Please understand I do not guarantee or indorse the companies that sell the devises I list within this blog. I do not take any responsibility for how the devices work, or the any injuries or problems that may arise from using the devices listed within this blog in any way. I am simply sharing details of different devices my clients and sometimes myself like using for at home treatments. 
It should be understood that devices can break down and mild or even servicer injuries can be suffered from using devices such as the ones listed within this blog if used by people who are untrained, do not adhere to the instructions provided by the companies who sell the devise or who are simply unlucky when it comes to things like electrical faults.

Many beauty professionals sell at home devices such as Microneedling rollers and hand held LED Light devices so I see no harm in sharing info that you could all find on the internet freely, but please take it under consideration that you perform at home beauty treatments at your own risk! 

As women who want to look our best we need to be able to recognize fluffy kinds of treatment processes.         I define fluffy treatments as those that could be done at home, (often times done much better if a person is trained properly and does them regularly instead of just now and then due to having to pay for them to be done in a clinic).

There is no harm in spending money on having someone else perform a treatment that leaves your skin glowing and looking fresh, youthful and vibrant, however you should not be fouled into thinking you are spending your money wisely!

Most of us do not have money to waste on treatments that we could be doing in the comfort of our own home, and regularly enough for them to actually do something substantial.

There is soooo much pressure on women these days to maintain a youthful look, both put on ourselves and the world we live in.

I understand this.

As a mature age women who’s skin began visually ageing in her late 20’s due to poor genetics when it comes to staving off the natural ageing process combined with bad lifestyle habits I have personally lost a lot of time and money investing in treatments that did very little, but eventually led me to finding the right technologies to keep me looking timelessly youthful.  I was also able to give up using quick-fix treatments such as injectable therapies like Botox and Fillers that were overused to try and hide the problem of thinning skin and depleting muscle mass in my face which ended up making me look strangely swollen and frozen, which I hated worse than the fine lines and wrinkles I was trying to hide…..

I have no problem with quick fix treatments like injectable therapies and Thread Lifts when used to finish off/perfect a look. I simply believe that time and money should be spent of fixing the underlying issue of thinning skin and depleting muscle mass first, in order to create a strong foundation for a youthful look, and then quick fix treatments such as these can be used to perfect an overall look and will also be able to provide better overall results due to being done on thick, strong skin which is sitting on lifted, toned and sculpted muscles 😀
Whilst working to write a comprehensive email explaining why I do not think a clients doughtier should invest money in Hydra Facials after being advised to do so by a beauty practitioner in order to get her skin wedding ready, I realized after a couple of hours went by that I should make this info into a blog for others to read in order to help them spend their money wisely, or at least know when they are spending their money on a fluffy, relaxing facial that they really could do at home.

Lets look over the list of issues that Hydra Facials also called Hydradermabrasion, Hydrating facial  promise to help with. 

-Fine lines, Wrinkles, Elasticity & Firmness, Skin Tone & Hyper-pigmentation, Skin Texture, Enlarged Pores, Oily & Congested Skin​.

Wow I hear you say, they do so much, I really need to book in for one, or may be even a course of these treatments….
Well, before you do, let me break a few things down for you ​😀

-Fine lines and wrinkles – ​I say no! 

Lets remember, just because something looks better briefly, does not mean it is better.

Always think about spending your money on treatments that actually work to improve Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels within the skin cells, and ​consider if you can do this treatment on your own at home, perhaps even better than the one you are considering paying for to be done in-clinic.​

Microdermabrasion may decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles briefly, but they will come right back in no time at all.

-​The BIG problem I have​ with young women having these kinds of treatments regularly is that ​the treatment processes basically​ involves​ using a little grinder attached to a suction hose to polish away dead skin cells that can make fine lines look deeper.​ 

Yes, polishing away dead skin cells with give the skin a glow, due to improving blood flow (like a massage with your fingertips over the facial features would) and reduce the look of fine lines for a very short time, however this gets women into the BAD habit of thinking resurfacing treatments are the answer to gaining more youthful and better skin. To this I say, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO!

​And before a whole lot of beauty professionals out there go on about improving cellular turn over, which does decrease as the skin matures​, let’s focus on the MUCH BIGGER problem of a thinning dermis!

Fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation issues and sagging skin all occur due to the dermis (the deepest level of the skin) thinning. 

