr Pen being a Perth-based company and knowing if there were any issues my BeautyCats could act on the 30-day return policy.
Unfortunately, all clients who purchased the mask found it to be VERY uncomfortable, complaining that the device was VERY tight on their faces (especially around the eye and temple areas) and felt very heavy to wear.
It needs to be said here that everyone is different, and I am sure many people who purchase the Femvy LED Light Therapy Mask would find it as good to use as the 29 happy customers who left 5-stare reviews on Dr Pen’s website 😀 What works for one person, does not necessarily work for another, and we all have very differently shaped and sized heads and facial features.

Unfortunatly this is not the first time I have seen this kind of an injury result from using an at home Hard-LED Light mask that also provides Microcurrent and or Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) therapies.

A few years agon one of my clients brought in her LED Light mask to sell second-hand to another client who might like to purchase the device cheaply. She was selling the mask due to updating her at-home technology and had used the mask successfully without suffering any kind of injury for over a year.
The client who purchased the mask had Asian skin, and when she used the Microcurrent Feature on the mask, she experienced shock-like discomfort and was left with burn-like marks on her skin.
When I told the owner of the mask about the injuries she said she had turned on the Microcurrent Feature briefly, but due to being happy with a separate quick and easy to use Microcurrent device I had helped her to purchase she had not gone on to use it regularly, and used the LED Light maks ongoing without turning on the Microcurrent feature at all.
On Dr Pen’s website the extra features are called a Microcurrent/EMS Feature for tightening/firming of the skin, and the staff memeber I talked to at Dr Pen said this feature could be turned off, and that this was written in the info on the website purchase page.
When I spoke to one of my other clients who was returning the mask due to it being uncomfortable (this client did not suffer any physical injuries from using the mask) she told me she had tried this feature, however, due to the electrical shock-like sensation she experienced, she turned it off. She had even removed the metal bulb-like attachments within the inside face of the mask due to wanting to lighten the feel of the mask against her face, and found that the uncomfortable electrical shock-like sensation still occurred within the areas that the metal bulb-like attachments were located. To stop this she had to hold the plastic face of the mask away from her skin whilst using it.
She went on to tell me she loved the way the Red and Green LED Light was making her skin look, which is a testament to the LED Light therapy the mask is delivering into the skin being of high quality 😀

As a beauty professional who uses Microcurrent therapy in her in-clinic treatments, I feel there is something very wrong with Microcurrent/EMS therapy that causes burns in the skin.

-I use high-strength Microcurrent therapy in the treatment processes I provide my clients, and it NEVER leaves burns on the skin.
-I also help my clients to set up home the Microcurrent and EMS devices which once again, NEVER leave burns on the skin.

Something to be considered…..

The at-home Microcurrent devices my clients and I use for daily Microcurrent therapy that works to raise Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels in the skin by up to 500 % in as little as 3-6 minutes, need the skin to be very damp for the Microcurrent to run through the skin successfully to raise ATP levels substantially.

If the skin is not wet then the Microcurrent can not run through the skin properly and affect it on a cellular level, and with some devices on the market, you can feel an electric shock-like sensation if the skin is not damp enough.
This also happens with my in-clinic Bio-Ultimate Microcurrent treatments. If I do not apply enough Hydrate gel to the skin (made up of Hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients like Alovera gel) then my clients can experience an electric shock-like sensation.
With the EMS devices, I help my clients to purchase for at-home muscle lifting, toning, and sculpting treatments, you do not experience any electrical shock if the pads are not wet, in fact, you feel nothing at all unless the pads are wet, in short, the device does not work unless the pads are very wet.

My point in sharing all this info with you is that I think perhaps some manufacturers of at-home LED Light equipment are including the use of Microcurrent and EMS technologies within their LED Light masks, and do not fully understand the technology, or they are not providing proper information on how to use the devices to people who purchase them (in the form of instruction manuals).  

 I would be VERY wary of any LED Light Mask that has Microcurrent and or EMS capability due to the injuries I have now personally seen two clients get from using such devices.

 Hands-free PDT Light Therapy device, sold by Dr Pen 😀 

Quite a few of my clients have purchased and are happily using the hand-free LED Light PDT Light Therapy Device from Dr Pen.
Pros and Cons of purchasing and using this device:
-The price of this device is $389.00 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and I think the device comes with a one-year warranty, (check into this before purchasing).

Use this code to get a 10% discount when purchasing this device: JESSICATSMEDISPA10. 

