Before I begin, please know I have heard very good things about Dr Pen’s (a Perth based company that provides beauty equipment) home Microneedling Pen’s as well as their hands-free PDT Light Therapy devices.

It should also be noted that the clients who are mentioned in this blog were able to return their LED Light masks easily to the Dr Pen company and received a full refund and great customer care and service. 

The reason I have written this blog is due to seeing a client suffer burn-like marks on her skin after repeatedly using the Femvy LED Light mask sold by Dr Pen.

I contacted staff at Dr Pen directly, informing them of the injury, and made sure to tell them that I have seen heard of this kind of injury resulting from the Microcurrent / EMS function being used on another similar type of hard-faced LED Light mask, sold by a competitor. It is due to the Femvy mask still being available for sale on Dr Pen’s website, and also my knowing another client has suffered the same kind of injury to her skin from a similar mask sold on the internet that I decided to share this information publicly.
This blog has been written quickly, and over the coming days/weeks I will be cleaning it up, and adding to the info so that I can help others make the best choice when choosing at-home LED Light equipment for their individual needs. Please know I take NO responsibility for choices that may be made by those that read the information contained in this blog when going on to purchase at home beauty equipment. Jessica Lawson, (owner and sole operator at Jessicat’s Medi-Spa).

 I have always encouraged my clients to use at home LED Light and Microcurrent devices, and keep topical skincare products cheap, and to a minimum.

Here is a link to a blog talking all about the at-home equipment my clients were able to use over the COVID-19 3 month shut down in 2020:
This enables my clients to build on their in-clinic treatment results dramatically and enable them and me to work as a team to gain optimal results 😀
Recently I encouraged a couple of my clients to purchase the Femvy LED Light Therapy Mask, from Dr Pen due to hearing great things about the company’s devices, especially the Microneedling pens.
Whilst I had not used the device myself, I took a chance on recommending the LED Light mask to my clients due to Dr Pen being a Perth based company and knowing if there were any issues my BeautyCats could act on the 30-day return policy.
Unfortunately, all of my clients who have purchased the mask have not found it to be comfortable at all, complaining that the device was very tight on their faces (especially around the eye and temple areas) and felt very heavy to wear.
It needs to be said here that everyone is different, and I am sure many people who purchase the Femvy LED Light Therapy Mask would find it as good to use as the 29 happy customers who left 5-stare reviews on Dr Pen’s website 😀
What works for one person, does not necessarily work for another, and we all have very differently shaped and sized heads and facial features.

What I am concerned about is the burn like marks one of my clients was left with after using the mask consistently for a week.

She felt a mild electrical-shock like sensation, and then noticed the marks that are shown in the bottom photos shared.

Some of these marks blistered, and we have been able to heal them substantial so for using SudoCream (creat stuff for healing skin).
This is not the first time I have seen this reaction from using at-home hard-faced LED Light masks with a Microcurrent Feature.
A few years ago one of my clients brought in her LED Light mask, to sell second hand to another client that might want to purchase it cheaply. She was selling the mask due to updated her at-home technology and had used the mask successfully for over a year or so.
The client who purchased the mask had Asian skin, and when she used the Microcurrent Feature on the mask, she experienced shock-like discomfort and was left with burn-like marks on her skin.
When I told the owner of the mask about the injuries she said she had turned on the Microcurrent Feature briefly, but due to being happy with a separate quick and easy to use Microcurrent device I had helped her to purchase she had not gone on to use it regularly, and used the LED Light maks ongoing without turning on the Microcurrent feature at all.
On Dr Pens website the extra features are called a Microcurrent/EMS Feature for tightening/firming of the skin, and when I spoke to staff at Dr Pen I was told this feature could be turned off.
When I spoke to one of my other clients who was returning the mask due to it being uncomfortable she told me she had tried this feature, however, due to the electrical shock-like sensation she experienced, she turned it off. She had even removed the metal bulb-like attachments within the mask due to wanting to lighten the feel of the mask against her face, and found that the uncomfortable electrical shock-like sensation still occurred within the areas that the metal bulb-like attachments were located. To stop this she had to hold the plastic face of the mask away from her skin whilst using it.
She went on to tell me she loved the way the Red and Green LED Light was making her skin look, which is a testament to the LED Light therapy the mask is delivering into the skin being of high quality 😀

As a beauty professional who uses Microcurrent therapy in her in-clinic treatments, I feel there is something very wrong with Microcurrent/EMS therapy that causes burns in the skin.

-I use high strength Microcurrent therapy in the treatment processes I provide my clients, and it NEVER leaves burns on the skin.
-I also help my clients to set up home the Microcurrent and EMS devices which once again, NEVER leave burns on the skin.

Something to be considered…..

The at-home Microcurrent devices my clients and I use for daily Microcurrent therapy that works to raise Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels in the skin by up to 500 % in as little as 3-6 minutes, need the skin to be very damp for the Microcurrent to run through the skin successfully to raise ATP levels substantially.

If the skin is not wet then the Microcurrent can not run through the skin properly and affect it on a cellular level, and with some devices on the market, you can feel an electric shock-like sensation if the skin is not damp enough.
This also happens with my in-clinic Bio-Ultimate Microcurrent treatments. If I do not apply enough Hydrate gel to the skin (made up of Hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients like Alovera gel) then my clients can experience an electric shock-like sensation.
With the EMS devices, I help my clients to purchase for at-home muscle lifting, toning and sculpting treatments, you do not experience any electrical shock if the pads are not wet, in fact, you feel nothing at all unless the pads are wet, in short, the device does not work unless the pads are very wet.

My point in sharing all this info with you is that I think perhaps some manufacturers of at-home LED Light equipment are including the use of Microcurrent and EMS technologies within their LED Light masks, and do not fully understand the technology, or they are not providing proper information on how to use the devices to people who purchase them (in the form of instruction manuals).  

To recap, I would be very wary of any LED Light Mask that has Microcurrent and or EMS capability due to the injuries I have now personally seen two clients get from using such devices.

One device my clients are loving is the hands-free PDT Light Therapy device, sold by Dr Pen 😀 

I hope this info helps you to go on and purchase the best at-home LED Light device for your individual needs, Jessicat Xxx