The dermis is responsible for creating new collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth. It is due to less and less collagen and elastin being sent up through the other (more superficial) layers of the skin as we mature (due to a thinning dermis, triggered by lessening ATP production that our skin collapses and visually ages over time. 

I believe their is far too much emphasis placed on resurfacing when it comes to anti-ageing and beauty treatments, which makes sense because it is easy for a practitioner to sell topical skin care products like topical retinal creams, and provide quick-fix resurfacing treatments that gain fast visual results like Microdermabrasion Skin Peels and Laser Resurfacing treatments. Sales are quick, clients are happy, in the short-term….What we need to understand as women who want to look our best long term, and spend our money wisely is why our skin is changing, and what needs to be focused on to truly target these issues, and most importantly what treatments when done frequently may actually feed into the underlying issues that are causing our skin to age. Yes, when the skin is very aged looking you need to do a lot of resurfacing in order to improve the look of the skin, but this needs to take second place to working to repair and rebuild the dermis in order to create thick, plump and more youthful looking skin long term.

The VERY small amount of collagen and elastin production triggered by performing a Microdermabrasion treatment due to the micro trauma that the treatment processes causes to the outer layers of the skin is NOT enough for my clients to spend money on. I tell my clients to only pay for treatment processes like Venus Freeze and Venus Viva therapies that penetrate deeply the skin deeply enough, and utilize state of the art technologies that can can effect the skin in a way that can dramatically repair and rebuild the dermis to not only make the skin look better, but function better. It needs to be understood that these treatments have to be done at the correct strength and in the correct number to actually work well and gain lasting results!

I include it FREE within my treatment processes when needed and help my clients set up with it at home if they have congestion prone skin.
Hydrodermabrasion is the same as normal Microdermabrasion, but with the addition of running vitamin enriched water over the top of the grinding disk as it polishes the skin. So, in the advertising for these facials they say they are infusing vitamins and or antioxidants into the skin.

-Any effect these vitamins/antioxidants may have on the skin is short lived, so I suggest eating your antioxidants by consuming foods like berries (enjoying a couple of handfuls over your oats or in a nice smoothie in the morning should do the trick) and purchasing your own Microdermabrasion devices, and coupling this with Red LED Light therapy will gain you SO MUCH MORE EFFECT than paying for these kinds of fluffy facials. Especially when you consider you need to keep having them regularly. 

​-My recommendation would be to performRed LED Light therapy for 20 minutes every day, or every second day or at the VERY least, every third day ongoing after applying Green Tea to the skin for 20 minutes before enjoying the Red LED Light treatment to improve the effects by up to 80%.

There is an enzyme in Green Tea that reacts to Red LED Light, read the Green Tea Study for more info 😀.

​-Once a week ​I would perform a Microdermabrasion treatment, or more if my skin was congestion prone before performing a Red LED Light treatment, but start out gently and decrease the intensity of the Microdermabrasion treatment and lengthen the time in between Microdermabrasion treatments if my skin became very dry or irritated. 
I would also work to hydrate my skin properly after these treatments, using a Hyaluronic acid rich serum or gel and adding a touch of plant derived Glycerin if needed for extra hydration before apply a QV or Cetaphil moisturizers or sunscreens to seal the Hyaluronic acid molecules into the skin.

​-Th eRed LED Light therapy works to raise Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels within the skin cells by up to 47%, and do other amazing things for your skin cellular functionality.

ATP IS A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND, and is referred to by biologists as the energy of life​. It is due to depletion levels of ATP that our bodies cells start to work imperfectly, causing our bodies to break down/age over time. 

Learn how 3-6 minutes using quality Microcurrent devices can raise ATP levels by up to 500%!

I recommend the Tua Spa Microcurrent devices.

I used to recommend the bt-micro devices, however these have become too expensive and do not come with a long enough warranty I feel to substantial the expense.

My regular clients are able to purchase more powerful devices from me that are a little easier to use than the Tua Spa devices, however I still like and recommend the Tua Spa devices, due to their reliability, ability to raise ATP levels quickly and sufficiently and also provide a strong Ultrasound cleansing function that devices like the Nuface Microcurrent devices can not.

Elasticity​ -​ I say no! 

I​n order to truly improve ​the elasticity of the skin, you need to dramatically improve collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth. Think of grabbing your cheek, and watching the skin snap back into place.

The skin has to contain the right amount of collagen and elastin appear thick, plump and bouncy to the touch, or the pinch 😘

Firmness​ – I say no! 

