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Mini 5-Stage Face Lifting Treatment

Treatment Time: 1.5 Hours

Our amazing 5-Stage Face Lifting Treatments combines the powerful effects of our 4-Stage Face Lifting Process with Microcurrent Therapy in order to lift, tone and strengthen both the skin and musculature of the face. 

Our Mini 5-Stage Face Lifting Treatments are only $250 (when purchased as part of a package, $300 if done as a casual treatment). 

Each treatment is an hour and a half in length and includes Venus Freeze and Microcurrent Therapies performed on the face only or face and neck areas only. The Mini 5-Stage Process gains you all the same benefits as the full 5-Stage Face Lifting process, lifting, tightening and thickening the skin long-term utilizing the Venus Freeze Therapy. The musculature of the face is also rebuilt and strengthened using Low-Frequency Microcurrent Therapy, creating a strong scaffolding for the skin to sit upon and reducing the need for therapies such as injectable fillers.

Our Mini 5-Stage Face Lifting Treatments are exactly the same as our full 5-Stage Face Lifting Treatments but are only an hour and a half in length meaning that you will only be able to treat the face or neck and chest areas with the Venus Freeze and Microcurrent Therapy. Microcurrent Exfoliation, Green and Red LED Light Rejuvenation Therapy is still performed on the full face, neck and chest areas.


Why address thinning skin and decreasing muscle tone and strength?

As we age, the skin thins, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. The ageing process also takes a toll on muscle strength and tone within the face and neck, causing it to sag on the features of the face and neck resulting in hollows forming under the eyes and within the cheek areas.

What Results Can I Expect From A Course of Treatments?

The skin will feel softer and appear tighter, smoother and plumper.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

One treatment will leave your skin looking fresh, plump and glowing with health and is a great stand-alone treatment before a special occasion, however, if you wish to gain optimal results, a course of 8 to 11 treatments over a period of 8 to 11 weeks is highly recommended.

Each person’s needs are different and a treatment package is designed to meet the needs of each person after an initial consultation has taken place.

Is there any pain or downtime?

Our mini 5-Stage Face Lifting Treatment involves no discomfort or healing time. The therapies used to facilitate the process are extremely relaxing and promote a feeling of well-being.

Get in Touch

Due to retaining a high number of regular clients, Jessicat is very limited in the number of new clients she is able to take on.  From time to time she is able to take on new clients and may be able to place you on her waiting list.

If you are interested in coming on board as a client please send an email to with details about your age, the issues you are wanting to resolve, your availability, giving as much detail as possible as far as days and times you can come for an appointment as well as your mobile phone number.

Jessicat will then be able to assess if she is the right practitioner for your needs.

Jessicat provides 2-hour consultations to new clients whilst they enjoy a full 4-Stage Face Lifting or 5-Stage Face Lifting treatment for just $199.

After the consultation appointment, a detailed quote is sent outlining the treatment package Jessicat feels will work best for the client’s needs and from there they are able to come on board as a client and begin their journey towards attaining and maintaining a timelessly youthful look ongoing.

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