-This device looks easy to use, and very comfortable due to not touching the face, however, I would recommend popping a pillow behind the head so that the face is only a few inches away from the LED Light therapy as it is being delivered into the skin of the face. It is also recommended you use eye protection when using the Blue LED Light therapy due to it possibly causing damage within the retina.
I teach my clients that T.V time is beauty time, and to always consider if a beauty treatment can be done whilst watching T.V. This can not be done whilst using the LED Light PDT Light Therapy Device, and whilst many of my clients like to use this time to listen to music, a pod cast or mediate if watching T.V whilst performing your LED Light therapy is important you might like to purchase a Hard or Soft-LED Light device so that you can beautify your skin whilst relaxing infront of your faviourit T.V show.

LED Light mask from RosaLight 

Soon after purchasing this device in January 2021, I sold it to a client, and can report this client is using the device every 2-3 days ongoing without complaint 😘

The RosaLight company focuses on the skin condition of Rosacea, which I feel is a bit gimmicky due to Red and Blue LED Light therapy being delivered by any quality LED Light mask or hands-free device being effective in helping to treat the condition of Rosacea.
Here is a little info about Rosacea:
Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea, characterized by persistent redness on the face. Small blood vessels beneath the skin surface may become enlarged and visible; these symptoms often flare up and then disappear. Without treatment, the redness can get more persistent, cover more skin, and even become permanent.
Glandular rosacea, presents as thickened and red skin, most typically seen on the skin of the nose, chin, and sometimes the cheek areas of the face.
Papulopustular, (once known as Acne Rosacea), presents with bumps and pimple-like pustules.
-Neurogenic rosacea, which is a newly emerging type of Rosacea which is a condition that affects the neurological pathways and may be related to sensations of burning or stinging that accompanies redness in the skin. Studies of potential inflammatory pathways have found a growing number of links between rosacea and various aspects of the nervous system.
Whilst antibiotics and other treatments can help treat the different types of Rosacea that are caused by Demodex mites, and bacterial infections such as Cathelicidin LED Light therapy can also be very helpful with the treatment of Rosacea.
Read this article on treating Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea with Blue and Red LED Light therapy.
I would recommend x10-15 minutes of Blue LED Light, used to help kill bacteria that can cause or worsen Rosacea, followed by 20 minutes of Red LED Light therapy, used to repair, rebuild and improve the overall cellular health of the skin. Keeping the skin thick and strong and functioning optimally by triggering rich new and ongoing collagen, elastin, and blood vessel growth with regular at-home LED Light treatments can be extremely beneficial for Rosacea-prone skin.
Pros and Cons of purchasing and using this device:
-The RosaLight hard-LED Light mask is easy to use and quite comfortable. The device is sold for around $224.95 USD, which is around $299.23 Australian. This price is on the higher side when looking at other LED Light masks available on the market, but comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a five-year warranty, which is a HUGE bonus due to at-home beauty equipment usually only coming with a one year warranty.
I contacted the company and requested a 10% discount code for my clients, but to date, the company has not provided one.
-The device also does NOT come with Microcurrent or Electrical Muscle Stimulation attachments, which is a good thing due to these attachments making the overall weight of a LED Light mask heavier, and more uncomfortable as well as potentially causing injury if used. 
-Unfortunately, the RosaLight device does not come with a neck attachment, so if you are wanting to have comprehensive treatments that treat the neck and chest areas you will need to place the mask over these areas and perform separate 20-minute treatments, done 2-3 times a week, or every day if you have the time 😀
There are many other Hard or Soft-LED Light masks that do come with neck attachments, such as the devices purchased from  Full Body Australia, or CurrentBody.

LED Light mask from Full Body Australia

The current date is 30-06-2021, and a few months ago I purchased a LED Light mask from Full Body Australia to try out so that I could recommend it in good faith to my clients.

I found this device to be comfortable only once I removed the rubber inserts that surround the eye hole areas of the mask.

I could not see any information on the website about the Microcurrent and or Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) application that the device has, however, due to seeing burn-like injuries suffered from clients who have used this kind of technology on other similar devices I would not attach and use the metal-like attachments for Microcurrent and or Electrical Muscle Stimulation function.
Pros and Cons of purchasing and using this device:
This device is a little heavy, but I found it easy enough to get comfortable when using once I propped myself up with a few pillows behind my neck and upper back whilst laying back, in a sitting up, but slightly laying back position whilst watching T.V 😀
The LED Light mask sold by Full Body Australia is quite cheap, especially when you consider that the full face and neck areas can be treated together within treatments, being $148.95 with FREE shipping.

Use this discount code to gain 10% off : LAWSON10

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and comes with a one year warranty.
The team at Full Body Australia are a delight to deal with via email, repsonding quickly and being very customer service focused!