​Once again, in order for the skin to appear and feel firm it needs to be thick, strong, plump and functioning optimally, creating rich levels of collagen, elastin and blood vessel growth.​

This is why when new clients come to me wanting to fix sagging skin around the mouth and jaw I tell them that we have to repair and rebuild the skin of the face as a whole, in order for the skin of the upper face to help lift the lower facial features and for the skin as a whole to pump outwards and draw upwards due to increased collagen and elastin growth. 

Of course to maintain this effect the skin needs to function properly, which means creating and maintaining a thick strong dermis.

-Skin tone and Hyper-pigmentation, Skin texture, Enlarged pores​ – I Say yes, but Microdermabrasion is a very superficial treatment that really needs combining with treatments like Venus Viva and or Collagen Induction Fractional Microneedling (CIFM).

And when considering the effectiveness of Venus Viva and therapies the truth is you can really get away with very little or No Microdermabrasion.

I am in the process of teaching all of my BeautyCats how to do comprehensive CIFM treatments at home every 10-14 days (every 3 weeks if they are time poor) in between their in-clinic maintenance treatments.

-I am also about to teach one of my BeautyCats daughters who is in her early 20’s how to set up at home and perform regular Microcurrent treatments twice a day for 3-6 minutes, Red LED Light treatments for 20 minutes every day, or every 2nd or 3rd day and light, but substantial CIFM treatments done with a cheap and effective CIFM rollers every few weeks.

She booked in with me after seeing the dramatic change I had created in her mum’s skin and wanting to learn how to properly and cost effectively look after her skin 😀

She will never have to waste money on treatments like Hydrodermabrasion facials after we have worked together, or if she does she will know she is enjoying a relaxing facial that she can easily replicate at home. In fact she can create far better results if she incorporperates the use of Red LED Light therapy.

-If suffering from hormonal pigmentation like Melasma, read my blog about how I recommend my clients treat this condition on their own at home.

Green LED Light therapy should be combined with Red LEd Light therapy when working to treat hormonal pigmentation. It is also important to use cheap and effective Vitamin C and or B serums or creams over the top of a good Hyaluronic acid serum every morning before applying sunscreen, and a hat!! Remember ladies, if you suffer pigmentation issues, shade is your friend, and the harsh Australian sun is NOT!

It should also be noted that Microneedling treatments need to be done gently on Melasma prone skin, drawing no blood! Of course you will read all about that when looking over my blog.

Setting up and training my clients to use CIFM rollers and pens in conjunction with LED Light therapy is turning into a real game changer for my BeautyCats, enabling us to work as the ultimate anti-ageing and beautifying team!

-So, to RECAP Microdermabrasion can be beneficial for decreasing the look of Hyper-pigmentation, improve skin texture and enlarged pores, but I would recommend Microdermabrasion to be done at-home and in conjunction with regular LED Light and Microneedling therapies to gain dramatic improvement in not only these superficial skin problems, but also help improve cellular turn over within mature age skin. 

This helps mature age women save their money for in-clinic treatments that  work to target the problem of a thinning dermis and have the best chance of gaining them the results whey want and deserve such as Venus Viva and Venus Freeze therapies. 

This will also help young women to get into good habits when it comes to what treatments they consider spending their money on.

Beauty Devices My clients are liking 😀

Please understand I do not guarantee or indorse the companies that sell these devise or take any responsibility for how the devices work, or the any injuries or problems that may arise from using the devices listed below in any way. I am simply sharing details of different devices my clients and sometimes myself like using  for at home treatments. 
It should be understood that devices can break down and mild or even servicer injuries can be suffered from using devices such as the ones listed below if used by people who are untrained, do not adhere to the instructions provided by the companies who sell the devise or who are simply just unlucky when it comes to things like electrical faults.
List of Dermabrasion Devices my BeautyCats are successfully using:

Here is a link to a Microdermabrasion device my clients are loving which from what I have heard seems pretty sturdy and reliable to use:

Here is a link to my clients second favorite at home dermabrasion device that is a little cheaper:

Here is the third most favorite dermabrasion device that is cheaper again:

At Home LED Light Devices:

Read my blog about what to look for in an at home LED Light devices.

At Home Microcurrent Devices:

Tua Spa Microcurrent devicesthe Perth rep’s name is Romana, Em:

At Home Microneedling rollers: 

Knowledge is power, and I hope this blog helps you to take the power of knowledge into your hands and spend your money on what will give you the best results for your individual needs. Jessicat Xxx