DermaLuminate™ – Led Light Face and Neck Mask

I thought I remembered some clients who have left my service mentioning they had purchased and liked using the DermaLuminate mask, which I purchased from this website 
On opening the box containing the device I discovered that it is the exact same device as the one sold by Full Body Australia.
This of course happens when purchasing devices online, which can cause confusion when you are wanting to purchase different kinds of the same kind of equipment.

LED Light Mask – Sold By

A client made me aware of this cheap device, being only $38.80, and I jumped online as soon as I became aware of it to purchase it and give it a look over. 
I was quite surprised by the heat that I feel on my skin when I put on the mask. This heat indicates to me that there is Infrared as well as Red LED Light technology at play, or perhaps the heat created is due to the way the LED Light is being dispersed through the tiny lines of LED Light seen on the transparent mask.
This is the case with my new half LED Light bed canopy, which delivers LED Light therapy through plastic tubing, instead of individual LED Light bulbs that my full body LED Light bed has. The half LED Light canopy gives off quite a bit of heat, whilst the full-body LED Light bed does not, however, the full-body LED Light bed provides stronger Red LED Light treatments due to not having to be dispersed through plastic tubing before being delivered into the skin.
In truth, this device sits on my desk unused, due to there being a rubber nose attachment that keeps falling off when using it, and it comes away from the lower face area in a way I do not like, as well as there not being LED Light emitted close enough to around the eye area for my liking. I think this device is a good example of being able to purchase cheap LED Light devices that may be effective enough to gain good results if they were used every day or every second day for 20 minutes ongoing, however, it is also an example of a device that will most probably fall apart quickly, but may work well in the short-term 😀
It appears that is no longer supplying the $38.80 clear-faced, LED Light masks, and are now selling the Maskuah LED Light mask for $189, the Hello Silky’s LED Light Therapy Mask Facial and Neck for $139, and the Hello Silky’s 3 Colour LED mask for $109. These devices look like they may do the trick, providing quality treatments and working to to gain good results if they stand the test of time (providing at least a years worth of use before breaking down), and provide 630 & 660nm of red led light therapy.
I notice there is no info on the Catch website about the strength of the LED Light provided by the devices they sell.
I would advise looking up the official websites of the manufacturers of the different devices sold by to get more info before purchasing a device, such as going to, as well as get return and warranty info.
This is typical of websites like e-Bay and They provide us with access to low-price beauty technology, however, sometimes these devices break down quickly due to being of poor quality, and detailed info about the devices can be difficult to find.

Soft-LED Light devices, like the CurrentBody mask

The trouble with Soft-LED Light masks is that they may not last as long as Hard-LED Light masks. With the added comfort and ease of use that allows you to move around easily and do other tasks whilst using the mask comes a greater amount of wear and tear.

If you are ok with this, then you have quite a few devices to choose from including CurrentBody, Adura and Omnilux devices.

I used to recommend my clients purchase the $499 Adura LED Light mask due to their being lightweight, and being able to be worn whilst doing other tasks around the house because they are cordless. After countless complaints about the devices breaking and finding that the supplier was less than helpful with repairs and warranty issues I no longer recommend this device, feeling it is overpriced and not well made.
Purchasing both the LED Light face mask and neck and chest attachments together for around $829 is a better way of getting both devices in the most cost-effective way possible.

The annoying thing is that the CurrentBody devices only have Red LED Light capability.

Red LED Light therapy is amazing at working to improve healing in human tissue, as well as improve the integrity and health of the skin by raising Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), and triggering a massive boost of collagen and elastin production, but for the price of the devices, I feel they should also have the ability to deliver Blue and Green LED Light therapy.
Blue LED Light is helpful when working to decrease bacterial infection and Green LED Light can be amazing at helping to resolve hormonal pigmentation and decrease inflammation.

I have sent an email to CurrentBody asking for a code to give my clients to gain a 10% discount, but as yet I have not heard back from the company. I will keep trying to contact the company from time to time and hope to update this blog soon and add a code to gain you a discount when purchasing from the companies website.

Pros and Cons of purchasing and using this device:
The device comes with a 2-year warranty.
The facial, neck and chest LED Light devices are comfortable and can be worn whilst doing other tasks, which is great because using the device regularly is imperative to getting great results, and keeping collagen and elastin levels high on an ongoing basis. The easier a device is to use, the more you will be inclined to use it 😀
Whilst the Soft-LED Light devices are more comfortable than Hard-LED Light devices in my experiance they may break down far more quickly over time due to normal wear and tear, needing repairs or replacement within the warranty time period. This leaves the purchaser at the whim of the supplier, so I would recommend looking for reviews from people who have purchased the devices you are looking to purchase and talk about getting great customer care when issues arise.
I hope this info helps you to go on and purchase the best at-home LED Light device for your individual needs, Jessicat Xxx